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Hiya! Interesting you found your way here; who knows, you might have decided to pop in because you’ve heard about how awesome we are, or maybe you just stumbled in after a Google search, or some mysterious fairy whispered in your ear to visit us, either way, we’re super pumped you’re here!

We’re passionate about delivering the best water sporting guides, and unbiased product reviews, to ensure you’re getting only the best. Sometimes, it can get quite difficult to make a decision on the next inflatable kayak to buy, the next stand up paddle board, or maybe even your next fishing rod.

All our guides & reviews are fully researched and reviewed by our team of writers and experts to deliver only the best information to help ensure you’re making an informed decision on whatever product you want to buy. Going forward, we aim to provide useful in-depth content on Kayaking, Fishing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Got questions? Feel free to reach out to us, make requests or just to get to know us here: Contact Us 

The Team

As awesome as Kayaking, Fishing and SUP can be, we’re also quite concerned about your safety, and that of your water vessel. We aren’t just here to give you unbiased quality reviews or free premium content to aid you in your sport and/or recreational quest, we are here to also offer valuable safety tips, guidelines and help. Here are some very useful websites to aid your Kayaking, Fishing and SUP Experience:

Are you an avid kayaker, fishing folk or stand up paddle boarder? and would like to join our team in delivering unbiased sporting product reviews, and sharing your sporting experiences?

If that’s a yes, feel free to send us a mail at: info@kayakgonflable.com. Ensure to include clearly in your mail why we should consider you as part of our team, and of course share some of your Fishing, Paddle boarding or Kayaking experience with us.


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