10 Best Fishing Carts To Buy In 2024

Best Overall 🏆
Anglers Fish-N-Mate 310 Sr Fishing Cart with Poly Wheels
Best Budget 💰
MacSports WTCB-103 Wagon Mac Sports-All Terrain, Blue/Black
Runner Up 🥈
Preston Innovations 4 Wheel Shuttle
Fish-N-Mate Sr. 310 Fishing Cart
Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Cart
Preston Innovations 4-Wheel Shuttle

Specs & Features

  • Enough weight and space to fit all your fishing equipment
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy frame

Specs & Features

  • Durable: can support load up to 150 pounds
  • Made with additional 600D fabric
  • Mildew and UV resistant
  • 2 cup holders for beverages
  • Adjustable handle

Specs & Features

  • Comes complete with a load compartment
  • No need to lift (4 wheels upport the load)
  • No tire punctures (solid wheels)
  • Adjustable tyres
  • Easily dismantled

Best Overall 🏆
Anglers Fish-N-Mate 310 Sr Fishing Cart with Poly Wheels
Fish-N-Mate Sr. 310 Fishing Cart

Specs & Features

  • Enough weight and space to fit all your fishing equipment
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy frame

Best Budget 💰
MacSports WTCB-103 Wagon Mac Sports-All Terrain, Blue/Black
Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Cart

Specs & Features

  • Durable: can support load up to 150 pounds
  • Made with additional 600D fabric
  • Mildew and UV resistant
  • 2 cup holders for beverages
  • Adjustable handle

Runner Up 🥈
Preston Innovations 4 Wheel Shuttle
Preston Innovations 4-Wheel Shuttle

Specs & Features

  • Comes complete with a load compartment
  • No need to lift (4 wheels upport the load)
  • No tire punctures (solid wheels)
  • Adjustable tyres
  • Easily dismantled

Can you remember how many times you’ve had to wait at the trunk of your car or van staring at loads of fishing gear lying in there, dreaded by the thought of going to and fro to move them to your fishing mark?

And by the time you are done moving everything, there’s not much strength in you to set up your chair, bivvy, and bait up? Experiences like this often happen to many anglers just like you.

However, a reliable fishing dolly is a perfect remedy for this trouble. A fishing cart ensures that you get all your gear to your fishing peg all at once and excitedly begin your angling experience immediately.

In this article, we’ve brought to you the 10 top fishing dollies. Although the list extends beyond this, we assure you all will be interesting options to consider on your next fishing journey. Enjoy!

Our Top Picks For The Best Fishing Carts

1. Fish-N-Mate Sr. 310 Fishing Cart


The Fish-N-Mate cart is among the best available beach fishing dollies. It is ranked high by many users. If you’re looking for versatility as well as easy portability, the Fish-N-Mate is your best choice. That is why it is number one on our list.

The dolly comes with 15-inch PUR (Polyurethane) wheels(6×6 inch diameter), and a detachable handle that makes piloting on beach, grass, and sand very easy. Made from aluminum, it is sturdy, yet lightweight. It can support a load of up to 250 pounds.

Furthermore, Fish-N-Mate is equipped with a lot of space for all your fishing gadgets. The space can contain two coolers, an umbrella, and tackle boxes and can hold up to 8 fishing rods for your convenience.

Interesting Features: 

  • Enough weight and space to fit all your fishing equipment
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy frame


  • Its large weight makes fitting into small cars difficult
  • It requires assembly

2. Preston Innovations Four-Wheeled Shuttle Fishing Cart


The four-wheel shuttle by Preston Innovations is the best of its kind. The shuttle was designed with Preston Innovations Space Station seat boxes and OnBox in mind. The advent of seat boxes created a way to combine tackle storage and chairs in one. This has made it to become an essential fishing gear.

However, the boxes and other fishing gear can be too heavy to move to and from your car to the fishing spot, especially if you’re the type that likes to have all your fishing tackles and accessories stacked up.

The Preston Innovations shuttle allows you to easily transport your bulky gear. The four-wheeled quad design helps spread. The Four Wheeled Shuttle makes the transportation of this bulky object incredibly easy.

The quad design of the Four-Wheeled Shuttle ensures that the weight of your tackle is evenly distributed across the entirety of the barrow.

This means that you never have to worry about the barrow tipping or tilting awkwardly as you load it up and push it along. The four wheels are large enough to elevate your barrow far out of the way of any long grasses.

You do not need to ‘lift’ to operate the barrow – simply push and go! If you do find yourself contending with especially long grass the base of the barrow can be adjusted upwards to give superb ground clearance.

The wheels of the Four-Wheeled Shuttle have been reinforced to ensure they are puncture-resistant.

3. MacSports Heavy Duty All Terrain Collapsible Beach Wagon


The MacSport Heavy Duty is a utility fishing dolly built for all types of terrain. It is designed with strong plastic material. With a self-weight of 23.1 pounds, its heavy-duty frame can support up to 150 pounds.

The dolly comes with a durable, easy-to-wash, 600 Denier fabric with Mildew and UV resistance. It has an adjustable handle and large wheels that make steering almost effortless on all types of terrains. It also has 2 cup holders that allow you access to your beverages.

Furthermore, it comes with a carry case and a dimension of 36.2 × 21.4 × 26.4 inches in full size, a folded size of approximately 31.5 x 21.5 × 9.7 inches, and opens up to approximately 31.8 × 21.5 × 17 inches. These features make it portable and compact for easy transportation and storage.

Interesting Features:

  • Durable: can support loads up to 150 pounds
  • Made with additional 600D fabric
  • Mildew and UV-resistant
  • 2 cup holders for beverages
  • Adjustable handle

4. NGT Dynamic Fishing Cart


The new innovative NGT fishing dolly design is a perfect option for all fishing lovers. Made of square steel rods of about 0.79×0.79 inches, it is lightweight, yet sturdy.

With a self-weight of 23.6 pounds and a dimensional capacity of  49.2 × 23.6 × 27.55 inches, as well as a  large base, the dolly can support up to a load of 155 pounds.

It also possesses adjustable side rods and an adjustable grip as well as a foldable platform that helps hold today’s bag. Unlike conventional barrows, the dolly is easy to collapse and transport. Its durable twin-wheel construct allows you to steer it easily on any kind of terrain.

5. Fox Specimen Explorer Barrow


The Fox Explorer is a versatile trolley suitable for many fishing situations. Made of a steel frame, it is durable and compact and capable of supporting as many fishing gadgets as you need.

Its extending front bag rack can be easily collapsed to create more room for bulky gadgets, even your bedchair! There’s no tension when you use the extendable feature as the whole weight of your gadgets is evenly distributed and balance is ensured.

The trolley contains a bag underneath, with a Fox camouflage pattern, that possesses two mesh pockets on either side of the wheel. These storage pockets are good for easy access to small-size tackle like baits and catapults. They are interestingly large enough to support a water content of up to 5 liters.

Moreover, it has a quick-release wheel configuration that makes packing and steering away from easy for you. Its swing feet with spikes allow for a good grip on all kinds of terrain.

The Fox Camo Explorer is indeed one of the best fishing dollies that make you blend with any fishing situation with all your heart in place.

Interesting Features:

  • Extendable bag rack in the front of the trolley
  • Durable steel mainframe with removable steering handles.
  • Quick-release wheel configuration with pneumatic tires
  • Compact design and collapsible for easy portability
  • Two mesh pockets sitting on either side of the wheel
  • Features two FX universal trolley straps that help hold your tackle firm.
  • Swinging mud feet with spikes


  • Can be heavy

6. Trakker X-Trail Gravity Carp Fishing Barrow


Ruggedly designed using a mixture of aluminum and steel, the Trakker X-Trail is sturdy, yet lightweight. Also, with dimensions of 61 x 32.7 inches, it is compact and portable and easy to store in your garage or transport at the back of your car.

The X-Trail is an improvement on the traditional trolleys. It has a low center of gravity. This implies that the trolley is more stable on the ground than the traditional ones. It can adapt to many fishing terrains and conditions, including thick mud and beaches.

Its frame is such that when you put your angling gear on it, the weight is evenly distributed over the wheel so you can steer through any terrain with ease. Trakker makes room for enough front-ground clearance that prevents the load from tilting, making you lose balance.

Some additional guards help keep dirt or mud away from getting to your tackle. Finally, it features a large storage space for heavy gadgets such as your luggage, bait buckets, or coolers. And all your gadgets are kept safe with a zip.

This Trakker fishing trolley is indeed the choice of many anglers, hence why you found it on our list. It comes with an instruction manual that is easy to follow. I have to say, giving it a trial will be a good decision.

Interesting Features:

  • The mainframe of both aluminum and steel, for strength and portability
  • Balanced with the right steering angle
  • Enough ground clearance
  • Low-lying center of gravity
  • Considerably large pneumatic wheel
  • Integrated mud and dirt guards
  • Large space with straps and zips

7. Bison Folding Fishing Seatbox Cart 


The Bison Folding is strong and practical. It is a fishing dolly that gives you an impressive fishing experience. It comes with pneumatic tires, of 10 inches diameter, that require no inflation, gliding over any type of terrain- sand, beach, or mud. The pneumatic tires are also puncture-proof.

The dolly is easy to collapse and set up in seconds and saves you time to start fishing immediately or set off the fishing ground for your home.

Furthermore, it has a mainframe of width 14.2, a height of 41.33 inches, and a platform of 20 × 15 inches, giving you enough space for all your gear, including your luggage, rod tube, seat box, etc.

Also, it comes with 48 inches restraining straps to prevent any of your tackle from slipping and falling off. Interestingly, with all these features, this dolly comes at a low price you won’t need to break the bank to purchase it.

Interesting Features:

  • Large tires that can run on any fishing terrain
  • 48 inches restraining straps
  • Easily collapsible
  • Puncture-proof tyres

8. Michigan Heavy Duty Folding Compact Cart


The Michigan fishing cart provides a stress-free way to move your fishing tackle from your car to your most preferred spot and vice versa. With its metallic toughness, it is strong enough to withstand the large weight and even the toughest terrain.

Furthermore, with a dimensional size of 43.3 x 19.68 x 18.50 inches and a load capacity of over 100 pounds, it can easily support all your fishing tools.

The 10 inches tire diameter ensured firm and stable drive-through terrains. Also, the collapsible design makes portability possible, and storage easy. It is an example of what a good fishing cart should be. Therefore you can consider it when going on your next fishing trip.

Interesting Features:

  • Made of metal: Strong and durable
  • Large enough to support all your fishing tools
  • Large tire diameter of 10 inches

9. Tronix Pro Beach Fishing Cart


Although specifically designed for sea fishing, the Tronixpro beach fishing dolly finds its way to our overall best fishing carts. The dolly is easy to collapse and set up and has a large capacity.

Made from metal aluminum, it is lightweight yet incredibly strong. It can support large fishing boxes, coolers, bait buckets, clothes, towels, rods, and all available sizes of seat boxes in the market.

As a result of its lightweight aluminum design, it is portable and compact- easy to put in and out of the car. It folds up completely flat, making storage easily achievable.

Furthermore, it has a retractable handle that allows for easy adjustment of the height for optimum riding comfort.

To ensure your gadgets don’t fall off while in transit, the dolly is equipped with a durable spongy-like strap that grips and keeps your gear secure. This feature is also present in the handle, ideal for firm gripping during cold and wet conditions.

The large pneumatic wheels of … inches make any terrain sand, beach, piers, small rocks, and shingles walkable for the dolly. The wheels also help to distribute the weight of all the loads placed in the dolly.

This dolly is constructed to relieve you of the stress that comes with a long walk from your car to a fishing spot, especially if you have a large size of fishing gear.

Finally, although it is designed with lovers of beach angling in mind, it is not restricted to beach fishing alone. The pneumatic wheels make it possible for use by coarse anglers. It is also perfectly suitable for mud surfaces and wading through uneven ground.

Interesting Features:

  • Lightweight, yet sturdy: made with aluminum
  • Large space enough for large fishing tackle
  • Pneumatic wheels suitable for wading through all types of terrains
  • Spongy-like strap for firm holding of gear


  • Comes flat packed
  • Need assembling
  • Tires require inflation (from 2 to 4 psi) before use

10. Koala Products Large Fold Flat Seat Box Fishing Cart


The Koala Flat Seat box cart is a perfect option if you want to combine compactness with ease of storage.

With a fold-up design, the dolly possesses considerably compact dimensions. The dimensions are large enough to stack all your fishing gear onto. Also, the large tires make wading through any type of terrain an easy thing to do.

Although the dolly is of steel design, it combines lightweight with strength. It is easily collapsible and its compactness allows for easy portability. The quick-release plastic tires make storage at home easy too.

Moreover, the adaptable handle feature allows you to navigate the dolly at the most convenient height or angle, even with kits stacked up. The base is also retractable to accommodate more tackle boxes.

These impressive features make it one of the best Fold Up dollies available, and an excellent value for your money.

Interesting Features:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Compact and portable
  • Foldable dimensions
  • Large space to accommodate tackle

Best Beach Fishing Carts

Sea Striker Deluxe Surf, Pier, and Beach Cart 


Second, on our list is Sea Striker. It was indeed a tough choice. Traveling easily on the sand, beach, and other rough terrains is made possible by its plastic pneumatic wheels. The Sea Striker is made of a strong, powder-coated steel frame.

The powder protects it from corrosion and rust. With dimensions of 34 × 14.5 × 7 inches, it has a large space that can contain a 54-quart cooler, 7 fishing rods, fishing poles, and many other fishing gadgets. In addition, you can break down the dolly to create more space while on your fishing expenditure.

Interesting Features:

  • Large storage capacity
  • Good pneumatic wheels


  • Can be heavy
  • Breaking down can become difficult

Berkley Fishing Cart


Berkeley Fishing Cart offers you the chance to choose the size that best suits your fishing needs, whether the regular size or the jumbo size. Due to its sturdiness, even the smaller size can take a load as high as 200 pounds and up to 48 quarts in large coolers.

Made of aluminum frame and strong wheels, it has 6-rod holders, hooks, straps, and a liner made of fabric, that helps keep your fishing equipment from slipping.

Furthermore, this fishing dolly is collapsible. You can store it without taking up much space. The adjustable support handle makes navigation on beaches and other rough terrains easy. The only problem is that it is heavy.

Interesting Features:

  • It offers size options to suit your needs
  • It has a large capacity
  • It is collapsible


  • It is heavy to carry
  • Reviews report perceiving a strange smell

Muscle Carts HDBC-Blue Fish 


Muscle Cart’s fishing dolly is a perfect choice for easy navigation on any terrain-beach, pier, or rocky shorelines-during your fishing expenditure.

The dolly has a large space that can contain your chairs, rods, fishing buckets, cooler, and many other fishing gear.

More so, it is strong enough to support a load of 220 pounds. The wheels are made with polyurethane with low pressure which makes it perfect to drag through the beach.

Interesting Features: 

  • Strong and large, yet lightweight
  • Good wheels for any terrain.


  • The height to the ground is low.

Mighty Max Cart Dolly With Cooler Caddy Wheels


The Mighty Max Plus One fishing dolly is a perfect choice for any land surface-beach, rocky, pier, etc. The dolly is made of polymer material that is resistant to heat and oxidation and is weather-protected.

More so, due to their foam rubber material design, the wheels do not tend to seize up when in contact with saltwater.

With a self-weight of just 23 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to carry about. It also has a handle that can rotate 180 degrees making pulling on bumpy terrain easy.

Interesting Features: 

  • It is very durable
  • It can store as much fishing gear as you have


  • It doesn’t work well on deep, soft terrain.
  • Low impact resistant

Best Electric Fishing Cart

Greenworks GC40L00 G-MAX 40V Garden Cart


The Greenworks Electric Fishing cart provides you with effortless navigation of your fishing tackle, including the heavy ones. It is an impressive dolly to share with friends. If you’re the type that enjoys group fishing trips, there are lots of features on it to laugh about.

One of these features is the ‘tipping’ over of the main dolly. The presence of a spring-load tipping device allows for quick and easy unloading of your gadgets.

Another interesting feature is its strength.  With a self-weight of 40kg, the dolly is strong enough to carry up to a load of 100kg, which makes it capable of supporting all your fishing gadgets.

Furthermore, it has a power capacity of up to 40 volts.  It also boasts an accelerator, a reverse speed of 2.4km/h, and a forward speed of 4.2km/h which makes your trip shorter in time.

The Greenworks Electric dolly may not fit into your car, however, if you have a van that you can transport with, it would be a nice option for you.

Finally, you will beware of longer items like rod holders and large boxes that can block your view as you make your way to the fishing mark in a short time.

Interesting features:

  • Adjustable speed control
  • Up to 40V power capacity
  • Presence of spring-load tipping device
  • Accelerator that makes your trip possible in no time


  • May not fit into cars
  • Not practical

Nash Trax Evo Power Electric Barrow


Structurally, Nash’s Evo Power is more like a barrow than a real trolley but they function in the same scene-fishing. The dolly is strongly designed with steel and has.

Equipped with a lead-acid battery with up to 24V life, the trolley can help transport cumbersome loads across many fishing terrains for as long as a distance of 4 miles. Interestingly, when the battery is low, you can manually operate the dolly.

Moreover, the dolly is made from steel. It is strong and can support as many fishing tackles as you need on your trip. It features strap attachment points and an additional rear-wheel device that provides extra stability plus the existing three under-the-storage bags.

It is also useful in storing tackle or cookware that you wouldn’t usually need. The cart comes with a battery charger, rear-wheel kit, and battery bag.

Although expensive, it is worth the price if you suffer from back issues or you’re not one cut out for traveling long distances

Interesting Features:

  • Adjustable speed control for powered or manual use
  • Up to 24V battery power
  • Rear-wheel kit
  • Straps attachment points are available


  • Expensive

Best Folding Fishing Dolly

Chub Outkast Easy Folding Wheelbarrow


The Chub Outkast trolley is a heavy-duty trolley with a weight of 28.6 pounds and dimensions of 60.23 × 29.52 inches. Made with high-tensile steel, it is very sturdy and can support a large amount of fishing tackle.

Also, it is easy to fold in no time as the name suggests, and ideal for you if you’re the kind that likes to fish on the go.

Meanwhile, it has adjustable side and front railings that when folded, help maintain compactness and a flat profile. This flat profile means that you can add as much tackle as you need, including large bedchairs and rod holders.

When you use this Outkast cart, you won’t have to worry about strength because the frame is really strong and is powder-coated to guard against rust and corrosion.

The cart also possesses a large pneumatic wheel that helps save time and strength as you move your gear from your car or van to your fishing mark.

The reinforced handle also has grip pads that help prevent sore hands as a result of pushing. These pads are soft to handle, giving you a good hold on the cart without causing any damage to your hands.

Finally, if you’re interested in using this cart for a short fishing trip or otherwise, you can rest assured that you’re covered. It can accommodate a large tackle.

Interesting Features:

  • Heavy Duty: high load capacity
  • Made with High-tensile steel
  • Large pneumatic wheel
  • Powder-coated mainframe
  • Adjustable front and side railings
  • Flat and portable profile
  • The durable grip on the handle
  • Very Stable

Best Carp Fishing Trolleys

Prestige Carp Porter MK2


There are many positive reviews on the Prestige Carp Porter for its stability and ability to balance well on the ground.

The MK2 is an upgrade to the previous model, MK1. The MK2 is equipped with a large, heavy-duty storage pack underneath the trolley. Therefore, you can have more space for luggage like cookware pouches, bait bags, or carry-alls.

The cart has a deluxe ‘Y’ bar that serves as a rod holder, although it can be heavy and difficult to include in your gear without affecting the cart balance. In addition, the presence of bungee cords helps secure your fishing gear when in transit.

Another improvement is the design of the corner locking grip that helps to minimize trolley movement when lifted. Also, the trolley mainframe is adjustable to contain large luggage that is hard to store, including wide beds.

The max length extension for the frame is 43.30 inches, and the max-width extension is 35 inches. Furthermore, the cart is easy to push about because of its high-quality load bearings. Also, the wheel is puncture-proof.

In conclusion, the Prestige Carp Porter MK2 is designed to give you a good fishing experience with its compactness and strength.

Interesting Features:

  • Heavy-duty under-trolley storage bag
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Corner locking grip
  • Compact and portable
  • The quick wheel removal system
  • Comes with bungee cords and spare kits
  • Has Y bar with securing strap
  • Front bar extension to improve carrying capacity
  • Sidebars width extension to house large beds


  • ‘Y’ bar can be bulky and can make the cart lose balance

Leeda Specimen Carp Fishing Wagon


Designed to be simple as well as practical, the Leeda Carp Barrow possesses a large mainframe for storing and transporting your bedchair and carp chair to and from the fishing mark.

In addition to the solid frame, it also has supporting bars across the middle to help secure your tackle.

The wheel has an excellent design providing a firm grip when transiting through terrains. More so, its compact design allows for easy folding and storage in your car or home garage. It also comes with removable handles and a wheel.

Overall, this fishing trolley brings you no trouble as it is easy to set together. It is very stable, with a flat bottom. And it is budget-friendly too.

Interesting Features:

  • Strong wheel design
  • Easy storage: can be folded flat
  • Removable handles and wheel

Rocwood Carp Fishing Cart


The Rockwood carp fishing trolley combines lightweight with strength and has a modifiable loading area to accommodate all your fishing tackle, whether large or small.

The carp trolley has a foldable mainframe of dimension 57.08 × 21.25 × 28.35 inches that packs away easily and occupies less space in your home and car. Also, it comes with a single removable wheel, a carry bag, and a rod holder.

With all these amazing qualities, this trolley fits even when you’re running a cheap budget.

Best Map Fishing Trolleys

X4 Extending Fishing Wheelbarrow


The X4 Fishing barrow boasts a newly innovated extensive design that provides you extra storage to move all your fishing gears to the spot.

The barrow is sturdy, featuring 4 wheels, two pushing handles, a carefully designed frame structure, a rear pack for storage, and protective luggage support arms. The X4 barrow is also portable due to its extremely lightweight and compactness.

Interesting features:

  • Protective support for luggage
  • Rear storage pack
  • Extending frame design
  • Lightweight and compact

X2 Extending Fishing Wheelbarrow


The Map X2 fishing barrow, in addition to its extending frame that allows for extra storage, possesses an alternative wheel configuration that makes it versatile and usable on all types of terrains.

Additionally, the X2 barrow is equipped with a rear storage pack, double support handle, and protective support arms for luggage.

Interesting features:

  • 2-wheel simple design
  • Rear storage pack
  • Extending frame design
  • Alternative wheel configuration

In this article, you’ve been able to see the few available options to make your next fishing session easier by securely carrying your fishing gear to your most preferred spot.

Whichever you decide to choose out of them, ensure that it is sturdy enough to support all your tackle. In addition, ensure that it extends and fits your height perfectly, especially if you have back issues.

Finally, ensure that it can be easily packed and stored in your vehicle or garage. We’ll meet at the fishing bank soon!

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