10 Best Fishing Hats To Buy In 2024


There are many ways to enjoy the beauty of nature by spending some time doing outdoor activities. You could think of sports in the rain, or just sitting out on a mat under a tree with a lot of shades.

One great way to also think of is fishing under the beauty of the sun. However, spending prolonged hours under the scorching sun can be harmful to your health.

This then calls for taking careful steps towards protecting yourself from issues like skin cancer, as you go out to have fun fishing on the water.

While on a fishing trip, one way to protect your skin is by applying SPF 15+ rated sunscreen, using sunglasses for your eyes’ protection, and/or most importantly, using a fishing hat to protect your ears, neck, and your entire face against the sun rays.

Fishing hats are your best bet for maximum protection because they’re UPF-rated and specially designed for prolonged exposure to the UV rating. Although many still go for simple ball caps which are not specifically made for it.

We have thoroughly reviewed and compiled a list of the best 10 fisherman’s hats currently available on the market. These hats were selected based on features like UVA/UVB protection, breathability, durability, material quality, and many other features.

1. EINSKEY Sun Fishing Hat for Both Men and Women

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One of the most versatile, affordable, and durable fishing hats is the EINSKEY Sun Hat. This hat is suitable for both men’s and women’s use. Made of high-quality, water-resistant polyester fabric for outdoor fishing activities with an extra-broad brim as protection against the sun.

The brim is also designed such that it stays firm on your head without flipping overboard. Breathable, the EINSKEY Sun Hat comes with mesh linings on all sides that keep your head supplied with fresh air. Its lightweight and foldable construction allows you to fold it into two for easy storage and transport.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size because the hat is designed to be a one-cap fits-all. There’s an adjustable chin cord and a drawstring to keep it on your head no matter the wind speed.

Furthermore, the Sun hat from EINSKEY provides you with extra relief on the water, particularly during the rainy season, thanks to its moisture-wicking sweatband. It also comes in up to four affordable neutral shades, making it a great option for your next fishing adventure.

2. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat

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A perfect option is the Columbia Bora Bora II Booney, a unisex hat. Following in the steps of the Home Prefer Men’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap, it is rated UPF 50, offering adequate protection from 98% of UVB and UVA rays.

Made of 100% nylon with an inside layer of polyester, this hat is built to survive the harshest of weather. It comes with an adjustable drawstring toggle that makes it fit any type of head size and an easily adjustable chin cord that prevents the wind from blowing it away.

And in case it’s blown away into the water, you don’t have to worry because the nylon material has a quick-dry feature that makes it dry quickly. You also have the chance to pick from the nine color options to suit your style.

What’s more, it comes in several sizes to accommodate all types of head sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The presence of Columbia Omni-Shade technology empowers the perfectly fashioned brim of 3 inches to provide added protection from the sun. It has a non-UPF mesh panel included ensuring your head cools while you are fishing under the hot sun.

Moreso, the inclusion of the Omni-Wick™ headband is a plus to help keep sweat or any moisture from your eyes and face in general. A mesh vent is also included to keep your head cool by flowing air.

3. Home Prefer Mens UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap Wide Brim Fishing Hat with Neck Flap

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The Home Prefer Men’s UPF 50+ UV Protection Cap With Flap occupies the third place on the rank of our best fisherman hats for several reasons. The first of the reasons is its impressive design. Constructed using a polyester fabric blend, it is lightweight, quick-drying, soft, breathable, and easily foldable.

With a wide brim of 3 inches, and an adjustable neck flap cover you get maximum protection for your neck both from the wind, cold, and, especially, sunburn. The neck flap can be easily folded up to the brim when you don’t need it without detaching so you don’t lose it.

Another important reason why this product made our list is its UPF rating. It is rated UPF 50+, meaning that up to 98% of both UVA and UVB sun rays won’t get through to your skin.

The inclusion of a mesh vent is to ensure that the air that flows around your head is kept cool even as you fish in the hottest sun. You get to also select from an array of colors (up to eight) depending on what your taste is.

Moreso, you do not also need to worry about the size thanks to its adaptable Velcro straps that help adjust to fit most head sizes, and the chin strap that helps hold it in position.

The Home Prefer Men’s UPF 50+ UV Protection Cap With Flap is a perfect fishing hat with moisture-wicking fabric that helps make you feel comfortable by removing sweat from your head and face.

4. DDYOUTDOOR Trade Fashion Summer Outdoor UV Protection Fishing Cap

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The DDYOUTDOOR Trade Fashion Outdoor UV Protection Fishing Cap is UPF 50+ rated, offering protection against UVA and UVB sun rays. Made from 100% nylon material, it is breathable, lightweight, water-resistant, and quick-drying.

The mesh panels in the top keep your head cool and do not allow your head to overheat. The extra-wide brim comes with removable flaps to cover both your neck and your face while you fish. It also comes in several colors (5) so you can choose according to your preference.

This UV protection hat by DDYOUTDOOR is durable, soft, and easily collapsible for easy storage and transport. An elastic and adjustable drawstring makes the DDYOUTDOOR Trade Fashion Summer Outdoor UV Protection Fishing Cap fit any head girth, so you don’t have to bother about getting the wrong size.

5. KBETHOS Summer Outdoor Boonie Bucket Hat

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Another bucket hat on our list, the KBETHOS Summer Outdoor Boonie, is made for stylish fishermen who like the classic bucket hat appearance. Although it may not rank high in performance as most on the list, it sure has its perks.

Made of high-quality 55% cotton and 45% polyester materials, the KBETHOS Summer Outdoor Boonie Hat is lightweight as well as durable, with breathable brass eyelets for adequate ventilation.

You can also push the buttons by the sides to get different styles. With up to 22 varieties of colors, you have more options to choose from than most of its competitors.

The KBETHOS Bucket Hat is 55% cotton and 45% polyester, so it is lightweight but durable. It has brass eyelets for ventilation, and the material itself is breathable. It has side buttons to push up the sides for a different style, and it comes in 22 unique colors, giving you more options than most fishing hats.

The only downside this product has is that it doesn’t offer as much water-wicking technology and sun-resistance as others. Besides this, it is an excellent choice if you’re in for a classic look and affordability.

6. UShake Mosquito Head Net Women’s Fishing Hat

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The Ushake Mosquito Head Net Hat is our best pick for fishermen who fish in waters that are habitats to annoying insects and bugs whose bites are bad for their health.

The Mosquito Head Hat comes with an adjustable net, tucked on the crown so that you can easily pull it down and save your head and face from bugs and mosquito bites whenever the need arises.

However, the Ushake Mosquito Head Net Hat may be a perfect choice for extra-buggy areas but it’s not restricted to that, it is useful in offering protection against the sun, in case you’re fishing where the bugs are absent.

Rated UPF 50, with a broad brim all around, the Ushake Mosquito Head Net Hat offers protection against UVA/UVB sun rays.

The Mosquito Head Net Hat is designed using 100% nylon and 100% polyester materials, combining both lightweight and durability features. The mesh panels allow for enough ventilation for your head, and there’s a manufacturer’s warranty of one year on the product.

7. Solaris Unisex Fishing Hat With Neck Flap Cover

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The Solaris Fishing Hat is an outdoor hat designed for use by both sexes with an extra-wide brim for maximum protection. It is foldable, easy to pack, and stored for transport.

Made with a high-quality material that makes it lightweight, and a breathable mesh microfiber, the hat is rated UPF 50+ UV protection, blocking about 98% of harmful UV rays. It is also water-repellent and quick-drying.

The product has a wide brim that protects the forehead as well as a neck flap that protects the ears and the neck. There are also breathable mesh linings on the two sides of the hat that ensure adequate ventilation, around your head.

In addition, the Solaris Unisex Fishing Hat comes with an elastic chin strap that helps keep the hat fit on the head, especially when you fish during windy times. There’s a second strap at the back of the hat to adjust the circumference of the hat to fit your head’s girth.

Furthermore, there’s a sweatband with moisture-wicking action that helps to remove sweat, keeping you cool in the process. This fishing hat has dimensions of 4″ for the head brim, 8″ for head diameter, 17″ for overall diameter, and 24″ for head circumference. However, you must measure your head girth to know if you should go for it.

8. Tilley LT5B Lightweight ECO-airflow Nylon Hat

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The Tilley LT5B is a maximum-rated (UPF 50+) lightweight nylon hat when it comes to sun protection. The brand is known for its durable and high-quality products.

This product made our top list because it possesses a lot of features that make for a perfect fishing hat. With its UPF 50+ rating, this Nylon hat is designed to shield you from 98% of UV rays from the sun.

Made of breathable, water-repellent nylon material that is not only perfect for rainy days but also keeps your head cool. And if it mistakenly falls off into the water, you can easily retrieve it because it floats.

This LT5B Nylon hat from Tilley has included in the crown, a privy Velcro pocket to secure small but important accessories you have with you during fishing, like money, passports, cards, etc.

Moreover, a reasonably wide brim helps to block the sun rays from getting to your face, and a sweatband of Hydrofoil nylon material helps to take away moisture and sweat.

When compressed for easy storage into your pocket or bag, the LT5B Nylon hat returns to its original form when needed.

9. Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

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The Sunday Afternoon Adventure Hat is constructed from a combination of nylon and polyester materials. This gives it its breathable property as well as its stain-resistant and water repellent.

Its unique design makes it a proper fishing hat for fisherwomen. A brim of 4-inch width slopes down at the front to provide adequate shade against the sun rays for your eyes and the entire face.

The brim extends around till it reaches the neck flap of 7.5 inches dimension, which gives protection to your neck against the sun rays and bugs. The Sunday Adventure Hat has a UPF 50+ rating which means you get extra coverage from the sun rays, thanks to its high-quality fabrics.

In addition, ventilation is assured with the included mesh panels on the sides, and adjustable chin cord so that it doesn’t fly off into the water, and when it does, you can easily pick it up from the water and have it dried in no time. Also, the moisture-wicking feature ensures that sweat is removed from your face.

10. MG Men’s Brushed Cotton Twill Aussie Side Snap Chin Cord Hat

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Next on our list is the MG Men’s Brushed Cotton Twill Aussie Side Snap hat. Made of 100% cotton and has a brim width of 7.5cm which allows you to turn it up through the handy side snaps.

This durable hat is tough for any kind of weather, and its water-repellent feature puts your mind at rest should rain start to fall or your hat falls overboard.

Like many other hat models, the MG Men’s Brushed Cotton Twill Aussie Side Snap Chin Cord Hat is available in a variety of sizes and colors for you to choose from, and a chin cord to keep the hat in place.

However, unlike many, in the crown of this product, you will find good ventilation holes, instead of mesh vents. These ventilation holes allow adequate airflow to your head, keeping you refreshed all through. Easily foldable, this hat allows for quick storage and packing into your suitcase till you need it again.

Other Worthy Mentions

1. KAVU Chillba Sun Hat Water Resistant Fishing Cap

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Here comes the best Men’s fishing hat on our list. The KAVU Chillba is uniquely designed to stay put on your head and fit all head sizes, thanks to an included adjustable chin cord. The design also provides extra-wide protection for men’s heads during their fishing trips.

For men with a sweet taste of style, you can rock the same hat on different clothes on different fishing occasions because it is reversible in two different colors. In addition, it offers different pattern and color varieties, allowing for expanded options.

Made from high-quality materials, the KAVU Men’s Chillba Hat is flexible, lightweight, and waterproof. You can easily collapse it for travel, without affecting its shape.

You will usually find two design material options: the printed Chillba hat is made of 100% polyester while the color Chillba is 100% nylon material.

Thanks to its moderately wide brim, The KAVU Men’s Chillba Hat offers protection against the sun rays, covering the ears, neck, and whole face. Moreso, with a unique mesh vent on the crown, your head gets to keep cool, allowing the natural flow of hair.

2. Tilley Endurables T4MO Eco-Airflo Hat

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When talking about durable and reliable hats for sun protection, talk about Tilley’s Endurables.

This hat is rated UPF 50+, a maximum rating for hats of its type. Designed using cotton material, there is a breathable mesh panel on the crown to keep your head cool by providing adequate ventilation as you fish.

Not only that, but it also shields you from the hot sun and repels rain too. Moreso, there’s an adjustable chin cord to help keep the hat on your head and prevent it from blowing overboard in windy conditions.

However, in case it falls into the water, you don’t have to worry cause it floats and you can easily retrieve it and put it back on in no time.

Moreover, transporting a hat has never been easy as the product travels well. It is flexible and easy to fold for packing and transport. You can also adjust the hat’s brim accordingly, thanks to its flexibility.

The Endurables Eco-AirFlo from Tilley is a safe choice in all weather conditions, with much durability, optimum comfort, and a manufacturer’s guarantee of two years.

3. Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

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Beautifully crafted for fishermen to protect from sun rays, the Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat is a top choice among many others. It is lightweight, quick-drying, and durable.

Made with high-quality 86% nylon and 14% polyester fabrics that offer protection against harsh weather, especially the sun. It features a wide brim that provides UPF 50+ protection, which means that 98% of the sun rays coming in your direction will not get through to harm your skin.

The removable chin cord helps to hold the hat on your head during heavy wind, and peradventure it falls into the water, the foam-padded brim allows it to float, so you can easily retrieve it. Furthermore, the mesh lining and vents are included to keep fresh air flowing around your head, keeping you cool all the way.

A TransAction moisture-wicking headband removes sweat and moisture from your head and face, and an elastic drawstring helps keep the hat fit to your head. The Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

4. KAVU Men’s Fisherman’s Chillba Bucket Hat

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The KAVU Men’s Fisherman’s Chillba Bucket Hat made our list of top fishing hats alongside its compatriot, the KAVU Men’s Chillba Hat. The former is different from the latter because of its classic bucket design style, although they’re both made of high-quality materials.

This special design, like most others, is reversible and comes with different patterns, and color varieties. You will find the product breathable and lightweight, thanks to its 100% nylon material and a mesh component that allows fresh air into your head as you fish in the blazing sun.

The KAVU Men’s Fisherman’s Chillba Bucket Hat is also water-repellent, keeping your head free of water. Moreover, the wide brim protects your ears, neck, and face from the sun and is foldable for easy storage and transport. With many provisions for style and color ( about 15 varieties), this product is made for the water.

5. Top Level Fishing UV Cap

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The Top Level Fishing UV Cap has a design like a baseball cap that you’ll find comfortable. In addition to its call cap design, it has covers for both your neck and ears, offering more protection for your skin from the scorching sun than some bucket hats. Made of high-quality polyester fabric, the cap is designed to be lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean.

It also comes with an adaptable drawstring located at the back to allow you to get a comfortable head fit by easily tightening and loosening it. There are also a variety of outdoor colors, including camouflage, that you can choose from.

Why a Fishing Hat Is Important For Your Next Fishing Adventure

Among the most delicate skin parts of the human body are the ears, the neck, and the face. The skin in these parts is very thin, thinner than others, and therefore more susceptible to the sun’s UV damage.

When going on an outdoor fishing trip, wearing sun protection cream and UV-rated is good but if you’ll be on the water for a long time, you must ensure that you keep these sensitive parts protected from the damaging rays of the sun as best as you can.

A report through the Cancer Council Australia’s SunSmart program shows the damaging effects of UV rays as well as the best ways to keep yourself protected from the damage. Occupying the third position out of the 5 is the policy on hat-wearing.

A US report highlights that more men, especially those above 49 years, are diagnosed with cancer than women. According to an article alluding to fishing titled “Men on the Hook”, The Skin Cancer Foundation stated that this is “possibly the result of a lifetime of sun exposure and poorer sun protection”.

Skin cancer cases are recorded highest in the US than all other cancers combined. Around 90% of recorded non-melanoma skin cancer cases are traceable to exposure to the sun’s UV radiation.

While cancer isn’t DIRECTLY linked to prolonged exposure to sunlight and while none of these two genders are left out of fishing, they both must learn to take very good care of their skin by protecting it from the harmful sun rays. No one can stress this enough, as the cancer statistics are overwhelming.

To hammer this, we recommend that whenever you’re going on a fishing adventure whether for a short or prolonged period, take a sun protection hat along. And don’t just take it along, always wear it. For maximum protection against skin cancer due to UV rays, you can wear the hat with sunscreen.

Features To Look Out For In The Best Fishing Hat

UV Coverage & Protection

The sole purpose of the design of a fishing hat is to provide good shade and protection against harmful sun rays.

While some hats such as the ball caps are designed to cover your scalp and parts of your face, fishing hats are specially made to offer better coverage and protection for your face as well as your neck(which is often overlooked) while you fish.

Some hats are not made for fishing so they can’t protect your skin from the sun’s bathing, and your eyes from the reflection on the water.

You will find that some hats have wider brims than others, depending on the design. The most suitable ones are those with breathable and water-repellent properties which are not just built to provide coverage but to also keep enough air flowing around your head.

The boonies are also a great option but most of the ones you’ll find around are not always water-resistant, and so may not be a suitable option on a rainy day, although there are several waterproof options.

Most fishing hats are designed using UPF-rated fabrics. UPF ratings are like the UV ratings in many skincare products only these are for fabrics. They are important to protect you from harmful sun rays.

The best hats for fishing will be rated 50+, that is, 50 or higher. What this means is that they offer protection against 98% of both UVA and UVB sun rays coming to your head, neck, and face.


Since you will be staying for a very long time on the water, your head will get warmed up under the scorching sun. And if you’re putting on a hat that is not breathable, you’re at the risk of experiencing overheating in your head. A result of which would make you uncomfortable.

Our picks of the best fishing hats are designed to be lightweight, water-resistant, and breathable. They come with mesh vents and components for better air circulation around your head, and a variety of colors to choose from, depending on your preference.

There are also fishing hats with moisture-wicking action that can be useful in removing sweat, especially on sunny days. Therefore it is important to check for this feature in the hat that you want to buy.

Water Resistance

The main purpose of fishing hats may not be to offer proof against water but it’s always a good addition to the hat if the feature is added. When you’re searching for a fishing hat to purchase, go for one that combines high-quality with quick-drying and water-resistance features.

Water-resistant hats ensure that your hat doesn’t get soaked, and consequently, your head when it falls overboard into the water.

Ability to Float

This is another great addition to the qualities of a fishing hat. Some of the hats on our list are of lightweight design from quality, UPF 50+ rated, materials which give them the ability to float on water in case they fall from their owners’ heads.

This ability to float, however, does not affect the fashionable look of some of these hats. Although most fishermen and women may argue that it’s not compulsory your hat floats, don’t forget why you have the cap on in the first place.

If it floats when on the water, you can easily pick it up and return it to your head in no time, which is a big plus.


No doubt, our head sizes are not the same. While some have larger girth, some have smaller. It would be disappointing to see that the hat you purchase is not your head size.

Although most of the fishing hats on our list are of the one-size-fits-all category, (that is they are easily adjustable), it is important that you check the specifications of the hat you’re purchasing thoroughly before making payments.

If you have a large head size, especially, you need to pay attention to the size before purchasing. A good step to take is personally measuring your head girth and then checking the size charts of your favorite brand.

Neck Flaps

Hats with an extra-wide brim can only go as far as protecting your head and face when the sun is directly above you. What then happens when the sun is behind you?

To create protection for your neck alongside your head and face, some manufacturers in their ingenious thought, found ways to include neck flaps into fishing hat designs.

This uniquely innovative addition comes to offer more protection for your neck, especially when your back is just in the sun’s direction. Some also have removable covers at the sides.

A fishing hat with an excellent UPF rating and a neck flap is a big plus for protection but you should make sure that you’re able to see properly and that your ability to catch a fish is not impaired by the cover.

Chin Strap

As insignificant as this may seem like a feature, it is extremely important. And its importance cannot be overemphasized. For people who’re accidentally likely to drop their hats into the water, or if they will be fishing in windy conditions, this feature is for them.

An elastic chin strap offers a way to hold the hat firmly on your head while fishing and reduces the likelihood of losing your hat to the wind or water.

Now that we both know that hats are as important as any other fishing gear and should be on your list anytime you’re preparing for your next trip. They are perfect for cold conditions to keep your head warm as well as hot weather conditions to protect you from harmful UV rays.

To select the best hat for you, you must ensure that the brim is sufficiently wide for protection. You must also ensure that the hat will provide you with adequate ventilation and convenience.

If you’re buying in a store, make sure you try it on before paying and if the option is not available, or perhaps, you’re buying online, ensure you check the sizing chart for help.

You can also look out for waterproof floating products should your hat fall into the water or should it start to rain.

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