10 Best Inflatable Floating Islands To Buy in 2024


Which Floating Island Is Best?

Make your day memorable with the best inflatable floating islands that are durable, large enough for your group, and perfect for a leisurely day of floating on the lake, river, or beach.

Packed with many interesting features, inflatable party floats can offer loads of fun and excitement when you’re spending time with friends on the water.

Some Floating Islands have a seating capacity of up to twelve people, and many offer handy features like built-in coolers, drink holders, detachable sun shades, and even pillowed backrests for floating in comfort.

Alongside this, inflatable party islands come in loads of shapes and sizes, with some being suitable for far larger parties than others.

The island you choose needs to match the requirements of your group, ensuring that no one gets left out and that you can enjoy your floating island safely. When using a watercraft, safety should always be a primary concern.

It is incredibly important that you choose a floating island that has the right safety features because still water can end up being quite dangerous if you have the wrong tools to deal with it.

So, crank up the fun at the lake with the following 12 inflatable islands that can be used in a variety of different ways to ensure that you’re enjoying your day by making the most of your time on the water. No matter what your needs are, one of the below inflatable party islands will serve you just right.

1. Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze 

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The CoolerZ Tropical Breeze is a great lounging Party Island for a leisurely day of floating on the lake, river, or backyard pool that gives you two spots for slouching and four different areas to sit. The environment provides room for good conversation between 6 persons.

It comes with a detachable sunshade that keeps you away from full sun exposure or gets your tan on in the sun. It features a cooler bag and within the seated area are the six cup holders for your cold drinks and beverages.

There is also a large sundeck area with pillowed backrests for lounging, a mounting platform, and sturdy handles that make mounting this floating island easy, even in deep water. Also, the mesh-lined center hole lets floaters dangle their feet in the water to stay cool.

This floating island is durable enough to hold up to ten people and made with high-quality plastic, it can withstand the impact of sharp objects in the water like sunken logs and sharp rocks. The inflation and deflation time are impressive as well.

However, this floating island doesn’t come with any paddle and you will need to bring a pair of paddles to row it. Users also complained that getting back on it might be a bit difficult once dipped in the water.


  • Is Durable
  • Has a high Customer Rating
  • Comes with a removable canopy
  • Good overall seating plan
  • Plenty of drink holders
  • Lots of tie-down points
  • Can hold as many as 10 people
  • Two Pillow Backrests
  • Climbing Platform


  • Can be hard to climb onto once dipped in water
  • The canopy acts as a sail and can blow you off course
  • Only One Built-in Cooler Bag

2. Best Ways Coolerz Tropical Breeze II Inflatable Floating Island

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The Coolerz Tropical breeze II features everything you need to cool off and relax for a while.

With the large canopy, you are sheltered from the sun and if there is a need for more or less sun, you can simply rotate the floatie to the position that you would like in the water.

The CoolerZ features 6 drink holders that are strategically placed on all seated areas, and two coolers, should this relaxing floating island turn into a party island.

There is also a climbing platform and handles that help you haul onto the island. The included mesh bottom allows you to dip your feet in to feel refreshed should you get too warm.

The CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II has a lot of positive reviews on it which include the ability to hold air extremely well in water, its quick setup, and taking downtime. While setting up the canopy seems to be a great challenge.


  • Can hold up to six people
  • Larger Canopy than most floating islands
  • Durable
  • Fast Set uptime
  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble
  • Has a well-designed seating arrangement
  • Multiple Drink Holders
  • Comes with two coolers


  • Canopy can be a bit finicky
  • Handles on the climbing platform could be placed further up

3. WOW Stadium Islander 12-Person Inflatable Party Floating Island

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An ideal party island for both cruising down the river and floating on the lake or ocean. WOW Stadium Islander Inflatable Float is a 12-foot diameter float and Its maximum weight capacity is 2,460 pounds.

Made from heavy-duty PVC, you can expect this floating island to be hardy and long-lasting, while also being puncture-resistant.

Featuring 12 mesh seats to keep you cool while you float, a large reinforced grommet to tie off the float to the dock, and with the included rope and PVC anchor bag it is possible to anchor the island to other structures.

It also has a climbing platform and handles for easy mounting on and off the float. Should you get warm, the middle open hole allows floaters to dangle their feet in the water.

However, this island doesn’t include any cup holders like other floats, but a floating cooler with cup holders can easily be attached in the middle. To inflate the float, you will need an electric pump to make the process easy and stress-free.


  • It is durable
  • A large reinforced grommet to tie off the float to the dock
  • Can hold as many as 12 people
  • puncture-resistant


  • It is heavy
  • Takes longer to inflate
  • Takes up a lot of space

4. WOW Tube A Rama 10-Person Inflatable Floating Island

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Tube A Rama is a giant, 12-foot, inflatable floating island that has room for up to 10 adults although better suited for eight to sit comfortably. Good quality and durable float from WOW.

Made with heavy-duty PVC material, you can expect this floating island to be hardy and long-lasting, while also being puncture-resistant.

Featuring 8 seats, 4 with mesh bottoms and 4 that are open to the water and this seating arrangement helps you determine how much you want to be in the water. The 2 large built-in coolers keep your drinks cold and to create more space, they can be easily detached.

Each seat has its built-in cup holder, with each guest having access to its bottle holder. The hole in the middle makes for additional seating and dangling of feet in the water. Designed with bright graphics, this raft is highly visible on the water.

However, this float doesn’t come with any grab handles but has an anchor bag and tie rope. So you can tie off the float to the dock and leave it there all day. According to some users, this is a quality float that meets users’ satisfaction while some complain that it can easily tear-out.

Nevertheless, ensure that when not in use, whether it be an inflatable boat, river tube, or island, to keep it out of the sun.


  • Hold up to 10 people
  • 8 seating capacity (4 with mesh, 4 without mesh)
  • large central mesh deck for additional seating
  • 2 large built-in coolers
  • 8 recessed cup holders
  • anchor bag and tie rope included
  • 4 meters Diameter


  • It can easily tear out
  • Inflating might be difficult

5. Tropical Tahiti 8-Person Floating Island

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Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island is a party float that has its seating uniquely built although not the greatest for conversations by any means.

Imagine having to look over your shoulder and talk every few minutes just because the seats are arranged in such a way that two people face the other way.

The wading pool is ideal especially when onboard with your kids. One impressive feature about this party island is that it comes with four Built-in Coolers and 8 cup holders, that’s a lot of partying.

There are also 4 super comfortable lounge chairs and 2 suntanning decks. Included in this floating raft is a climbing platform and several strong PVC handles make for easy mounting in and out of the float.

This over 14 ft long raft has a hole that allows floaters to dangle their feet in the water. However, there is a mixed reaction from the customers as some said it’s prone to developing small slow punctures, as well as wobbly and unstable if the water is rough while others said they left it anchored in the water for weeks at a time with no issues.

Also, lots of people liked how big it was and the space that it provided while others were not comfortable with its size as it might not be used in some swimming pools.


  • Holds eight people
  • Four Coolers are a big plus
  • Has Built in Wade Pool
  • Comfortable seats
  • Multiple Grab Handles


  • Quality of Materials in Question
  • The floor plan does not make sense
  • Hard to climb onto

6. Sportsstuff CABANA ISLANDER 

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With an impressive detachable Cubana that covers more area than most other floating islands, this is a perfect raft for those islanders who seek shade while relaxing.

The Sportsstuff Cabana Islander features a floating beverage cooler that holds up to 16 quarts, allowing your drinks to be kept within your reach all the way.

The middle hole allows you to dangle your feet in the water if you don’t want to lie down. It also has a climbing platform for easy mounting on and off the floatie.

Even though it was said to hold up to 6 persons, with more than 4 people on board, things would start to become a little too cozy so the best ratio would be two people on each side for ample legroom space and space to move in general.

Some customers were impressed especially by the cabana cover and bought this particular island float for this purpose some people were able to manage 8 people on the float at the same time.

However, there are a few complaints that are reviewed. While the central hole is good to keep your feet cool, it makes it difficult for kids to get back onto the float easily.

Considering the setup of the canopy, the poles are relatively fragile and break when being set up. Also, the cooler is too big to fit inside the hole.


  • Very Comfortable lying in
  • Can Fit Up to eight people
  • Cabana is larger than most floating islands
  • Comes with a Climbing Platform to easily get on
  • Floating Cooler
  • The centre hole is great enough to dip your feet into
  • Is Durable


  • Is a bit pricey
  • A hole is not great for the safety of children
  • User’s reviewed that the cubana’s poles are slightly flimsy
  • The cooler should be able to fit in the hole

7. Sea-Doo 8-Person Inflatable Mega Island

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If you are looking for a quality and durable party float that is worth your money, Sea-Doo will serve you just right. Uniquely designed to encourage lots of conversation among the 8 floaters.

It comes with a detachable large climbing platform that helps get floaters on board. One of the things that attract me more about this island is that, unlike the other floats, it has a built-in speaker system that allows you to plug in your MP3.

Featuring two built-in coolers, six drink holders for your favorite drinks, and four boarding handles. The strong meshed bottom allows you to dangle your feet in the water. However, Made of Durable Extra Heavy Gauge PVC, it is significantly more expensive than other floating Islands.


  • Made of High-Quality PVC
  • Has Speaker System Built-in it
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Does come with Two Coolers
  • Six Drink Holders
  • Large Floor Plan
  • Very durable and will last long
  • Strong Mesh Bottom


  • Coolers are Placed to one side
  • Significantly More Expensive than other floating Islands

8. Sun Pleasure Party Bird 6-Person Giant Flamingo Float

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Floating around the lake, river, or beach with this giant bright pink flamingo gives you the best time you desire with your family and friends. Over 10 feet long and 10 feet tall, this floating island comfortably accommodates up to six adults.

Bigger than the popular 1-person float tubes you see in pools or on the river, it has wide seats and a cushy backrest, and the center mesh floor lets you dip your feet in the water to stay cool.

Sun Pleasure Party Bird 6-Person Giant Flamingo Float features a pump and a mesh carry bag, a built-in cooler for your favorite beverages with each seat having its cup holder, a Sturdy grab handles, and an included dock that makes it easy to mount on, and off of this float, even in deep water.

While some users found it well constructed, others claimed it arrived with a leak in one of the seams. However, there is a one-year warranty on the product.


  • Fits up to 6 adults Comfortably
  • Comes complete with a pump and a carry mesh bag
  • Built-in cooler and cup holder
  • Designed for durability


  • The cup holders are useless as it’s not deep enough to hold drinks.

9. CoolerZ Lazy Days 6-Person Inflatable River Island

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This is a simple, well-designed 6-person floating island that is an ideal Floating Island for most families or groups of friends. A 10-foot diameter island that is made of durable PVC and inflate-shield puncture-resistant material for lasting durability.

Featuring three extra-wide pillow backrests, six drink holders, heavy-duty handles, and a grab rope for easier hauling in the water and with the included anchor, the island can be kept exactly where you want it to be.

The Lazy Days floating lounger comes with three separate air chambers in the base, and the center well is lined with mesh to allow your feet to dangle in the water.

However, some users have expressed their disappointment as the floating raft doesn’t come with a ladder or platform for mounting in deep water, and also it lacks a built-in cooler although there is enough room to attach a separate floating cooler on the side.

Nevertheless, Lazy Days’ floating lounge is well made and an excellent value for your money.


  • Seats up to 6 people
  • Constructed of inflate-shield puncture-resistant material
  • Comes with 6 cup holders
  • 3 extra-wide pillow backrests
  • Mesh’s bottom
  • Durable


  • To Jump off the tops of the seats is difficult No mounting platform
  • No canopy

10. Intex Key Largo 6-Person Inflatable Island Raft

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This is a cheap inflatable island float that is made with puncture-resistant PVC for extra durability. It features a splash pack and storage chamber for safeguarding your accessories, a built-in cooler, and 6 cup holders for cold drinks.

The presence of the included dock and grab handles makes mounting the float easy in deep water. Floaters can dangle their feet in water from the mesh net floor that lets water in to keep their feet cool as they float.

However, Key Largo by Intex is designed with a color that isn’t super bright thereby limiting its visibility in the water. It is also a heavy-duty float that sits low in the water.

While some users expressed the fact that the raft tends to leak air after one use, many have used it for multiple seasons without encountering issues.


  • Great Price Point
  • Smart Layout
  • Very Durable
  • Highest Customer Ratings
  • The climbing Platform is designed well
  • Built-in Coolers are in the right spot
  • Features Six Cup Holders
  • Made of Puncture Resistant PVC
  • Includes Anchor Bag, Splash pack


  • Doesn’t have a super bright color that limits its visibility in the water
  • No Canopy
  • Boston Valve is not easily accessible on the water (It’s on the bottom)

Other Worthy Mentions

1. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat 

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Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat is a super affordable mat that allows you to relax on the water with a few friends. These 7 feet wide and 10 feet long floating mat has enough stretching space to accommodate even your dog.

We are happy it comes with built-in float connectors for hooking up your anchor line to keep it in place or other floats. It will interest you to know that once this incredible float is deflated it creates space for storage.

The hole in the center of this mat allows for water to flow in and cool off your feet. There might not be drink holders attached to this float but a floating cooler can easily be attached to it. The Intex mat according to users offers more than expected and is a good cheap alternative.

2. Intex Relaxation Floating Island

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This inflatable floating Island is not just only a perfect choice for staying seated, lying back, and relaxing while on the water but its design and setup makes it a vessel to be used as a party island.

Comfortably accommodating 6 adults and an additional large lounger section holds up two to three people. This great floatie features four seats with pillowed backrests and each seat has its built-in cooler and six cup holders for your favorite drinks and beverages.

It also has a rigid plastic climbing platform that allows you to get on and off the float with ease and the four sturdy grab handles and an all-around rope are used for holding onto while in the water.

The meshed middle section allows you to dangle your feet in the water and your kids will love the large middle mesh area where they can splash around.

The included anchor bag to park your float, plus the added AC Electric Air Pump make blowing up this inflatable floating Island process less painful. There is also a patch repair kit.

Many reviewers love this small great inflatable island and praised its stability and durability even with more than the recommended amount of people on it. While several felt that it isn’t durable enough.

Another complaint is the fact that this island float took a while to blow up because of all the different compartments that needed to be filled up with air. While some complained about the mesh bottom ripping and easy puncturing of its 18 gauge vinyl construction.

However, if you keep it out of the sun when not in use and don’t over-inflate it, it should last you a long time.


  • The Seating arrangements
  • You can choose to sit or lie down while floating
  • Room for more than six people
  • Has built-in cooler
  • Six drink holders
  • Comes with a climbing platform
  • Multiple Tie-Down Areas
  • Overall very comfortable
  • Comes with Sand Bag Anchor


  • Takes longer to inflate
  • Takes up a lot of space

Choosing The Right Floating Island

There are a good amount of floating islands in the market. These inflatable floating islands come in a variety of designs and sizes, and you can decide which is the best one for you and your family.

When you’re not sure what you need to look for, choosing an inflatable party island can be a bit challenging. Before you can make the right decision on which island to buy, here are the many factors to consider.

Place Of Use

Inflatable floating islands can be used in a pool, lake, or ocean. Your target area of exploitation determines the model and type of float to purchase. While some floaties are good in a pool, others can be a perfect match for fun in a lake or the ocean.

In a pool chances are you’ll want to consider a raft that is a less durable and smaller model. Also, how much space it is going to take up as you don’t have to worry about cold water or drifting away.

But if you’re going to open water or lake then you might be more concerned about having anchoring options to keep your island in place. Lakes have all kinds of obstacles such as sunken logs, sharp rocks, and many other surprises near the surface that you have to deal with.

So ensure you find one that has a higher customer approval rating and reviews where customers have used it on the lake or that suit your place of choice for maximum utilization.

No of people

For instance, having a crew of more than eight people requires you to go for the biggest island float available.

While most rafts are specifically designed for a particular number of floaters, the best is to choose the one that can comfortably accommodate you and your crew with enough ample legroom space and space to move in general.

However, you can buy a smaller one and tell your friends to bring their floaties to make up a flotilla.

Size, Dimension, and Structure

You should be aware of the party size you will be hosting on your party island before you spend any money on it because the overall size of the product makes a big difference.

Suppose you’re buying the float for two, three, four up to twelve people, the space and volume of the float should be considered to get the perfect size for your whole group or family, ensuring that you have enough room for all of your guests.

Moreso, the shape and structure of your island are very important, with groups of friends often preferring the chance to sit facing one another in conversation and families benefiting from being able to distance themselves.


The material used for the design determines the durability of the floating raft. Generally, many manufacturers making floating islands use Vinyl PVC.

This durable material can be very puncture-and tear-resistant, easy to care and is not affected by saltwater but it needs to be nice and thick to keep your craft safe.

The glue found on self-adhesive bicycle puncture repair kits is made of PVC material, making it easy to haul back onto the water with the right tools.


No matter how comfortable and fun these rafts are, if your budget is below the cost price of the Floating Island raft, it does affect your choice but there are affordable options out there.

Typically Intex has the most affordable island floats, so take a look out for them when shopping for inflatable floating islands that meet your budget.

Accessories and Features

Depending on what you want to use the float for, each floating island design has the features that come with it. The two most common things people use inflatable islands for are partying and relaxing.

People who want party Islands usually crave a more upright position so they can be social and drink their beverages with glee. So they can opt-out of the island with drinks you will look for ones with multiple coolers available.

While on the other hand if you just want to relax and maybe catch some sleep, chances are you will want a floating island that comes with a cabana that can keep the sun off and an inflatable floating island with a slouched backrest position that will give you that relaxation you deserve.


If you have younger children you will probably consider a float that is safe as well as entertaining. In this case, I would go with a party island over more relaxing floating islands because it will give your kids some entertainment value. Also, I will recommend some accessories that can keep your kids occupied.

Air Valves

To inflate and deflate a large floating island takes much time. To ease the stress, it’s best to look for options that have more than one quick release port as they can be inflated using multiple pumps at the same time.

They also have separate internal sections that make the float less likely to sink if you experience a puncture.

Safety Features

You also want to consider how you’re going to get onto the raft as some only have handles, others boarding platforms, others ladders, and others rope anchor points.

Also, It is very important to ensure that your party island has an anchor, especially if you are going to be using it on the sea.

Otherwise, invest in some paddles if the island doesn’t have an anchoring system. However, your safety should be of paramount concern.

Mode of Transportation to the Island

The process of transporting a raft from one place to another important factor that should be considered. There are Inflatable floating islands that come with an anchor bag to park your float and chances are you may need a mode of transportation for things such as music players, coolers, drinks, and food.

Possible Essential Features of a Floating Island Raft

Depending on the design you choose, you’ll get a variety of features for your Floating Island raft and these are the few essential ones to look out for.

Backrest and Headrest: This is going to be the most common feature of your floating island since the main goal here is comfort and relaxation. So comfortably lay down and rest your head while onboard.

Wading pool: You’ll have a wading pool in many of the rafts to cool off your feet and have some water fun while onboard your floating Island. It’s a great way to let the kids enjoy themselves while ensuring they’re safe. Do make sure that they’re wearing life jackets, just in case. This feature is perfect for family outings.

Canopy: This feature is added to shade you from the sun, in order to enjoy and unwind.

Cup Holders – This is also a common feature in most rafts. To enjoy your  favorite drink while relaxing, the holders can easily hold your drinks for the time you choose to partake. The placement, number and design of drink holders differ from raft to raft.

Floating Coolers – Some Rafts come with Floating coolers to keep your drink cool. Interesting!

Tow ability – Not most of the rafts are made to be towed behind a speedboat, but some of the rafts are. Providing the required comfort is the main purpose of every raft. But, to enjoy such fun, you can choose the one that won’t be harmed if it’s towed.

Mounting Platform – This makes hauling in and out a float much easier.

An Anchor – This is a pretty important accessory to have if you are or have purchased an inflatable island. With a  good anchor, you’re sure of not being blown away in the wind. When considering a large inflatable island, having an anchor is worth the investment.

Floating Water Mat – A good alternative to a climbing platform. It is tied onto the island and makes your boarding a bit easier.

Inflatable Floating Islands For Relaxing vs Inflatable Floating Islands for Partying

The main difference between Inflatable Floating islands and party islands is mainly the setup and floor plan. Inflatable Floating Islands for relaxation are more for a relaxed atmosphere while you float.

Being in your youth blasting loud music on the lake while slamming down some brews may have been something you did when you were younger but now you just want to relax. Floating Islands offers you the opportunity of recharging and getting a tan.

While gently rocking the water, you are likely to fall asleep but it is advisable  to have an anchor and plenty of sunscreens available so you do not look like a castaway lobster.

Inflatable party islands can be fun and exciting to use as it features a lot of room for floating coolers and drink holders for your favorite drinks, but there’s a need to know certain safety precautions before hitting the water.

Ensure that each of your guests can swim very well, as it doesn’t take much for your party to find themselves in the water. So for you to enjoy your floating island without having to worry about what could go wrong, make sure everything is safe.

Basic Maintaining Tips

One thing is to make a purchase another is to see that it lasts you for a long time serving its purpose through maintenance. So having your float properly maintained saves you some fortune for other important things. Here are some vital guides on how to safeguard your raft.

  • When you’re not using the raft, deflate it and store it in a suitable location otherwise make sure it’s properly anchored.
  • Don’t over inflate the rafts. You don’t want to see your rafts ruptured when the air inside the rafts expands.
  • When you’re out on the lake, ensure the rocks are not much. If you choose to go out to a river or the sea, keep in mind to go out on a calm current.
  • Make sure the raft is properly balanced when on the water. And if kids are onboard, make sure that they have the life jackets on. Ensure you keep ropes on you as they can come in handy.

Floating Island rafts are fun and relaxing. When you want to escape life on land, you can go out on your own Floating Island, and if you want, you can invite company too.

These rafts may cost more than your pool rafts but are a great investment for you, friends, and family, to enjoy refuge from all the stress and the heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to inflate an inflatable island?

Inflatable islands are very large so require a lot of air. Inflating with your mouth or a hand pump is not only stressful but time-consuming.

The best way to inflate your floating island is with an electric pump, similar to the type you’ll use for inflatable mattresses that can plug into your vehicle outlet. This Intex electric pump will do a good job, although it comes at a great price.

Do I need paddles for my Inflatable Floating Island?

Naturally being products that float on the water they can move around considerably if there is any wind or a current. If the raft doesn’t come with an anchoring system, you’ll need paddles to steer it or anchor it below.

But it’s probably always best to have paddles on hand just in case, although these islands are stable, they’re not strong enough to support any kind of motor.

Can an inflatable pool be used as a raft?

Yes, you can use an inflatable pool as a raft with some quick and easy modifications, including the use of a paddle or two. This mostly depends on the durability of your inflatable pool material.

Which is the biggest Inflatable Floating Island?

The WOW (World of Watersports) Stadium Islander is one of the largest inflatable islands on the market. It features 12 mesh seats to keep you cool while you float.

Where can an inflatable floating island be used?

There are lots of places where an inflatable floating island can be used. Take them for a lazy float on the river or use them at the lake or on the beach. You can as well use it on your swimming pool if it is large enough.

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