10 Best Pontoon Grills To Buy In 2024


Lovers of grilled meat need not forfeit their favorite just because they are sailing in the water. To achieve this, Pontoon boat grills that are operable on the boats are a great feature that allows for both boating and barbecuing at the same time. 

Made specifically for toons with square rail mounts, great grills heat evenly, stay lit even when the pontoon boat is moving, and stay clean and rust-free. 

If you intend on grilling on your pontoon boat, then you are going to get the best pontoon boat grill, and the task of finding a suitable one might look difficult.  This means that you are probably going to check out the various models on our guides and choose the right one for you.

1. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable Propane Pontoon Gas Grill

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The Char-Broil X200 Portable Gas Grill as a regular traveler is an appliance that is indeed compact enough for regular travels and distant usage. It might not look attractive, but its sturdiness and extra features make up for the looks.

Housed in a cast-aluminum firebox and lid with dual stainless-steel latches and temp gauge, the grill is tougher and more resilient to the common agents of wear and tear.

It features a high-impact frame with legs, carry handles for seamless controls and handling when the equipment is engaged, and weighs in at only 20 pounds.

Unlike many standard boat grills, the grates are constructed out of stainless steel to avoid flare-ups and it heat your meat and food recipes purely by the use of infrared heat which spreads heat evenly and creates a barrier between your food and flame.

The grill’s 200-square-inch cooking surface makes hosting and entertaining your group much easier as it accommodates about eight burgers at once. Also, it manages to ensure that your cooking chores are performed to the most accurate forms and shape possible.


  • Easy to carry and very convenient
  • It is one of the more energy-efficient propane grills
  • Firebox fashioned from tough cast aluminum
  • Utilizes infrared heating elements
  • Distributes heat evenly across the cooking surface
  • No exposed flames to create a safety hazard
  • Affordable price point
  • Reliable for use in various outdoor environments


  • Nondescript appearance adds no aesthetics to you
  • Doesn’t cook at lower temperatures
  • When not carefully taken care of, it can rust.
  • A face only a mother could love
  • Does not lend itself to easy mounting

2. Cuisinart CGG-180T Stainless Steel Petit Gourmet Portable Grill

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This is a high-performance grill with the trappings necessary to handle your awesome recipes with accuracy.

This solid and durable Cuisinart Stainless Steel Petite Tabletop Grill is small in size making it possible for it to fit the most cramped-up spaces but cooks as well as a full-size grill.

Also, the compact size keeps the heat near the cooking surface and makes for easy storage. The 5,500-BTU Stainless-steel Burner works alongside the even-heating porcelain-enameled grate to impact your recipes effectively. 

Fueled by propane and for easy lighting, it features twist-start ignition and the waterproof material protects it from wind, rain, dirt, and dust.

The super-light and stabilizing feet make for easy setup and transportation with limited hassles.

With the easy-to-use briefcase-style carrying handles, carrying this grill out and about is easy. You can tighten this grill on your hands to avoid wiggling and other dangers while on transit.


  • Portable enough for easy transportation
  • Multipurpose design
  • Its compact size makes storage easy
  • Large 145 square inch cooking surface
  • Heats up faster and uses far less gas when cooking.
  • A very stable design with rubberized feet
  • Can be adapted to mount on a handrail
  • 5,500 BTUs of cooking power
  • Briefcase style carrying handle for easy transport


  • Quite weightier than many other grills
  • Adapting it to a handrail is not an easy task
  • The shallow lid does not allow its closure

3. Masterbuilt 205 Stainless Steel Tabletop Gas Grill

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This portable stainless steel tabletop gas grill is built mainly for those who tackle small-scale prolonged cooking and tasks associated with zeal and fervor.

Great for many kinds of outdoor environments like picnics, camping, boating, tailgating, or even in your backyard. The stainless-steel firebox is not only strong and sturdy but perfect for all your grilling needs.

The compact design allows it to fit the most cramped spaces and the locking lid facilitates the cooking process more efficiently. It also features a large front carry handle and folding legs which makes this grill very portable and easy to transport or store.

The grill operates on small, disposable one-pound propane cylinders (not included) and gives off the impressive 205 square inches of cooking space. This implies even with one burner, the Tabletop Grill can put out 10,000 BTUs and have space for grilling several items at once.


  • Provides 205 square inches of cooking space
  • Generates the impressive 10,000 BTUs of heat output
  • Folds to fit in little space available
  • Disposable to keep the environment clean
  • The included temperature gauge regulates your cooking


  • Demands excessive mounting space

4. Coleman Camp Propane Grill

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Enjoy easy outdoor grilling at the tailgate party or campsite with the Coleman Camp Propane Grill. This durable, steel-crafted grill gives you the cooking power to prepare a wide range of foods, having a heat intensity of 11,000 BTUs.

PerfectHeat technology allows for more fuel-efficient cooking while PerfectFlow technology helps keep the heat steady even in extreme conditions.

The included WindBlock panels help protect your flame from the wind and on calm days, they fold down for use as side tables. With its 180-square-inch cooking surface, this portable BBQ grill offers a large cooking surface area that is perfect for grilling meals for families or groups.

The Coleman Camp Propane Grill is easy to clean due to its porcelain-coated surface and removable grease tray. This propane grill has a lasting capacity of two hrs on high with one 16.4-ounce propane cylinder that is purchased separately.


  • Versatile outdoor grill
  • Delivers 11,000 BTUs of heat across 180 square inches of cooking surface
  • Wind block panels shield burners from wind
  • The Perfect heat technology does a great job in allowing more fuel-efficient cooking
  • Perfect flow technology offers steady performance even in extreme conditions


  • The lid is particularly thin
  • The grates might warp after a single use
  • The lid doesn’t close while cooking

5. Arnall’s Pontoon Grill Bracket Set

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Made of steel that’s been electroplated with zinc, Arnall’s Boating Grill Bracket Set is a durable and long-lasting solution that can be used for a long time.

This bracket system will work for the majority of flat-bottomed grills like Smoke Hollow 205, Coleman flat bottoms grills, Char-Broil 190 Deluxe, Coleman PerfectFlow Instastart Propane Grill, and many more without scratching or denting the pontoon boat rail.

A great grilling option that will keep your grill within your reach and when you are done using it for your boat grill, you can easily stow it away.

With all the fittings and fixtures, you need to mount the unit to your grill, simply line up the brackets, mark your holes, drill, and you’re done.


  • Very strong and durable
  • Won’t scratch your railing
  • Mounts to 1.25″ Square Pontoon Boat Railing


  • Drilling the bottom of your grill before installing is necessary
  • You have to provide your flat-bottomed grill

6. Kuuma Premium Stainless Steel Mountable Gas Grill

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Stainless Steel Mountable Gas Grill is a portable grill that has all it takes to be your best companion while on your regular travels and frequent change of locations.

This grill offers quality construction and convenient portability. Its compact size fits in perfectly when space is at a premium.

With the 125 square inches of cooking surface and heat output of around 9,000 BTU per hour, the Kuuma Stow grill delivers an excellent performance mix resulting great cooking outcomes and quality.

Made of 300 series Marine-grade Stainless Steel, it is durable and resilient. In addition, the assembling process is not needed as the apparatus comes along fully assembled and ready for use.

Stow N’ Go grills are compact which makes for easy transportation and can also be mounted to any Kuuma rail, rod, or pedestal mount. Added to this grill are threads that measure 1-20 inches and play the role of adjusting the flow of the gas from the cylinder to the burner.


  • Compact in size and easy to use
  • The premium construction material ensures it lasts for a long time
  • Imbues some quality construction on the whole
  • Delivers higher value for your money
  • Mounts across several surfaces and tops


  • Clutters your worktop considerably

7. Monument Grills Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

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This is an ideal gift for those who appreciate chef-style grilling wherever they go. Monument Grills tabletop gas grill is the life of the party at tailgates, parties, and picnics while delivering the performance of a full-size grill.

This grill comes with 2 independently controlled 304 stainless steel burners with 15,000 BTU to deliver fast and even heat and a great grilling experience, a built-in center-mounted thermometer monitors the temperature inside the grill, a drip tray under the burners to collect grease and drippings and a deep stainless-steel lid with travel locks for easy going.

In addition, the included 40-inch hose is used to connect to a 20lb Propane Tank. (Tank sold separately). For your outdoor cooking, 207 square inches of the total cooking area offers plenty of grilling space. The lightweight design promotes easy transportation.


  • Two main 304 stainless steel burners
  • 15,000 BTUs of total cooking power
  • 207 sq. in. of total cooking area
  • Deep Lid with a round smooth handle
  • Travel locks for easygoing
  • Built-in center-mounted thermometer Gauge

8. Magma Products, Connoisseur Series Gas Grills

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A quality-yet-affordable cooking appliance that allows you to enjoy the same quality standard that the high-quality grills have to offer ordinarily. It features fold-away legs and an oversized perfectly balanced lockable lid with a full-length handle for easy transportation.

At its interior is a safety shell that plays the role of channeling out the grease into front access to avoid inflicting your body or attire with oil waste.

The included snap-out radiant cooking plate allows for even distribution of the heat output as well as simpler clean-up exercises while the 18-8 mirror polished stainless steel swiveling valve allows quick and safe gas bottle exchange. Have your food thoroughly cooked with this grill.


  • Polished stainless steel gives off added aesthetics
  • Your safety is guaranteed via the swiveling valve
  • Quick and safe gas exchange of the gas bottle
  • Good enough for the small gatherings
  • A great companion wherever you may want to go


  • Unsuitable for whole family use

9. Cuisinart Grill with Arnall’s Stainless Grill Bracket Set

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Cuisinart Grill with Arnall’s Grill Bracket Set is a modified grill perfect for your Pontoon railing. With this, there’s no need for drilling or mounting rails to your grill. All you have to do is simply unbox, grab your fuel, and hit the lake.

Constructed of 7 GA 304 Stainless Steel and comes fully assembled. It is also designed for a 1.25″ square railing, with open fencing.

Modified grill for pontoon boats features a sturdy and flexible leg for easy transportation, 145 square inches of grilling surface, stainless steel burner, an ignition switch, and a drip tray that works efficiently well.

The unit is 28 pounds and unlike many portable marine grills, this one has a solid propane tank mount instead of a flimsy wand. Cuisinart’s grill comes with a three-year warranty in case you encounter any problem while using it.


  • Easy to install and stow
  • Stainless steel burner and drip tray
  • Locking lid and easy carry handle
  • A larger cooking area
  • A solid mount for the propane tank
  • Will not scratch or mark your railing

10. Magma Cabo Grill, Adventurer Marine Series

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Constructed of 100% 18-8 mirror polished marine grade stainless steel, the Cabo grill offers you the same quality as expected from all Magma Products.

The Adventurer designed specifically for the marine environment features an oversized balanced lid that locks in an open position withdraw tight latch, and a durable heat-resistant all-weather handle with air-cooled supports. 

Other features include, a fold-away table top legs that are perfect for grilling everywhere, a locking grease tray with access from either side of the grill, and a convenient snap-out radiant plate assembly for even heat distribution.

The durable stainless-steel grates fit nicely in sinks or dishwashers and are easy to clean. The Cabo features a 162-square-inch grilling surface giving you plenty of room to cook and offers you the option of either setting it up on a table or fixing it on the boat rail.

In addition, the absence of an open flame improves the quality of your grill items and enhances safety. However, the only con here is that, you must have a viable outlet on your boat.


  • Heat-resistant handles prevent nasty surprises
  • The polished stainless-steel finish is corrosion resistant
  • Provides even heat distribution and heat up fast.
  • Variable temperature control for gourmet cooking
  • The cooking space is big enough to cook a variety of food


  • A viable power outlet on your boat is needed
  • Not as stable as a fixed grill

Features To Look For When Considering a Pontoon Grill

While boat grills are becoming increasingly popular, the market is full of a variety of them and some are not good enough to choose from. 

To make a better decision on the best pontoon grill to buy, grilling enthusiasts need to consider the features that a particular grill may have, and for you not to miss out, here are some tips on what to look for before buying a grill for your boat.

Grill Size

One of your top concerns as grilling enthusiasts should be the size of the grill. A good grill has to be sufficiently large enough to cook all of the burgers, fish, hot dogs, and pork steaks that your friends and family are going to eat conveniently. 

Also, ensure to choose a quality grill that comfortably fits in the limited space you have without consuming more fuel to maintain the temperature.

Grill Housings and Frame

When considering a grill for your boat, the materials that make the structure up are also worthy of consideration. 

A good grill housing and frame should be strong, stable, and highly resilient. Grills that use stainless steel and Aluminum alloy have high tensile strength and are very resistant to corrosion.

However, no matter the type of steel your grill is using, ensure that it features a double liner used on both the inside of the shell and outside shell to guide against gas leaks and metal decorations. It is also safer to be used around children and keeps the outside cool to the touch.

Pontoon Boat Grill Mount Type

How you intend to use your grill is another thing to consider before buying a grill. While some pontoon boat grills come with shore stands that allow them to stand alone, others require mounting to a pontoon rail or other such service. 

You must know that not all grills come with the mounting hardware necessary to mount them to a rail (they are gotten separately) and not all grills with shore stands are usable on the boat’s deck.

Use and Number Of Burners

Are you using the grill for grilling meat or reheating already-made foods? No matter what the grill is to be used for, ensure you go for a grill whose specifications match the specific needs you have in mind. 

Also, the best pontoon grill on this basis should have several burners and cooking spaces that are sufficient for the amount of food under your cooking.

Grill Shape

Grill shape is one of the features that require consideration. Most grills for boats exist in kettle shapes which boast their effectiveness for wind protection and in keeping heat reflection even.

However, many boaters are beginning to switch over to rectangular or square grills because they offer more grilling surface area.


This refers to the ease with which the grill may be transported from one place to another. A good grill has to be portable enough to save you unnecessary strains and effort while carrying it around, especially in remote areas.

Sources Of Fuel Or Heating Energy

Your boat is designed to be powered with the use of propane charcoal depending on your personal choice. While most boat grills run on gas, using either propane or compressed natural gas others use charcoal to power energy. 

Generally, most people prefer propane-powered grills to charcoal, primarily because they’re beneficial, especially when camping at the ocean or on the beach.

Although they are more expensive compared to charcoal versions, yet, they are easy to set up, have better temperature control, and are able, to provide more uniform heat even in windy conditions. 

Cleaning and maintaining this grill is very easy. Do well to choose the boat grill that fits your circumstances and cooking style.

Type of Brackets

If you are often out on the water, mounting your boat grill on the transfer platform or railing could be a better way to enjoy the ride. This helps create more space on the boat which allows for easy accessibility.

Also, you can equally choose grills that can be plugged into the deck sockets or rod holders on the boat depending on the length and design of your pontoon boat. 

Lastly, a fully assembled grill is available (one that does not need to be assembled). Consequently, your boat grill can be placed on an unused corner of the boat or a table in a corner.

Push Button Ignitions

This particular feature is one of the non-essential features that is required for a boat grill but it does make it easier and safer to operate. 

Push-button ignition is common on propane grills which implies that it is not featured in every grill. However, ensure you choose a grill that has a push-button ignition.


The portable grill for a boat is available in a variety of styles and designs that range in price from the very affordable to the downright expensive and everything in between. 

Make sure to choose a quality grill that meets your grilling style and needs and also fits your budget. Warranty

Lastly on this list, to spare yourself from the losses and damages that potentially come about, you need a grill that enjoys or is still covered by warranty. 

In case of any losses or damages that may arise within a predefined time frame, the warranty usually covers it up.

Types Of Pontoon Boat Grills

Based on their source of fuel or heating energy, there are 4 main types of boat grill and they’re as follows:


Charcoal boat grills as this implies, derive their source of heating energy from charcoal or wood fuel. They are mostly preferred by users from low-income areas and as well impart that smokey flavor. They are affordable and more convenient to access.


This type of boat grill emits its grilling heat in the form of infrared radiation rather than heat as we understand it. Unlike standard appliances, they are faster and cleaner.


These boat grills generate their heating energy from gas. Propane, liquefied petroleum gas, and biogas fall in this category. Compared with their major competitors, they get too hot, and fast and produce an effective result.


The main electricity supplies this type of grill with power. Although they have a minimal range of use as they corded attachments to operate, the energy they give out is clean and less likely to compromise the cooking outcomes.

Safety Tips For Grilling On Your Boat

For your grilling to be safe and free from the specter of fire or death, there is the need to pay special attention to the following suggested safety tips.

  • Make sure that grilling is permitted at your Marina before grilling and do not grill while your pontoon boat is underway.
  • During grilling, ensure you follow all grill manufacturer’s recommendations and avoid using the mounts that aren’t manufactured specifically for grills.
  • To prevent food from sticking, coat the grates of the grill before using.
  • A meat thermometer helps to ensure adequate cooking temperatures and when grilling, it is advisable to use low heat to avoid burning or drying out your food.
  • Do not use gasoline or any other accelerant that isn’t made specifically to be used in a charcoal grill and never add lighter fluid to charcoal grills instead use charcoal chimneys to start your coals.
  • Do not use the grill around flammable materials. Also, ensure there’s a fire extinguisher close at hand at all times.
  • Make sure that you do a safety inspection before and after using your propane grill—paying specific attention to propane connections and if you suspect your propane grill has leaks, then DO NOT start it.
  • Put out the grill when you’ve finished cooking and allow it to cool before stowing it away.
  • Don’t poke and prod your food. Give it time to cook and allow your meat to get sear marks before turning it over.
  • It is advisable to use the same tongs for both raw and cooked foods, and for your juicier meat, allow it to rest before serving.
  • The best way to handle flare-ups is by putting the lid down on the grill and after use make sure that you keep your grill clean and in good condition.

How To Clean Your Pontoon Boat Grill

After hosting a slew of pontoon parties, you’ll probably need to clean it and keep it in good condition. Regardless of your grill master skills, there’s just no way to avoid some of those scorched burgers and hot dogs.

Stainless Steel Scrubbers

For quick and relatively easy cleanup, I recommend stainless steel scrubbers. These handy little balls are made of marine-grade stainless steel and for a good grip, it comes with a teak handle.

They work great for metal surfaces such as outdoor furniture including your grill despite the fact they are designed for teak decks. These tools are equally used on pots and pans.

Scrub Brushes

These Nylon scrub brushes are another great option for cleaning pontoon boat grills. They come with heavy-duty nylon bristles, a comfortable grip handle, and a hang hole that helps keep them up off the floor. These Nylon scrub brushes are readily available in different lengths and sizes.

Boat Scuff Erasers

These handy little bars among many others are particularly useful, especially to those who like to keep their grill nice and shiny at all times. This incredible equipment quickly wipes away dirt, grease, and scuff marks. 

You just need to mix a bit of that elbow grease with water. You may even end up swapping these great products to use at home around the house.

Pontoon Boat Grill Maintenance Tips

While it is good to have a quality boat grill, there’s a need to properly maintain it to avoid it being a health hazard as well as a victim to the elements. 

So it is important to keep your grill in good condition. Fortunately, it’s not rocket science. The following tips will guide you on how to maintain your boat grill.

Wash After Each Use

To enjoy the longer-lasting cleaning outcomes, after each use, wash and cleanse the grills thoroughly. If your boat spends most or all of its time on salt water ensure that the exterior of the grill is clean. 

Also, make use of a protective cover if you have one and if you don’t, ensure you wipe down the grill every time you use the boat, even if you didn’t cook. Make sure to clean the interior part of the grill as well as the rail after use.

Oil and Lubricate The Moving Parts

To maintain the functioning state of your grill at all times, always oil and lubricate the moving parts if there are any.

Stalk The Fuel Levels

Always stalk the levels of fuels in the grill’s cylinders and keep them at the desirable levels all the time because it has a bearing on the proper functioning of the items altogether.

Attach Extras Features And Upgrades When Needed

Improving the structural makeup of these appliances by attaching any extras and upgrades from time to time is necessary to keep pace with the latest trends.

Store Away From Children

It is quite dangerous when children play with these appliances. That’s why you should try as much as possible to keep them away from the kids.

Boat grills are usable in remote locations and its compact size and light nature allow for easy transportation. 

It is affordable compared to the many other standard grills on the market and does not require too great expertise to handle and operate. 

In addition, it gives you the foods you need when you need them and doesn’t stand tall to adverse external weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Pontoon Grill?

The choice is yours to make depending on what you need and your choice of grill determines the features you will get.

Generally, the best grill for a pontoon boat should provide you with a way to enhance your boating experience and the experience of everyone who accompanies you.

It should also be made with quality materials like stainless steel and Aluminum that are sturdy and resilient while serving their purpose effectively.

How to Mount Camper Grill On a Pontoon Boat

There are two ways of mounting grills on pontoon boats. The first option is mounting the brackets on the rail and the other option is the use of a fishing rod holder as a grill mount. You can make use of a tabletop grill or one with foldable legs if your boat doesn’t have railing support.

What can I Use To Mount A Boat Grill?

A boat grill rod holder is popular among mounting options as it can convert any rod holder into a suitable mounting bracket.

You may also find a rail or pushpit option which is usually utilized by cruisers. Some prefer deck sockets as it’s installed in their cruising boats and decks.

How Safe Is It To Use A Grill On A Boat?

Yes of course, but there is a need to visit the manufacturer manual to adhere to all the necessary precautions while using it. Some safety measures are not to leave the grill flame unattended, use the appropriate fuel type, and let the grill cool down properly after use.

In conclusion, grilling on the water adds an entirely new dimension to the boating experience and is sure to turn your vessel into a go-to destination for family and friends.

However, keep in mind that operating a portable gas grill for a boat is not the same as barbecuing on the patio. There are safety measures and logistical considerations that must be given proper weight.

But as long as you’re carefully using and operating your grill, it will always be interesting to meld two of your favorite activities: boating and barbequing.

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