10 Best 10-Person Tents To Buy In 2024


Which 10 Man Tent Should You Get?

10-person tents are a popular choice among outdoor goers who love to spend memorable nights around their spots of interest. 

They’re a good option for a large number of campers, with rich features and affordable prices. Intriguingly, they’re all not so different in features from one another which makes selecting the best one a bit complicated.

Below, we have made a review of 10 of the best 10-person tents currently available out there on the market. 

Before that, we made a list of questions to ask and features that make a tent worthy of putting your money on. We hope that it guides you in your next visit to the store to buy yourself a 10-person tent.

1. Coleman 10 Person Cabin Tent 

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  • Set-up: Instant tent set up
  • Occupancy: accommodates 10 persons with enough floor space for 4 queen-size air mattresses
  • Weatherproof: Low heat. Features inverted seams and welded corners for ultimate rain protection.
  • Amenities: it possesses darkroom technology for protection against 90% of sunlight, and a room divider for extra privacy.
  • Warranty: one-year warranty

The Coleman Cabin Tent is on our list for no other reason than being one of the best options currently available out there on the market.

It features functional parts that enhance its quick set-up and accessibility, strength against rough weather, and spaciousness for you and your partners.

An example is the pre-attached poles that enable its set-up in only about 60 seconds. Thanks to its darkroom technology, about 90% of sunlight coming towards the tent is blocked, ensuring that your sound sleep is not cut short by the advent of the day.

In the design are inverted seams and welded corners to provide the maximum protection you need in all weather.

The design is that way to keep water from getting into the tent and soaking you up with all your sleeping bags and gear. However, it is best used during summer camping.

Moreover, the Coleman Cabin Tent offers a large space for you and your partners with a 6′ 7″ peak height that allows everyone to walk without bending inside.

The spaciousness does not end there, the floor space of 14′ ×10′ provides adequate room for up to 4 large-size mattresses. Also included is a room divider if you or anyone else needs extra privacy.

The room divider has a zip for opening and closing and if you are not comfortable with that you can employ Velcro straps or tie it to one side.


  • High peak height and spacious floor space
  • Pitching the tent is very quick, taking only about 60 seconds. Taking it down is equally easy.
  • Darkroom technology is highly efficient, according to customers’ remarks, allowing you to have a prolonged, sound, sleep.


  • The absence of rain fly causes users to stress
  • The waterproof efficiency may drop during heavy or extended rains, causing a leak from the roof.
  • The absence of windows is also a matter of concern for most customers
  • The fastening zip on the curved door is sometimes difficult to use.

2. Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Tent

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  • Set-up: Easy, and fun to set up by just two people
  • Occupancy: Extended dome shape with floor size and a peak height of 17′ × 9′ and 80′ respectively. Comfortably fits 10 persons with 10 sleeping bags or 3 queen-size mattresses.
  • Amenities: a room divider, an electrical access port for charging, and a mesh ceiling
  • Weatherproof: zipper-protected weather-proof fabric, rain fly, wind-strong frame, angled window design, high-quality fabric, inverted seams, and welded tub-style floor for weather and water protection

The Coleman WeatherMaster is another great camping tent option for handling tough weather conditions.

“WeatherMaster” as the name reads is particularly designed to keep you unperturbed even when there’s a high level of wind and rain during your camping period.

You don’t get disappointed in your expectations because this tent delivers quality with its durable, zipper-protected weather-proof fabric, inverted seams, welded tub-type floor, and wind-strong frame design, like Coleman’s, for improved stability in any condition.

Moreover, there’s a room divider included to help split the tent into two rooms in case you need extra privacy. And if you need more room for up to 3 queen-sized beds than for privacy, you may choose to leave the room divider out.

That’s not all, similar to the pop-up window design on the Columbia, the WeatherMaster also has angled windows to keep good air circulation inside the tent in any weather.

In addition, the presence of a front door makes entry and exit easily to do, with higher performance than many others with more than one entry and exit.


  • It has angled windows for enhanced ventilation while keeping the rain out
  • Spacious enough to contain 3 queen-sized beds
  • Impressive weatherproof performance


  • Takes a longer time-up to 20 minutes-to setup than most available options
  • Has only a single door for entry and exit
  • Sealed seams could’ve been a better design

3. CORE 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

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  • Occupancy: 10-person cabin tent, and fits 2 queen air mattresses
  • Weatherproof: Water-resistant fabric and thermally heat-sealed seams to keep the water from getting inside. Seals around door and windows
  • Features CORE H20 block technology and adjustable ground vents
  • Setup: Easy setup, but not an instant tent
  • Amenities: Includes gear loft with lantern hooks, electrical cord access port, storage pockets, and a room divider
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

There are several reasons why the CORE 10 Person Cabin Tent is one of the top choices among campers, one of them being the advanced CORE H20 block technology for active resistance against water and leak. 

Also, the entrances and windows are further strengthened with sealed seams against moisture-seeping through the potential weak points.

Moreover, the straight wall tent comes with a mesh ceiling of a height of 7’2″ from the ground, providing you with enough space to move your whole body without bending your head. 

It is also extremely spacious with enough floor space to admit 2 queen-sized air mattresses, and a room divider to give extra privacy should any of you need it. This camping tent is essentially a high-performer in 3 weather conditions. It gives optimum performance when on cold camping trips. 

Summer camping is also not left out, thanks to its uniquely innovative venting system that brings up cool, fresh air from the ground and pushes out the existing hot air via the mesh ceiling. 

You can never lack fresh air inside the tent, as the mesh windows also help supply cool air through cross-ventilation.

In addition to the aforementioned qualities, the CORE Cabin tent boasts more amazing features such as tough polyethylene flooring for excess traffic, storage pockets for extra gear, an electrical port for charging, steel and composite fiberglass poles, a rainfly, tent stakes, a carry bag, and many more. 

It surely packs everything you’ll need for your next camping adventure!


  • Made from high-quality materials, it is highly durable against tough weather conditions
  • It has a good peak height and a reasonable room space to walk comfortably in
  • It has two doors for easy entry and exit
  • The D-style doors receive good reviews from many users.


  • It is vulnerable to punctures
  • Occasional troubles with the window and door zippers getting stuck
  • There have been reports of token tent poles from customers

4. Ozark 10-Person Cabin Tent 

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  • Set-up: Quick and easy setup though not instant and best done by two or more persons
  • Occupancy: Cabin tent with floor size 14′ × 10′ and peak height 86′; can accommodate 10 persons, 2 queen-sized air beds
  • Amenities: features a loft for your gear, an electrical port for charging, a removable divider, tent stakes, and a transport bag for the tent.
  • Weatherproof: comes with factory-sealed seams and welded floor, and rain fly for added waterproofing.

Following the Ozark 10-person 3-room cabin tent closely is the 10-person 2-room with proven water and weatherproof features. 

The design comes with a 68-Denier coated polyester material, an integrated tub floor of 6 inches, a rainfly, and taped seams, from the factory. 

These features are particularly added for maximum protection against rain and leak. Providing the driest of weather conditions. This model, like its colleague, is also an ideal choice for your next camping trip with your family and friends. 

It offers a lot of storage spaces for your extra gear and accessories, as well as enough floor space to fit 2 queen-size air mattresses with 10 people in it. Although you might need to supplement the mattresses with pads for enough sleeping space.

There is a removable divider that helps to enhance privacy for anyone who needs it, by creating two rooms under the same tent, and if nobody needs it, you can easily fold it up to create space for easy mobility inside the tent. 

Not only that, this model comes with an electrical port through which you can charge your phone or any device by plugging your cord inside the tent.

The Ozark 10-person 2-room tent is a straight-wall family cabin tent, this means that it has a uniform ceiling at every position, giving you a chance to move freely inside without bending your head.

In addition, the presence of mesh windows on every side helps to improve proper air ventilation, especially when camping during hot weather.


  • It is easy to set up and put down when needed, although set-up may not be instant
  • It is a proper choice for rain, and cold weather camping. Protects against cold breezes
  • Relatively spacious with many mesh windows for ventilation.


  • There have been complaints of missing and inappropriate parts for assembly.
  • Materials of construction could be better
  • Insufficient manufacturer’s manual instructions

5. UNP Camping Tent 10-Person Family Tent

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  • Set-up: Quick, easy, and fun to carry out by just two people
  • Occupancy: Comfortably fits 10 persons with 10 sleeping bags or 3 queen-size air beds
  • Amenities: a single room divider, an electrical access port for charging, a mesh ceiling, and 5 mesh windows for optimum ventilation.
  • Weatherproof: rain fly, vestibular cover, and the high-quality 185T PU1000mm polyester ensures weather and water protection
  • Area: 162ft²
  • Warranty: one-year limited warranty

The UNP camping tent is a well-made option popularly known for its excellent performance among users. Its sturdy 185T PU1000mm polyester fabric construction qualifies it for use in 3 weather conditions- fall, spring, and summer.

While the waterproofing technology keeps your roof from a leak, the weather protection feature protects you from unexpected harsh weather on your camping trip. 

The inclusion of a rain fly with an extended awning, and a vestibular cover ensures that rain does not enter or leak while you sleep.

There is also a mesh ceiling and 5 mesh windows for adequate ventilation in the tent. As for size, the tent is a dome type with adequate vertical and floor spaces. 

The floor can comfortably contain 10 separate sleeping bags for 10 persons or 3 large-size air mattresses. Another perk is the inclusion of a gear loft for extra storage of clothes and accessories, keeping your tent clean and unclustered.

Furthermore, you will find in this camping tent, a large transport bag for easy portability and storage. 

What’s more, there’s a removable room divider, an electrical access port for charging your device, and patented foot sleeves for easier fitting of the composite fiberglass poles. It is one of the best 10-person tent options to consider for your next camping adventure.


  • Setting up and taking down is quick and easy to do
  • Large tent size and inner space
  • Folds down easily into a storage bag for transport and safety
  • Sturdy construction materials boost its performance against inclement weather conditions
  • Comes with sealed seams and welded floors


  • There have been reports of tears at the seams during the setup
  • Entrance and window zippers are slow to use and occasionally catch on the fabric.

6. Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Camping Dome Tent 

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  • Set up: Quick set-up using color-coded poles and pole sleeves
  • Occupancy: Extended dome tent with floor space 20′ × 10′ and a peak height of 78″ comfortably fits 10 persons and 3 queen size air beds
  • Weatherproof: positive water-protection rating with removable rainfly and taped seams.
  • Amenities: mesh walls and ceilings for enhanced night gazing, 2 removable room dividers, screen porch area, mud mat, hanging storage pockets, and an E-port for charging access.
  • Peak Height:7 feet.

The Ozark Trail does not just flaunt its name in the camping world in vain, proven over and over again that it’s worthy of all accolades through its wealth of quality tenting products.

Here it comes with another groundbreaking option: a screening porch. You will find many amenities in this model that will spur your interest. The ceiling is made of a fabric that enhances your view of the skylight at night. 

Three windows are also included on the tent’s sides for optimum ventilation throughout the tent. And the screen helps to provide a bug-free 30 square feet of floor space on the front porch. The tent stands, possessing 80 inches peak height with floor space enough to contain up to 3 queen air mattresses. 

Two removable room dividers are also included, so you can have the space divided into 3 separate rooms. And if you prefer a whole large room of 137 square feet of floor space, you could simply remove the divider, and voila, there you go!

Your camping trip becomes even more enjoyable with the amazing extra features you find on this model such as an E-port for access to charging your phone or other small appliances. 

There’s also the presence of a mud mat that makes the tent inside stays dry and neat. All your small belongings like wallets, keys, phones, etc., also get off the way and protected, thanks to the hanging storage units.


  • Reasonable space to fit a group of partners
  • Simple, with a short set-up time
  • Weatherproof, and durable. Withstands tough weather conditions without damage.


  • There have been few reports of leaks during rainfall
  • The mud mat material is not suitable for removing mud and dirt from shoes, and the mat could’ve been bigger and better.
  • Difficulty in folding the tent back into its bag for transport

7. Columbia Mammoth Creek 10 Man Cabin Tent

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  • Set-up: Quick, easy, and fun to carry out by just two people
  • Occupancy: Comfortably fits 10 persons with 10 sleeping bags or 4 queen-size mattresses
  • Amenities: a single room divider, an electrical access port for charging, and a mesh ceiling
  • Weatherproof: rain fly, “pop-out” window design, and the high-quality fabric and the patented Omni-Shade coating technology for weather and water protection

Mammoth, as the name of this tent suggests, is indeed a large tent with all the essential features. It has a floorplan space that can accommodate 10 persons with up to 4 queen-sized air mattresses, and a center height of 78 inches for movement.

What sets this model apart is its unique window design. Extending beyond its rainfly, the design prevents rain from coming in through the windows even when they’re opened.

Made of a durable fabric that ensures its weather-proofing ability. Also, an Omni-Shade coating technology, like the Columbia’s, is included on the tent wall, to enhance its water and weather resistance. 

The thick polyester floor is included to make walking in the tent almost soundless. It is of traditional construction with fiberglass poles and not pre-attached. 

Although traditional set-up and takedown design may take you longer, it promises a longer usage than most modern designs whose failures often start with their pre-attached poles.


  • Window extension for extra “rain check”
  • Durable fabric for effective weather resistance
  • Omni-Shade coating for added water and weatherproofing


  • A little expensive
  • It takes longer to set up and takedown

8. Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Bell Tent

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  • Set-up: Easy and fun to carry out by just two people
  • Occupancy: Comfortably fits 10 persons with floor space of 12′ × 12′. And a peak height of 98″.
  • Amenities: an electrical access port for charging, and a mesh ceiling
  • Weatherproof: durable, high-quality fabric that provides maximum rain protection.

The Teton Sports Sierra is one of the coolest you can find on the market for your next camping trip. It is quite heavy but stands out among the rest as durable and reliable. It is designed from a high-quality treated waterproof canvas that withstands tough weather conditions. 

Also, it comes with so much inside space that makes you feel like you’re in an actual large room. And there are windows on all sides of the tent for extra ventilation.

Perhaps what makes this product unique is the ability to unzip its walls and give you standing poles and cover, just like a canopy, for optimum airflow when you all need it in the tent.

If you’re a camper who does not mind the heavy size and heavy price but is only interested in quality, then this might be a good choice for you.


  • It is a heavy-duty tent with a spacious room
  • It has a removable floor
  • It has excellent water and weather resistance


  • Quite costly
  • Too bulky for a camping tent

9. Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person Family Tent

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  • Set-up: Easy, and fun to set up by just two people
  • Occupancy: Extended dome shape with floor size and a peak height of 18′ × 10.5′ and 84′ respectively. Comfortably fits 10 persons with 10 sleeping bags or 3 queen-size mattresses.
  • Amenities: a room divider, an electrical access port for charging, and a mesh ceiling
  • Weatherproof: features taped seams, rain fly, floor-mounted vents, and welded tub-style floor for weather and water protection

Sometimes, we crave quality in everything we need or purchase without having to break the bank. It’s hard to find a product that doubles as “reliable” and “affordable”, but the Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-person family camping tent is one.

Despite being equipped with all the basic amenities needed for successful camping, it comes at a reasonable price tag.

It features taped seams, a rainfly, a tub-style floor, an all-mesh ceiling for adequate ventilation, and floor-mounted vents.

Moreso, the tent comes with a floor space of 18 feet, wide enough to accommodate 3 queen-sized air mattresses with enough room to use for other things.

On the downside, the Tahoe Gear Olympia comes with fewer windows than most 10-person options on this list.

Also, does not come with any room divider, and for that sole reason, we recommend it for children who don’t need much privacy rather than adults.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Can contain up to 3 beds
  • Excellent floor ventilation in the summer


  • The ceiling height is less than 6′ anywhere away from the center, making it difficult to walk inside for adults
  • Has only one door access
  • The four huge poles make the construction a little bunglesome

10. Ot Qomotop 10 Man Tent

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  • Set-up: Quick, easy, and fun to carry out by one or two persons
  • Occupancy: Comfortably fits 10 persons with 10 sleeping bags or 2 queen-size mattresses. The peak height is 79″.
  • Amenities: a single room divider, an electrical access port for charging, and a mesh ceiling
  • Weatherproof: Designed using taped seams for the inner tent and rainfly, and a heavy-duty 68-denier 190T polyester fabric for weather and water protection

If you’re looking for a 10-person tent that is packed up with more than enough amazing features, then the Ot Qomotop tent is your best bet. These features set it ahead of many others. 

One of them is the instant setup in just about a minute. One person can set it up without much stress but two will make it quicker. Another feature is a room divider that allows you to turn the tent into a two-room space for added privacy.

The low peak height of 79 inches (6’4″) of this model may seem like a drawback but that wouldn’t be a problem considering its performance outweighs this downside.

Aside from that, this model has taped seams for the inner tent and rainfly which ensures that the inner tents stay dry regardless of the level of rain. 

Moreso, the tent’s all-mesh and ground vents help to provide maximum airflow in the tent. There’s also electrical port access on the side of the tent for you to charge your device.


  • It has a relatively spacious room that fits 2 queen-sized air mattresses with little room to spare
  • Constructed using a heavy-duty 68-denier 190T polyester that ensures its durability
  • Instant and easy to set up for two or one-person


  • Despite all other amazing features, it fails at peak height
  • Relatively expensive but doesn’t matter considering its high performance.

Buying Guide: Choosing The Best 10-Person Camping Tent

To make the rightest choice for your need, there are qualities you’ll need to look out for. Our list of 10 best 10-person camping tents is based on these factors and qualities. One or two may be important to you and the reason you choose a particular tent.


There are different 10-person tent designs, each manufacturer showing why its product is a better option than the rest. all you need to do is find the style that speaks well to you the most. 

The most common designs on the market are multiroom tents, cabin tents, and some tents. Dome tents are generally simple to set up. They come with fiberglass poles that cross and give them an “X” shape.

When it rains, the water just rolls down without pooling on the roof. Although this also means that you and your partners may need to bend most times when you move away from the center. 

Some designs have a reasonably sufficient peak height and space room for easy mobility, so this problem can easily be avoided. Cabin tents on the other hand are designed to have straight walls. 

They can have the shape of a square or rectangle which means that they have a flat roof or better said, uniform peak height in any position in the tent. 

Pitching them is also very quick and easy, and can be done within seconds. Some cabin tents have enough space and additional storage units for important accessories as found in their dome counterparts.

What makes multi-rooms what they are in the presence of removable (and in most, non-removable) dividers in both cabins and some tents. 

These dividers are included to provide extra privacy for anyone who needs you. The divider can also serve as a sliding screen for movie projection while you camp. Considering all the attributes of the tents on our list, you have to choose the one best suits your needs.

Packed Size

10-person camping tents are typically heavier in weight than smaller ones because they’re designed to admit more people, carry more load, and withstand rougher environmental conditions. 

This, therefore, means that carrying them around can be a little difficult, though that’s a small price to pay compared to the amazing features they pack. 

Some designs come with large enough carry bags for easy transport to and from the woods. On average, you will find 10-person tents between 25-45 pounds in weight. 

A heavy range at that. We recommend that you camp on grounds that are not too far from your apartment as it is not convenient to carry your large tent on a long distance, except if you have a vehicle to transport it with.

Moreso, we recommend that you always check and verify all components before setting out on your camping trip, even if you properly packed it up after your last trip.


One of the major considerations in a 10-person tent is its ability to accommodate 10 persons plus each person’s extra storage/sleeping bags. 

Although a 10-person would provide more leg space, and comfortability for less number of people but buying a 10-person tent helps accommodate more people and saves extra cost.

In essence, it is okay to purchase a 10-person tent but ensure that that which you intend to purchase will accommodate you and your partners with little extra space for your sleeping bags.

Tent Center Height

Another important thing to note is the height of the tent. Ideal 10-person tents are made to have not less than a height of 6 feet. 

This is to ensure that you and everyone else have enough space to stand tall in the tent without having to bend your heads.

Some tents with a dome design may typically have a 6ft peak height or higher but remember that in some tents, the height reduces as you move away from the center. 

If any of your partners in the tent is 6ft and above, we recommend that you purchase a tent that has a higher peak height than that for easy mobility.


This is a major determinant in purchasing the best 10-person tent. The quality of material used in the design plays a big role in determining the worth of a tent as well as the other available technology features. 

You will need to examine all the features and choose the one that best suits your need. While it’s a good decision to go for a product that is affordable, it is even a smart choice to go for a little expensive one that will not succumb to rough weather conditions.

Also, while its true price is mostly a factor of quality, some of the best tents on our list are amazingly affordable.


Next, you need to consider durability. This goes in hand with the features and details you’re narrowing down to find a cheaper tent that meets all of your needs. Durability has a lot to do with the material the tent is made out of. 

The fabric of the tent itself, the tent poles and if they are steel poles or fiberglass poles, the thickness of the tent floor, and if the seams are sealed and waterproof.

Those tent features are what you look at the most to determine the longevity and durability of a tent. If it meets your standards and if there are more pros than cons about the tent. 

A 10-person tent is an expensive, but vital part of your camping gear. It is important to choose wisely and do your research before making a purchase. A tent should be able to last for at least a few years, that also depends on how you take care of it too!


As simple as this feature may sound, it is the center around which others are built. It is a big feature to look out for when buying a 10-person tent. 

Your camping might amount to nothing if, with all the other features, your tent still leaks causing all your clothes, beddings, and mattresses to get wet.

Generally, tents are constructed with weather and water resistance in mind. For added protection against leaks, some manufacturers include rain flys. They are made with any polyethylene or polyester with inverted seams designs on windows and zippered entrances for extra protection. 

Some, like the Core cabin tent, are made with special rain guard technology that prevents leaks. Also importantly, consider the strength and thickness of the material used before selecting.

The only issue with buying a new 10-person tent is that you may not be able to check for the waterproof efficiency until you buy and test it yourself before embarking on your camping trip. Water-repellent sprays are also used by many to increase the efficiency of the water-resistance ability of the tent.

Rooms And Dividers

It is true that you may be going on a camping trip with your friends and/or family, but how many rooms would you want inside your tent? 

How much privacy would you need? If you’re a person that likes their privacy, you may want to consider buying a tent with dividers.

Depending on the number of rooms you want, some tents have one divider that helps to create two rooms while some have two dividers that help to create three rooms.

If you’re with your children, you might want to keep a check on them, so you may not need any divider. All you just need to do is fold up your divider to create room.

Ease Of Setup

All of the 10-person tents on our list share a collapsible design feature. They come with poles that are easy to set up and take down. 

Most manufacturers advertise less or a little over 60 seconds for setup but in reality, it may take longer depending on how many people you have around to do it with. Instant tents are also a good option if you’re willing to pay the price, as they take almost half of the time traditional ones take.

Here we are, the end of our review of the 10 best 10-person tents on the market. You have seen that all the models reviewed above are great options to consider, depending on your need. 

We understand that finding the rightest choice for yourself might be somewhat difficult which is why we researched and made this list available for you. Each of the models listed has one or more intriguing features and additional accessories that set it apart from the rest. 

Some of the often-included accessories that you may find interesting are electrical charging access, hanging storage pockets, screen room, and room divider. All of these are in addition to the quality fabrics and durable poles they come with.

We also talked about the different types of tent shapes too: Some are dome tents, some are straight walls, and some are instant cabins. 

Domes are good are particularly good for those who do not mind having to bend their heads once in a while away from the center under the tent, although some dome tents come with enough headspace as well as floor space. 

Straight-wall tents are rectangular-like types with uniform heights anywhere under the tent. They also provide ample floor space and peak height. 

Instant cabin tent, like the Coleman cabin tent, features instant setup and darkroom technology, a block against sunlight.

As you go to the store for your new 10-person tent, we hope that our reviews guide you to selecting the one that best suits you and provides you with hassle-free camping experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a 10-person tent?

Typically, most 10-person camping tents come with peak height between 6 and 7 feet, and a floor area measurement of 14 × 10 feet. Only on rare occasions will you find a deviation.

What is the best 10-person tent?

There are lots of factors that determine the best 10-person tent, from durability, water and weather resistance, quality of cover, and the strength of poles, to excellent space and ventilation system, and other ergonomic features.

On our list, the best option is the Coleman Cabin tent. It occupies this space because it possesses almost all the requirements, listed above, for a successful camping adventure.

How much is a 10-person tent?

The best quality 10-person tent will cost you between $200 and $400, depending on the basic features and extras you need on your trip.

How to fold a tent?

Folding a tent is an easy thing to do, and with the few steps listed below, you too can get it:

  • Pack up the fly: by straightening it first and then folding it lengthwise.
  • Fold up the fly: fold each fly end, ensuring that they touch the closet supports. Continue to do the folding towards the center till the fly has the same width as the folded poles.
  • Roll up the fly: roll up the fly tightly from the top and then tie it up properly, so that it fits the carry bag in the end.
  • Ensure all zips on the main tent are done up
  • Adjust the ceiling: simply pull the canopy to make it lay flat, ensuring that the front door is also flat. If yours is a dome tent lacking a vestibule, work circularly, pulling the sides tight then finishing with the front
  • If you have a dome tent without a vestibule, work in a circular direction and pull each side tight before finishing with the front.
  • Fold the vestibule: if your tent comes with either the rear or front vestibule, fold it over cleverly, such that it pays over the main tent body, ensuring the one on top is the front.
  • Bring each side to the middle of the tent then fold it over to one-quarter of its original width
  • Put all parts together: bring everything together and then roll it together and tie up tightly so that it fits in the bag.
  • Put it all in the bag and move

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