10 Best Action Camera Body Mounts To Buy In 2024


For adventure lovers who love to capture the moment while enjoying the adventure, it is important to have your camera attached to your body. Basically, it becomes an extension of your body and captures exciting moments without reducing your fun.

You might be wondering – how can this be done? The answer is simple – an action camera body mount. For lovers of kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, diving, and other water sports, it is important that your body mount is waterproof and non-restrictive.

When considering the best place to mount your action camera, one of the things to consider is unrestricted access. Where are the places on your body that can give good coverage points?

Also, to avoid moving your camera unnecessarily and avoid missing interesting bits, it is important to choose a body part that is you are not using actively for your sport. For example, when paddling, your hands are in constant motion. 

Therefore, a wrist mount might not be your best option. A head mount or shoulder mount would be better alternatives.

Your choice of activity is important when considering what type of body mount to purchase. The number of places where an action camera can be mounted on the body is simply amazing. You probably know some but I bet you don’t know all. Different action camera body mounts give different angles of view.

1. CHESTY – GoPro Performance Chest Mount

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The CHESTY GoPro Performance Chest Mount is a padded, lightweight, and breathable mount that is compatible with all GoPro cameras. Because it is lightweight and made of breathable materials, it is comfortable to use for most water sports over extended periods.

It can also be used for many other activities. It gives your adventurous mind the liberty to explore! It can be adjusted to fit variety of body types and can be used over heavy jackets. Even when wearing gloves, the quick-release feature makes it easy for you to put on and off.

With the flexible CHESTY, you can now capture amazing POV footage while kayaking all from your chest. This leaves your hand free to paddle. It’s perfect for various adventures both on water and on land. It includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

2. Amazon Basics Adjustable Chest Mount Harness

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The Amazon Basics Adjustable Chest Mount Harness is a comfortable chest mount that is very affordable. Surprisingly, despite its low price it’s one of the best chest mounts in the market.

Like any other chest mount it is not ideal for surfing but it can be conveniently used for kayaking, rafting, and other water sports. For surfing, a bite mount or head mount is preferable. This mount is lightweight and waterproof. As long as your camera is waterproof you can conveniently film during your water sport activities.

The Amazon Basics Adjustable Chest Mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras including the GoPro HERO6, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver, and HERO Session. This chest mount can be adjusted to fit different bodies and types. 

It provides an alternative to higher-up helmet views and helps to capture the dynamic perspective of thrilling outdoor adventures. The Amazon Basics Adjustable Chest Mount can be used for capturing exciting moments when skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

The mount has a firm grip on your GoPro HERO series and keeps your camera firmly and safely preventing it from falling off.

3. SNAP Mount Magnetic GoPro Action Camera Mount

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As an adventurer, the best action camera mount for you is on which is very versatile and adaptable without being bulky or restrictive. If that’s what you are looking for, then the Snap Mount is your perfect choice. 

While kayaking, paddling, or surfing, the Snap Mount can be fixed on anywhere you want it without restricting your paddling. This mount can be used as a chest mount, shoulder mount, head mount and more all without the hassle of the bulky, restrictive straps and harness. 

This mount is very versatile and can be used as more than a body mount. It can be used to mount your action camera on any surface of your choice. You can now tell your story without bouncing back and forth. 

Simply snap and mount in a different location of your choice for the view that you want. The mount comes with multiple magnetic plates for easy attachment and transfer of your camera mount. It gives you the freedom to change your shooting position in real time. 

The magnetic snap mount removes the restrictions and limitations associated with other body mounts. You enjoy a hands-free operation. All GoPro cameras and most other action cameras, including the DJI Osmo Action camera, are compatible with the SNAP Mount. 

You can also attach it to your selfie sticks for use with your phone or any camera of your choice.  It makes use of N52 magnets, which are rare-earth magnets with high mounting strength. 

The SNAP Mount, Back Plate, SNAP Mount lanyard, and anodized aluminum thumbscrew are all included in the package. The two-part magnetic GoPro action camera attachment allows you to mount your GoPro and DJI Osmo Action to any material that is less than 1/4′′ thick, as well as most metallic surfaces.

What more? It is waterproof up to 10m (32ft) so you have nothing to worry about. You can enjoy the watersport of your choice while capturing and telling your story.

4. GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty

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This GoPro mouth mount works with the Hero9 and Hero10 GoPro cameras. It also comes with a floaty that will keep your GoPro afloat if you drop it.

With the GoPro mount mount you are able to capture rare excellent moments in the midst of the sea. The Floaty attachment fives additional security to mount your camera. It removes the fear of loosing your camera to the oceans waves.

It makes capturing water and underwater shots easier in real time. The Floaty prevents your action camera from being one of the debris at the oceans floor. If you drop your camera, it will float back to the surface thanks to its floating sponge.

To make retrieval of your camera even easier, you could attach a leash or tether. The Floater is adhesive, therefore it can only be used with GoPro cameras that come with a waterproof case.

With your hands free for balancing and your camera being directed by your head movement capturing has never been easier. The mouth mount is suitable for use when surfing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

It is made of food grade silicone which makes it soft, tasteless, and reduces risk of mouth injury. With the ergonomic design, you get a stable, shake-free video.

5. GoPro Head Strap + Quick Clip

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The QuickClip on this GoPro Head Strap provides for a multitude of head-mounting choices. With your hands free, you can document your fishing expeditions and other experiences that demand the use of your hands. It is compatible for use with all GoPro action cameras.

The Head Strap is adjustable to accommodate various head sizes. It can be worn directly on the head or attached to a helmet or hat. The QuickClip allows you to connect your GoPro to baseball hats, belts, and other items for a variety of POV choices.

With the QuickClip, you have access to ultra-compact, low profile mounting and you can attach your GoPro backwards. It is important to note that the GoPro Head Strap and QuickClip is recommended for use during non-impact activities only.

With the GoPro head strap and quick clip, you nail the perfect POV shot. The GoPro Head Strap and Quick Clip comes with a year warranty.

6. GoPro Hand and Wrist Strap

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This GoPro action camera body mount is designed to be attached to the wrist. It features a 360° rotation and tilt that allows for easy adjustment of your capture angle on the go without unmounting.

The straps are specially designed to reduce the risk of bruising and injuries.  The strap is suitable for use in water and can fit a wide range of adult sizes.  Can be used with all GoPro cameras and other similar sized action cameras.

7. TEKCAM Action Camera Head Strap Chest Harness Belt Mount with Carrying Pouch

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This comes with a couple of accessories letting you to wear your action camera on your chest comfortably. Its fully-adjustable design fits all shapes and sizes, making it possible for you to wear it on your head and helmets.

With the TEKCAM Camera Head Strap and Chest Harness you get to capture action from a unique perspective, allowing you to film fully hands-free. This action camera bundle package is lightweight and includes about every mount you may desire or need for your action camera.

This action camera mount is everything you need to get amazing footages since it has both a head strap and a chest mount.

8. STUNTMAN 360 Shoulder Mount

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The STUNTMAN 360 action camera shoulder mount is suitable to use with a large range of action cameras. This includes all GoPro cameras and other similar action cameras from Garmin, Olfi, DJI Osmo Action, SpyPoint, Akaso, and lots more.

The STUNTMAN 360 has a large curved base plate that fits comfortably on either the left or right shoulder and is made of a semi-rigid elastomer. Each of the straps have a width of 1.5 inches and are made from double-strength elastic.

The straps can be adjusted and made into waist or hip mount. The 360° ball joint is adjustable with 1 thumbscrew and allows for easy manipulation of your camera in any direction of your choice. 

For this shoulder mount, there are 4 mounting locations – in front, on top, and behind your shoulder. STUNTMAN 360 can fit different body sizes and types. It is useable in both salt and fresh water as it is waterproof. 

You can now enjoy capturing your rafting adventure without worries.  It comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty and is proudly made in California, USA.

9. OCTOMASK Frameless Dive Mask with Mount

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Divers can take excellent footage while diving while keeping their hands free thanks to OCTOMASK’s Frameless built-in GoPro Camera attachment. As a diver the hands-free feature is particularly important because between checking dive computers and holding dive lights, you already have your hands full.

The OCTOMASK is compatible with all GoPro action cameras. It has dual safety tempered lenses and a compact volume design that keeps the mask close to the face for excellent visibility, while the super-soft silicone ensures a good seal.

The mask can be fitted on almost everyone. Due to its design, it is great for capturing excellent footage when spearfishing, freediving, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The OCTOMASK comes with a buckle swivel for a more comfortable fit and seal. This action camera mount has a 2-year limited warranty.

10. Revo 360° Clip with Quick Mount for GoPro

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Even when there are no obvious mounting choices, such as a helmet or mask, the Revo 360° Clip with Quick Mount for GoPro allows you to film POV and other intriguing viewpoints with your GoPro.

The clip clamps onto your belt, hat brim, backpack strap, or other similar object with high-tension jaws, providing a solid, trustworthy hold to keep your camera in place. With its high-tension, spring loaded jaws, there is no fear of your camera falling and getting crushed.

It has a quick-release base that works with normal GoPro quick-release buckles for simple camera connection, and it rotates 360 degrees for the best camera perspective. When paddling or during other action sport, the camera’s notched rotating movement keeps it from falling out of place.

This camera mount is portable and extremely lightweight hence, transporting and using is a breeze. The REVO 360° comes with a 1-year warranty.

Where to Mount an Action Camera on Your Body

Before we discuss some of the best action camera body mounts, we would be discussing various places where an action camera can be mounted on your body.

1. Head

When paddling or kayaking, one of the untouched part of your body is your head. A head mount gives a video coverage that is closer to your eye view. What is recorded and what you see are not far apart based on the angle of coverage. 

It is important to note that head mounts are not very suitable for capturing immersive videos during high impact activities. To get amazing video quality, head mounts should be used during non-impact activities.

A head mount can be attached directly to your head. It could also be attached to your helmet or baseball cap. One of the advantages of a helmet mount is that it can be positioned in several places. 

The mount could be positioned facing forward or backward, could be on the chin or side. There are multiple of options for attaching a helmet strap.

2. Chest

The chest is another popular location for attaching an action camera. The chest mount is more stable than the head mount and it can be very comfortable if you get the right one.

The chest mount is not suitable for every activity because hand movement and gear use could block or limit the view. Most chest mounts have adjustable straps so you can wear them over jackets.

When getting a chest mount, get one that is made of breathable materials. This prevents you from retaining moisture, especially in warm weather.

One downside to the chest mount is that it doesn’t give an accurate first-person view as the camera is at a lower angle. Chest straps can also be quite restrictive. Although some are made of padded to give it a more comfortable feel.

3. Shoulder

A better alternative to the chest mount is the shoulder strap. One of the advantages of a shoulder strap over a chest strap is the angle. 

On a shoulder strap, the camera is placed at a higher angle when compared with the chest strap. This gives a better first-person view than the chest strap.

Though there can still be obstruction of view, it is less significant when compared to a chest strap. The shoulder strap also feels restrictive to a certain level.

4. Mouth

Some of you were likely skeptical when you saw mouth. You were most likely wondering whether your mouth would be strapped together to mount an action camera

It is nothing like that. What we are talking about here is a bite mount. Yes, a bite – literally. You bite on the mount to keep the camera in position.

If you are more interested in paddling or kayaking, you don’t need a bite mount. One advantage of a bite mount is that it gives an amazing first person view since it is closer to the eye level than even the shoulder mount.

After the head mount, the bite mount gives the most fantastic first person view. You get amazing video shots with the bite mount. The bite mount is more common among divers and surfers.

There is minimal risk of tooth damage as the mount is made of soft silicon. The GoPro bite mount has an added advantage because it comes with a floater. The floater makes it easy to locate your camera after breaking through a big wave.

5. Hand and Wrist

The wrist mount is an interesting and versatile action camera body mount. There are various types of wrist mount – the floatable ones, the ones that can be rotated, and the ones with adjustable bands.

Most wrist mounts have a rotating axis of 360°. This makes it easy for them to be converted to selfie cameras especially when diving and skydiving.

6. Finger

The finger grip mount or hand grip camera strap is basically hand held. There are various designs in the market to provide your fingers with a firm and comfortable grip of the action camera.

Most finger grip mount works only with the Sony action cameras. Some hand grip mounts can be used with DSLR cameras. The direction and angle of the camera is majorly determined manually. 

The camera can be pointed anywhere. There is also no fear about the mount slipping out of position as it is hand held and controlled.

There are other places to mount your action camera though some are not directly on your body. Other types of action camera body mounts include:

7. Backpack Mount

The backpack mount is as close to a body mount as you can get. As the name implies this mount is clipped to your backpack at different locations, depending on your angle of choice.

In most cases, it is clipped to the strap of the backpack. In this position it operates like a shoulder mount. The backpack mount can serve as a shoulder mount or even a chest mount without the restrictive harness.

With the TELESIN Backpack strap, there is no fear of your mount slipping off as the double anti-skid design increases friction between the backpack and mount.

It can be removed easily. Interestingly, with the backpack mount, you can also film what’s going on behind you. This gives a third person view. You can film the activity of your friend or partner who is behind you.

8. Mask mount

The mask mount is a perfect way for underwater activities to be captured. It is a very innovative way of mounting your action camera as scuba diver. You are able to film the underwater world without needing to carry extra gear or harness.

One of the most popular mask mount is the OCTOMASK. One of the reasons for this is the amazing first person view it captures. The mount sits at the center of the mask towards the forehead. 

This is slightly above the eye level. At this angle, your camera has a center view of the scenery and underwater activities. 

The mask mount give divers the opportunity of sharing the happenings of the underwater world with others without having to wear extra gear or harness. All you need is the right mask.

9. Board Mount

To get amazing footages with a board mount, you don’t have to carry any extra weight on your body irrespective of how little it may be. This type of action camera mount is directly attached to your board – snowboard, surfboard, paddle board, kayak, or boat deck.

With the board mount, it is important to get one with a very strong adhesive to prevent you loosing your camera to the ocean. A board mount with a strong adhesive is a must to ensure your action camera stays on during impacts.

For use on kayak or paddle board, it is essential to get a waterproof action camera board mount. The board mount is extremely lightweight so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your board’s carrying capacity.

10. Magnetic Mount

The magnetic action camera mount is a class of its own. Without doubt, it is the most versatile action camera mount in the market currently.

Though not ideal for high impacts activities, it can be used to capture moments in a wide range of outdoor activities. The magnetic Snap Mount has 2 magnetic plates. This allows you to easily clip your mount to almost anything – from your clothes to your hats.

Since it is magnetic, it adheres well to metal surfaces. The magnetic mount can be used as a body mount and can as well be attached to other surfaces. It is easy to transfer from one surface to another without losing the sight you want to capture.

It is important to choose wisely when purchasing an action camera body mount. This is because the mount serves as a holder for your camera. If you get one with a bad grip or adhesive, you risk damaging your very expensive camera as it might fall off.

Mind you, being expensive is not only a matter of price. It is also a matter of value and significance of the action camera to you.

 The compatibility of an action camera mount with your camera is very important. Not all action cameras have similar shape and size. So it is important to check the compatibility of the mount you plan to get with your action camera.

Most GoPro mounts or mounts designed for GoPro cameras are compatible with a wide range of GoPro cameras and another popular action camera like the DJI Osmo Action.  Sony’s action cameras on the other hand are shaped differently. 

So if you have a SONY action camera, get a mount compatible with it. Preferably, one designed by SONY themselves. You can now enjoy capturing hands-free immersive videos with any of the action camera mounts listed above!

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