How Much Should I Spend On A Kayak?

How Much Should I Spend On A Kayak_
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    We know that knowing how much getting a functional kayak to enjoy a good time on the water, and how much is ideal to spend on a kayak, in general, can be a difficult thing to wrap one’s head around. 

    That is why we are here. We are lovers of kayak sports too, and we have helped you discover how much you can prepare to spend on your next kayak acquisition.

    First, to know how much to spend on a kayak, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve with the kayak. 

    You need to answer a few questions like, where do you intend to use it- sea or whitewater? What type of design do you need- tandem or single? inflatable or hardshell? What do you want to use for? recreation or fishing?

    Having this knowledge will help you stay focused on what you want and remove distractions.

    Secondly, that is, when you’ve already determined what you need it for, you need to create an achievable plan and budget. This will help to know if you’re ready to purchase it now, if you have to wait a little longer, and how much you need to save up to get it.

    Knowing the cost of purchasing your favorite kayak, however, depends on some factors that you must consider. These factors determine whether you spend high or almost nothing.

    New, Used, or Rental?

    Are you looking to get a new kayak? To get a low-end kayak, you’ll need at least $150 but the question is for how long will it serve you? Getting a solid, high-quality kayak, will cost you about $1,500-$3,000, depending on the construction materials and the accompanying features.

    On the other hand, getting a used kayak may cost you between 50 to 70 percent of the retail price for new ones. Once you know if the kayak has all the features you’re looking for, the next thing to do is check its condition. 

    Ensure you make a close observation of the body, know its age, and check for dents or damages. This will allow you to know if the seller is being fair. Rentals are often done on a per hour rating.

    • Single-person kayak per hour: $20 – $40
    • Single-person kayak per day: $50 – $100
    • Single-person kayak per week: $250 or beyond.

    For a double-person kayak, however, be ready to spend more than you’d for a single person.

    Construction Material

    Roto-molded polyethylene or composite material? The former often comes cheaper. If you’re running on a tight budget, we recommend that you get an inflatable kayak instead.

    Construction Weight

    The two basic classes are heavyweight and lightweight. The latter are made with expensive composite materials like Kevlar or Carbon fiber, hence, they come costlier.

    Kayak Brand

    The bigger the name, the higher the price. This statement is often true for most products. Big brands often have a reputation to protect, so they give nothing short of quality features, hence the heavy price tags.

    Below is the price range for kayaks of different types:

    • Kids Kayak Cost: $80 – $499
    • Fishing Kayak Cost: \$499 – \$2000
    • Recreational Kayak Cost: $300 – $1100
    • Inflatable Kayak Cost: $80 – $1000
    • Tandem Kayak Cost: \$499 – \$2499
    • Foldable Kayak Cost: \$1700 – \$2600
    • Touring Kayak Cost: \$999 – \$1999
    • Whitewater Kayak Cost: $699 – $1399

    Now that you’ve made this discovery, we hope that you find a kayak that best suits your need without taking too much from your pocket.


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