10 Best Beach Tables To Buy In 2024


Which Beach Picnic Table Should You get?

Love is the driving fuel towards unexplainable and unending happiness. And how best is it to exhibit it more than towards oneself? Or by sharing with one’s family and friends. 

One of the best-proven ways to share love is by spending quality time with those on a vacation to the shoreline. How do you then be able to effectively share this love? 

By ensuring that all necessary accessories are in place like, your sunscreen, flip flops, beach towel, and most importantly, food and drinks!

However, you have to keep the beach sand from getting into them. How, then, you’d ask? The beach table is an essential gear to have for anyone who wants to add color to their trip. Mats are great too but a beach table will help to keep your hands free and your stuff safe.

Some beach table models are even sturdy enough to allow you to share gaming moments with your friends on them like playing Scrabble, cards, and many more.

What’s more, some tables also come with extra storage beneath the table to keep your valuable belongings like your phone, cards, wallets, purses, and snacks. Some are even sturdy enough to temporarily keep your laptop!

And despite their versatility, you’ll find most of these tables lightweight, portable, and compact enough for easy storage.

1. Trekology Portable Camping Side Table 

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Top Features

  • Aerospace-grade aluminium alloy
  • Waterproof table top
  • Practical
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • High weight capacity
  • Hitch-free setup
  • Excellent hinge design

The Trekology Portable Camping Side Table is arguably the most practical beach table you’ll find on the market at the moment. Whether you’re a camper or you’re just out to enjoy your picnic at the beach, this table provides the ultimate convenience for you.

From simply having your drinks and snacks to being used for cooking and eating. The table is on the top of our list for more than one reason. The first is its construction.

It is designed using a highly durable, aerospace-grade, the aluminum material that is resistant to water and corrosion unlike tables made with wooden tops. And its aesthetic metallic brown colors lift your adventurous spirits!

It maintains its sturdiness while being lightweight, compact, and portable. The medium-sized beach table weighs only about 1.5kg, relatively lighter than all in its wooden category. It unfolds to an area of dimension 22″ × 18″ and collapses to a storage pack of 22′ × 6″ × 2.5″, allowing you to store it away easily. 

This table reaches up to a height of 16″, just about an adult’s knee height, which enhances its practicality, making it suitable to be used in combination with camping stools and/or chairs.

Furthermore, this amazing product does not require any tools for setting up. You can have your kid set it up in time with just one hand. Yes, it’s that easy. All you need to do is open it, attach the tabletop, and viola!

Its excellently designed hinge allows for a sturdy and stress-free connection to the tabletop. The device’s base frame made with aluminum enables it to easily fold up when you’re ready to move.

Moreover, this product is one of the most stable out there. With a weight capacity of 50 pounds, you can rest assured that your stuff won’t fall. The feet(made of rubber) are designed to stand sturdy on any terrain.

2. GCI Outdoor Compact Folding Camp Table

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Top Features

  • Solid aluminum frame design
  • Compact and portable
  • Waterproof coating

Think of the ultimate compactness, portability, and lightweight, this table stands atop. Designed using a weather-proof coated aluminum frame, and a reinforcement bar at the bottom for extra stability, this beast is a perfect choice for your next beach trip.

While it may seem like a small table, it has enough top space, and a weight capacity of 60 pounds, to house your small accessories, drinks, and at least two plates of food for you and your partner.

When set up, it stands at a height of about 2 feet. A reasonable one for two lovers; is worth considering for your beach adventure with your partner.

3. Trekology Small Beach Table 

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Top Features

  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
  • Smooth aluminum tabletop
  • Rubber feet for extra stability
  • Uniquely reinforced hinge system

This Small Folding beach table is another great one from the Trekology company. A perfect choice for various outdoor activities. It boasts of a unique construction that combines excellent beauty with practicality, style, and portability.

Made of strong, aerospace-grade aluminum material, coated in beautiful colors for your aesthetics, this table keeps you from worrying about corrosion, rust, and weather. It remains weatherproof and corrosion-resistant while still maintaining its lightweight nature.

It folds compactly and is storable in any space, including your car, and other vehicles. What’s more, the table is propped up easily without any tools whatsoever, thanks to a uniquely reinforced hinge system. 

Moreso, when set up, the table maintains its stability on the ground through stable rubber feet that provide anti-slip action against the ground, on any terrain.

And the smooth aluminum surface, the stable legs, and sturdy frame can easily be collapsed and packed into a storage bag for stress-free transport.

4. Camp Field Camping Table with Adjustable Legs

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Top Features

  • Large, dining-size, tabletop
  • Durable, yet lightweight
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Zippered storage space
  • Carry bag included
  • Adjustable height

Camp Field is one of the biggest names in camping or beach table manufacturing. Known for its large size, the table serves the purpose of a dining table when set up. 

It is relatively lightweight and portable, and it folds up compactly for carriage when not in use, making it a perfect choice to take in a long family beach picnic or adventure.

In addition to the totally adaptable legs that provide you with leverage of about ten inches, the tabletop has an excellent wooden design with metal trimming that adds more attractiveness to it.

The feet are dressed with leveler feet that provide anti-slip action against the ground, keeping it stable. Moreso, this table comes with zippered space that offers more than enough storage for all your gear, drinks, and food. 

And provides protection against sand, water, insects, and bugs. Furthermore, the Camp Field Camping Table can be collapsed and stored in a canvas carry bag and carried everywhere you go without stress.

5. LESES Portable Folding Beach Picnic Table

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Top Features

  • Solid two-tiered design
  • Built-in beverage holders
  • Oxford fabric and stainless-steel frame
  • Sturdy design

One of the best and most rugged waterproof beach tables out there. Made with stainless steel and Oxford cloth, this table can be used for a lot of things on the beach. 

It has enough space for your necessary belongings- your food, purse, phones, drinks, dairy, and many more. You can also think of using it for games with your loved ones. 

Moreover, its two-tier innovative design features a solid circular top tier with cup and beverage bottle holders inclusion and a lower tier of square shape for additional storage.

Despite its tough and sturdy construction, The LESES Portable Folding Beach Table is lightweight, compactly folds down for easy storage in its carry bag, and portable for easy transport. 

It can be stored in any space, including your kayak or canoe, and it is easy to use, and maintain.

6. Camco Large Adirondack Outdoor Folding Beach Side Table

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Top Features

  • Easy to prop up, use, and takedown
  • Coated with UV-stabilized resin
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Compact, lightweight yet sturdy
  • Weatherproof
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion

One of the most versatile and convenient portable tables out there is the Camco large Adirondack outdoor foldable table. Its multifunctionality makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. The table presents you with an attractive design that showcases itself in a variety of colors to choose from.

Made of durable materials and a coated UV-stabilized resin, this product stands the test of time. It does not fade, rust, crack, corrode, peel, rot, or splinter. And to cap it all, it is waterproof and easy to cleanse off dirt using only water and soap.

What’s more, the foldable design allows you to take it down easily and is compact for easy transport and storage. Furthermore, the tabletop has decent dimensions that can contain your food, drinks, plus other necessary pieces of stuff, without taking up much space.

7. Outry Lightweight Folding Table With Cup Holders

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Top Features

  • 4 Built-in beverage bottles and cup holders
  • Aluminum alloy stands
  • High-quality fabric tabletop
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Collapsible legs and tabletop

Next is the Outry Lightweight foldable beach table, a great choice for convenience and top-notch practicality when on an adventure at the beach. Made of a fabric tabletop, it features four built-in cup and beverage bottle holders that help to prevent your drinks from accidental knock-offs. 

The four anti-slip rubber feet provide extra traction, enhance friction and balance, and have high stability on any land surface.

Moreover, this product is lightweight and compact. It comes with a weight of 2.79 pounds and unfolded dimensions of 27 × 15.6 × 15.75 inches. What’s more, is the ease that comes with setting it up, since the legs and the tabletop are completely collapsible and pop up quickly.

There’s a lot to do with this table on your adventure such as cutting a cake, eating, playing games, and so much more.

8. Balee 4ft Low Foldable Beach Table

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Top Features

  • Suitable features for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Strong connecting hardware pieces
  • A portable carry bag
  • Solid Roll Up wood construction

The Balee 4ft Low Picnic Portable Table is a foldable table perfect for a wide range of purposes such as beach parties, and BBQ preparation, to mention but a few.

With strong hardware pieces connecting the portable camping table, the folding picnic table is stable to hold your belongings.

Made using a block of strong natural beech wood, the table combines both durability and compactness, and its sturdiness is assured thanks to strong connecting hardware pieces.

The table has tabletop dimensions of 47.2″ × 23.62″ that are large enough to bring you satisfaction. 

And with a self-weight of 22.9 pounds, a folded size of 24.8″ × 9″ × 7.1″, and an unfolded dimensions of 47.24″ × 23.62″ × 16.93″, the table offers optimum portability and doesn’t occupy much room during storage.

What’s more, the Balee Low Picnic Table features a carry bag that eases transport and storage in any space.

Moreover, the table is easy to prop up. Both the 2 parts. And no tool is required. All you have to do is use up the bracket frame, bring the tabletop on it, and then lodged the holes.

9. Simple Setup All-Purpose Short Table 

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Top Features

  • Solid wooden construction
  • Easy setup
  • Sturdy design
  • Simple and elegant

Simple as the name implies, is a uniquely simple multipurpose small-size beach table whose setup is just incredible. All you need to do is open up the frame, and there you go. And when you’re done using it, you can easily fold it and keep it for storage. 

What’s more, it holds up at a height of about ten inches, which makes it suitable to hold your belongings like drinks, food, Bluetooth speaker, phones, and any other gear very close to your reach on the beach floor.

The table is constructed using 100% wooden material that is highly durable and solid on any type of terrain. Moreso, it is simple and elegant and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities.

10. Rio Beach Table 

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Top Features

  • Aesthetic design
  • Lightweight, with just 2 pounds
  • Solid construction
  • Compact, and easy to set up

Friends, if you’re the type that likes to lounge and travel over a long distance alone without stress, this is for you. The Rio Beach Personal Table is an attractive,  small-sized, table whose legs are adaptable to either one of two heights by flipping. 

The non-slip feet hold firmly on any type of terrain, keeping your food, drinks, snacks, and small gadgets off the sand and within reach of your mat.

Moreover, this table is lightweight with only a weight of 2 pounds, placing it among the most portable tables on the market. This practical table also folds up easily and can be transported anywhere.

Other Worthy Mentions

1. BAMBÜSI Portable Beach Table For Sand and Grass

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Top Features

  • Practical and elegant features
  • Solid bamboo construction
  • Equipped with a complete set of cheese cutlery
  • single pointed spike leg
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Up to 6 built-in glass holders for wine

The Bambusi Portable Picnic Board is one of the most portable, and practical beach tables. Easy to put up in less than one minute, it stands out for its elegant look.

The beach table is constructed using natural bamboo as a material, with a tabletop made to look like a circle and indentations on the table for holding your wine glasses

With a single-pointed spike leg that goes deep into the sand to enact stability, without taking up much space, you can rest assured that all your food and drinks won’t fall over.

If you’re looking for an elegant choice that combines functionality with awesomeness, then this is for you. 

In addition to being a great gift for those who love wine, it features a set of stainless steel cutlery including, a wine opener, a cheese board, and cutting knives with wooden handles, all stored in a private section to ensure that they do not occupy useful counter space.

2. Wakeman Outdoors Camp Table With 2 Cup Holders

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Top Features

  • Two-tiered design
  • Portable storage bag inclusion
  • Built-in beverage holders
  • Round and square tabletop styles
  • Solid construction

Like the LESES, this amazing outdoor table has a two-tiered structural design, built-in beverage holders, and an included storage bag for easy transport.

Moreover, it is highly durable and maintains its stability on rough terrains. It is lightweight, portable, and completely compact to fit into its carry bag after usage, making it a travel-friendly product for different trips.

There is a bit of difference between this table and the HangHang in that there are a variety of style options to choose from in the market. You will find one with a square tabletop with up to four drink holders and another with a square table surface, four spider legs, and two beverage holders.

Tips For Selecting The Best Beach Coffee Table

We understand that you probably have read this far because you’re interested in finding a nice, fitting beach table for yourself and your loved ones, so we have reviewed the best 12 beach tables currently available on the market. 

The benefits of having your table set up at the beach outweigh that of not having it. In addition to allowing, you to keep your food, drinks, and small accessories, it makes you feel comfortable, giving you extra confidence around the water. 

You can also choose to prepare your food and fruit drinks or Chapman on it with your family and friends. However, due to too many options on the market, getting a beach table that will not bring stress to you can be extremely difficult. 

We understand this cause we have been there too. And that is why we have brought you a useful guide to finding the rightest beach table for you.

Buying a quality beach table product is dependent on many factors including, the structure of the table you want, the material of construction, its ergonomic rate, its self-weight and size, its load capacity, and other additional features.

The knowledge of these will help you trim down the lots of options to the best fits available out there.

Material of Construction

The most important thing that determines how long a particular object lasts is the material it is made from.

Objects are designed with materials that best suit their intended functions. For instance, if you’d prefer to have a sturdy table without minding the weight you’d probably be going for a wooden table.

And if you’re interested in a durable yet lightweight beach table, you’d probably tend towards selecting a one that is made using lightweight fabric or aluminum material.

That said, below is an extensive look into the various available material options for beach table constructions:

Fabric as Material

It is interesting to know that a lot of beach table options are made with fabric tabletops. Why is this? It is because fabrics are extremely lightweight, portable, and easy to fold and pack for transport and storage.

Moreso, they’re essentially suitable for keeping and eating your light snacks, playing games, and doing other things. But you must know that they cannot handle the large weight or else they’ll crumble.

Therefore, you should not expect much from these kinds of beach tables when durability is a top need. Ones made with high-quality polyester tend to be strong enough to hold your cups and drink bottles, but you shouldn’t depend so much on them.

Aluminum as Material

Devices made with aluminum are generally known to have a combination of durability and lightweight. This, therefore makes it a perfect option in beach table design, to support things like your food, drinks, and other small accessories.

Aluminum is also common as a material in designing beach umbrella holes, which can be placed around the table to prevent the whole table from heating up when the sun comes up.

You will also find table tops designed with cup holders including all designed with aluminum.


Beach tables made with wood are the most durable and sturdiest of them all. And they come in different finishes, designs, colors, and styles. There are also different types of wood materials, which give you lots of options to choose from.

Depending on what your desire is, some wood beach tables are easy to set up and fold for storage. However, as stated earlier, wood is the heaviest among the three options, and if you’re the type who is not comfortable carrying heavy stuff, you may want to reconsider.

With wood as your choice, you may need to add finishes which lead to extra spending for maintenance.

But if you are more interested in good quality and sturdiness than lightweight, portability, and the cost of maintenance, then you’re good to go with the wood beach table.

The Beach Table Size and Height

The size and height of the table you want is another factor to consider. After settling on the type of material you want for your beach table, you could try to envision the size you want it to be, and how high from the ground would be perfect.

If you’re the type that likes to go on a water adventure trip alone, getting a small surface table with a slash stand may be fine enough for you. But if you enjoy being around friends and family on the beach, eating and drinking all sorts, then you’ll have to get a table larger.

The height of your choice may also depend on if you’ll be going alone or going with a group of friends and family. If you’re going alone and you’re going with a small surfaced table, how high would it be?

You could choose to go with a low-height table if sitting on bare sand would be convenient for you. Or you could go with a high table that also comes with a seat.

There are also many beach tables with adjustable legs to suit your most preferred height or position. Overall, the size and height of the beach table you need depends on the type of things you have to keep on it.

A small table would be enough to keep small accessories like your keys, phones, purse, wallets, speakers, etc. However, for heavier and more robust things like your food and drinks and your games, you may need to go for a larger table size and height.

Remember, the larger the size and height of your table, the heavier it becomes.


Transporting your beach table to and from your apartment can be a real issue. Unless, of course, the beach is just around your neighborhood. 

While you consider durability and ruggedness, you need to consider how compact and portable the beach table of your choice is, especially if you’ll have to carry it over a long distance to the beach.

You need to consider two major things here- the size and building material. You need to also answer questions like, how easy is it to set up and take down? Is it collapsible or not? Does it come with a carry bag or is it too heavy for one? Does it at least have a handle?


This feature is arguably the most important when it comes to the beach table. The main reason why one might need a beach table is to keep all their food, drinks, and lots more, away from the sand. Nobody wants to buy a table that crumbles when only a lightweight is placed on it.

The first thing to look out for is the tabletop. The tabletop should be constructed such that it’s able to withstand as much weight as it can, according to its weight capacity.

If you’re interested in a tabletop made of fabric, for instance, ensure that there are extra straps to increase the tension against the weight of your belongings.

From our review so far, you’ll find that the best material options when it comes to durability are wood and aluminum.

As long as the aluminum tables come with steel frames and you are ready for the additional costs that accompany the maintenance of wood tables to keep them both from quick damage.


Tables with adaptable features are a great deal when it comes to beach adventures. Equipped with a leveler, they help keep your belongings in place when you need to adjust the feet of your table to the best posture that fits the terrain you’re on.

Besides adjustable feet, tables with adaptable legs are also a good choice. Tables with adjustable legs are versatile in that you can choose to use them to, say, eat your food while sitting on the sand or raise them to cut cakes with your friends and family while standing up on your feet.

Ease of Assembling

Fortunately, most beach table designs out there are ergonomic, thanks to their foldable legs. That is, they are easy to set up, use, and fold up. For easy setup and assembly, some come with insertion points and magnetic slats, and others with spiked braces for balanced standing on the beach sand.

Avoid tables that come with screws, nuts, and bolts for setup. They are stressful to set up. You may find yourself spending all the energy you need for your actual activity at the beach on a table set up. They may be sturdy but not worth it.


It goes without mentioning that any material for a beach table must be waterproof. Seawater can be corrosive and so the material of construction must be able to resist the corrosion that may come from the water.

Moreso, if the table is not waterproof, it could rot, mold, or disintegrate fast, causing it to not last long. In addition, if you’ll be placing your food, drinks, and edibles on it, the table must be waterproof to avoid insects brooding over your things.


Another feature that complements those already mentioned is practicality. How practical is the beach table you’re selecting for use? Fine, it is sturdy and durable, lightweight and waterproof but does it provide comfort?

Open space beneath the table can go a long way to allow you to place a chair around it and sit comfortably.

Extra Storage

Think of having all your small accessories like wallets, phones, bracelets, and wristwatches all stored underneath your table instead of on top. 

That would save you some extra space to keep larger stuff like food and drinks and to cut cakes and eat with friends. You could also imagine a pushable trolley table that also works as a cart for your small gear.

We have both seen several beach tables that are great options for your next beach trip. They all come with their pros and cons. Some combine high quality and durability with affordability, while in some it is lightweight, durable, and portable.

But the most important thing is selecting the one that most suits your needs in terms of style, color, material, size, and functionality without having to overspend.

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