10 Best Water Sport Board Storage Racks To Buy In 2024


Many water-sporters choose to have fun on their boards far away in deep or shallow waters and not only do they enjoy this, but they also do so while standing up.

Stand Up paddleboarding and every other waterboarding can be enjoyed by anyone who likes watersports. And it becomes easier if you have a SUP storage rack system in your garage or on your boat to carry your board with you everywhere you go to enjoy without taking up space on your boat.

The real issue you’ll probably face is deciding on which water sport board storage rack is best for you and your boat, as there are a lot of options out there.

But you do not have to worry, we have reviewed below the 10 best watersport board storage systems currently on the market to make the decision easier for you.

You will also find, before the review, the factors and qualities to look out for when selecting the best water sport board storage. After the review, we give answers to a few questions you might have about the water sport board storage system. Enjoy!

1. DRSPORTS Double Folding J-Bar Car Kayak and Board Rack

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  • Lightweight, foldable design
  • Comes with 4-pack ratcheting straps
  • Steel mounting hardware for better safe-keeping
  • Excess 150 pounds weight capacity for 1 kayak

Next on our list is the DR SPORTS Double Folding J-Bar Rack for kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. It is a roof mount suitable for use even on cars!

Designed from heavy-duty steel with coating against rust, this rack can support up to 150 pounds of weight, which is more than enough for one kayak. It has two unique pair designs that allow it to be compatible with almost all load bars and crossbars.

With each bracket having 14.6″ × 4.7″ × 15.5″ dimensions, the double fold design also allows for easy fold-up without detaching the rack from its fixed point.

Furthermore, the package includes 4 packs of 16′ holding straps, one pair (4 racks for 2 kayaks), a set of steel mounting hardware for improved kayak protection, and 4 ratchet bows and tie-down straps for kayak and canoe.

2. COR Surf Wooden Surfboard Wall Mount

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  • Triple-tier wooden storage rack
  • Made from tough ecologically friendly bamboo
  • Suitable for Snowboards, Skateboards, Kiteboards, Wakeboards, and Surfboards
  • Comes with all needed hardware and tools

The COR triple-tier Wooden wall-mounted rack is one of the best storage racks for your boards. This beast of a rack is beautifully constructed using strong, nature-friendly bamboo to give an aesthetic display, blending with any interior design.

It is also designed to spill out passion and perform excellently while storing your boards. Its unique design can hold Surfboards, Kiteboards, Wakeboards, Snowboards, and Skateboards.

The arms are covered with protective rubber ribbons to keep your boards from dings and scratches. Interestingly, removing the center arm opens up the rack’s versatility to allow for upright placement, enhancing the aesthetic beauty that comes with its dark brown color.

With dimensions of 24″ height, 14″ length for each arm, and 7″ distance between each arm, you do not have to go too far to get the tough rack that you need from your boards.

Included in the kit are all mounting hardware and installation tools. It even comes with a 30-day refund policy with no questions asked.

3. Hi-Port 2 Multi SUP and Surfboard Ceiling Rack

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  • Solid steel construction
  • Ceiling mount storage rack for SUPs, surfboards, and other water sport vessels.
  • Can accommodate up to a total weight of 150 pounds with each arm capable of holding 75 pounds apiece
  • Adjustable ceiling height from 10 to 18 inches allows you to stack more boards
  • Support arms with a 30″ diameter fit most boards.
  • Exclusive patent for the design
  • 90-day hassle-free return policy

Are you dreading the feeling that the space in your garage or boat is getting filled up by your surfboards, paddleboards, and other vessels? 

No fret, you can get it resolved with the Hi-Port 2 Multi SUP & Surfboard Ceiling Rack with an exclusive patented design. It is a simple adjustable overhead storage rack with tough performance, constructed using a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, steel material to handle your whole board collection.

It comes with two 30 inches storage arms capable of holding up to a weight of 75 pounds apiece adding up to a total 150 pounds weight capacity.

Moreover, its strong and adaptable feature allows it to easily fit your boards and confidently secure them with about 10 to 18-inch ceiling clearance to accommodate multiple boards.

The two arms are covered with EVA protective foam to hold your board firmly and keep your board from dents and scratches during storage or transport. The Hi-port 2 is also a great way to store your ladders, skis, and kayaks.

4. Krypt Towers Sup Rail Mounted Storage Rack

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  • Aerospace-grade aluminum built
  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater with anti-rust and corrosion resistance
  • Bungee cords help keep boards secured
  • Eva foam cover to protect boards from dents
  • Fits easily around a tubing
  • 360-degree swivel clamps for all types of columns.

The Krypt Towers SUP rack is a sturdy rail-mounted rack with lasting ability. It is built to last with aero-grade aluminum material, whether in saltwater or freshwater. 

The rack is highly versatile, yet simple with the capacity to hold up to two paddle boards on your storage wall or boat’s side rails. The outer body is finished using an EVA foam cover for the protection of your boards against dents and scratches during storage. 

Moreover, the Krypt Towers SUP rack system features a rail mount, and 4 × 360° rotating clamps for easy mounting on all types of stanchions. Bungee cords are also provided on both arms to firmly secure the boards, preventing them from slipping.

The only drawback with this rack model is that it only fits around circular tubing of 0.875″, 1″, and 1.25″ clamp sizes.

5. Magma Products Storage Rack, Kayak/SUP, Rail Mounted

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  • Made of 100% marine-grade stainless steel
  • Comes with heavy-duty and adjustable rack arms
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Compatible with tapered, vertical, diagonal, and straight rails between 22mm and 38mm.

If you’re looking for a water sport board storage rack that is sturdy and comes with all the required features for excellent performance during outdoor activities, the Magma R10-626-20 is one to consider.

Made from 100% 304 marine-grade stainless steel and accompanied by 20″ wide rack arms, the rack system is strong enough to support up to 3 standard SUPs. Each of the arms has tie-down straps and pre-installed corrosion and UV-resistant padding.

Moreover, it is compatible with different rail designs whether, straight, tapered, diagonals, or vertical with diameters between 22mm and 38mm. The strong rack arms are very strong and come with quick adjustability to fit water boards, SUPs, and larger water vessels like kayaks, without the need for tools.

6. Brocraft Sup Board Rack

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  • Suitable for one paddle board
  • Made of tough aluminum
  • Covered with EVA foam paddings
  • Fits both square and round railings
  • Swivel clamps allow for mounting on straight or angled stanchions

This is one of the most affordable storage rack systems on the market and it features on our list for also being one of the best out there. Its simple design does not diminish its strength.

Made using strong aluminum, the Brocraft SUP Board Rack can hold one paddle board. Its arms are covered with EVA foam paddings for your board’s protection against dents and scratches during transport on your boat.

The rack fits round railings of diameter between 22mm and 38mm or square railings of the diameter of 32mm. Also, its 360° rotating clamps allow for quick mounting on stanchions- whether angled or straight.

7. RaxGo Deluxe Freestanding Four-Kayak Storage Rack

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  • Easy assembly
  • Powder-sealed rugged stainless-steel design with 225 lbs weight capacity for up to 4 kayaks
  • Comes with 8 support arms with cushion foam paddings
  • Comes with all necessary accessories: bolts, nuts, and tools

The Raxgo Deluxe is a solid and reliable freestanding storage rack designed to provide storage for up to 4 kayaks, paddleboards, small canoes, and other water sport vessels.

You do not have to worry about the stress that comes with mounting wall and ceiling racks, thanks to the dual tripod base that remains solidly rooted on the ground. 

Moreso, it can safely support up to 225 pounds, which is an approximate weight of 4 kayaks, without shaking in its firm position on the ground.

The rack is made from stainless steel with powder cover against rust and corrosion. It is lightweight and easy to transport yet tough in performance. It also comes with 8 support arms with foam cushions.

In addition, if you do not want your rack to tip or fall by accident, you can have it bolted permanently to the ground for maximum stability on all kinds of terrain.

8. BPS Ultrastrong and Ultra Padded Steel Storage Wall Rack

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  • Built with marine-grade steel
  • Solid design to accommodate any type of water sport boards
  • Comes with all mounting hardware and tools
  • Comes at a relatively cheap price

The Barrel Point Surf company boasts of existing only to help water-sporters set on the water and get going and they’re not disappointed in their customers.

Built with marine-grade steel, the BPS Ultrastrong, and Ultra-Padded Wall Rack are guaranteed to keep your boards safely secured. Whether it be SUP, longboard, shortboard, or any other board, the rack has got you covered.

It features Ultra-padded railings to protect your board against scratches, marine-grade steel screws that help to give the rack extra hold on the wall, and leash straps kit for better safe-keeping.

Despite being endowed with all these amazing features, the rack is pocket-friendly and comes with a warranty of 12 months from the purchase date. If what you seek is quality, you can choose Barrel racks to overcome barriers.

9. StoreYourBoard Vertical Timber Surfboard Wall Rack

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  • Made from a tough, eco-friendly, natural wood
  • Lightweight with only a self-weight of 6.5 pounds

The StoreYourBoard Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack is the second wooden board storage rack on our list. With a solid hardwood construction and an aesthetic cherry wood furniture finish, it combines ruggedness with beauty. 

It is a lightweight rack with only a self-weight of 6.5 pounds and 32″ ×7″ × 2.25” dimensions. The strong wood arms are padded with cork for protection against scratches and are suitable for both home and garage storage. 

It is a perfect wall-mounted rack for a storage rack for all your boards’ collection: skis, wakeboards, snowboards, and more, with capacity for up to 6 boards.vHowever, the arms are only angled which means your boards will not be straight but slightly angled.

10. SurfStow Transport SUPRax 50050-2

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  • Has the capacity to hold a single SUP
  • Made using sandblasted anodized aluminum alloy
  • Suitable for railings of diameter between 22mm and 32mm
  • Covered with EVA protective paddings to guard against dents
  • Swivel plastic clamps can be easily mounted on angled or straight railings
  • High-quality shock cords are included to hold the board firmly.

The SurfStow Transport SUPRax 50050-2 rack is another way to have your board secured to your boat or storage space. It comes with unique rotating plastic clamps that allow for mounting on straight or angled stanchions, and fits circular railings of ⅞”, 1″, and 1-¼”( i.e between 22mm and 32mm).

The rack is made from a sandblasted anodized aluminum alloy to support a single board and is covered with die-cut EVA protective foam. 

It also features strong shock cords to help hold your board in place while in transit as well well as all hardware and tools for mounting and installation.

Why Water Sports Board Storage Racks?

They Make Possible Extra Walking Space

Buying and using a storage rack helps you to create more walking space, and make the floor less cluttered.

Allow You To Explore More Waterways

Your next adventure is going to be more fun with a boat storage rack system onboard for all your boards! You can get to travel smaller sections in the waterways that boats and other larger vessels cannot get to.

They Prevent Your Boards Against Damage

When placed on the bare floor or boat deck, water sports boards can move about, get kicked at, or be banged into pointed objects that can cause a puncture. Keeping your boards on a rack can keep you from all these, and keep your board safe from dents and dings.

Factors To Look For When Buying A Water Sports Board Storage Rack

Shape Of Clamps Or Mounts

The type of board you have determines the shape configuration of clamps or mount of the rack you buy.

For instance, if the railing on your boat is rounded, a squarely configured shape wouldn’t work, you will need to get clamps with a rounded configuration. And if you own a pontoon boat with square railings, the clamps you’ll need will be with a square configuration.

The idea of this helps you to make better decisions in selecting the rack with suitable clamps for your railings and boards.


Of the major factors to look for, an important one is the dimensions. Having known the dimensional size of your water sport board, take it with you when you go to purchase a storage rack for your rack and check the measurements against the manufacturer.

This is to ensure that the rack you get for it is a perfect fit as certain racks are not adjustable and will only fit watersport board sizes they’re designed for.


How many of you are going on an adventure? How many water sport boards do you have? How many boards do you intend to transport at a go? What is their total weight? 

These are salient questions to answer as you prepare to buy a new garage or boat storage rack for your watersport boards. They’re important because they eventually play a big role in influencing what size of rack you buy.

Some racks are designed to hold just one board while some are designed to handle up to two. Buying one that can handle more than one might save you some money in the long run in case you buy one more board. 

Buying one with a single board capacity is relatively cheaper if that’s what you can afford now. However, if you can afford a dual board storage rack, do, as it removes the stress of upgrading in the future.


Since you will be making use of your board outdoors, be assured that your rack also will come in contact with outdoor elements, especially water, so it needs extra finishes to prolong its lifespan.

When you’re going to the store to buy your rack, ensure you go for one made with aluminum, stainless, or galvanized steel because they’re solid materials and racks made with them often stand strong against rust and corrosion.

If you enjoy water adventure on saltwater, you should go for a steel rack because it has better corrosion and rust resistance, and requires minimum maintenance than one made with aluminum.


After all, has been said, everything boils down to the factor of cost. It is a factor that you need to give special thought to. Buying just any rack isn’t just what you’d want, but buying a rack that will last long. 

So, if you feel you cannot afford to purchase the most quality board rack you want due to the high price, you can wait for a little till you’re able to get the money. This would be better than buying a rack that fails in just a few uses.

Types Of Water Sports Board Storage Racks

Different types of racks are in the stores and markets which can be confusing to choose from if one does not have adequate knowledge about them. There are storage rack models for cars and boats, and there are some for ceilings, walls, and stands.

During your research, ensure that the rack type you search for is appropriate for the type of board you have by paying attention to the manufacturer’s description of the rack.

Moreso, whichever choice you make, ensure that it is the one that brings much convenience while storing and getting your board out to sail!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you carry a paddle board on a boat?

There are two ways by which you can carry your paddleboard along on a boat: by putting it on your boat’s deck or by using a boat rack system. However, you may encounter problems when you adopt the former.

The simple placement of your paddleboard on the deck will take up the limited available space as well as set up your board at risk of dwindling and damaging on transit.

The safest way to carry your paddleboard along on your boat is by mounting a SUP rack system that’ll help secure your board firmly, and away from damage as well as help create more space for you on the deck of your boat.

Do you need a boat rack for a paddle board?

No. It’s not a must that you get a boat rack for your paddleboard. However, using one isn’t such a bad idea, if you can afford it, to save your board from damage by other objects you have on your boat’s deck.

Not only does it keep your paddleboard out of damage, but it also helps create more space on the deck of your boat.

How is best to carry a SUP?

The best way to avoid punctures is by, first, placing the paddleboard sideways on a soft, padded surface. The grass is a better option for hard surfaces like rocks or debris.

The next thing to do is to hold the carry handle, placing your dominant arm over the board. By this time, the board will be between your arm and leg. Bending your knees and hanging your paddleboard up, there you go with it fitting under your arms.

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