10 Best Electric Surfboards To Buy In 2024


What is an Electric Surfboard?

Unlike the traditional surfboards that require waves and manpower in the ocean to ride them, the electric surfboards on the other hand does not require wave, wind or manpower for it to function. 

The electric surfboard is powered by batteries and a motor engine. They move very fat and cover up to 56 km/ h within space time of 0 – 30 seconds. They can be used on any condition of water. The electric surfboard is designed to last for a long time when fully charged and offers different speed level modes. 

The board has a magnetic safety leash, a wireless remote control and foot straps for safe riding. It comes with a lot of safety features for a better performance. The only downside to it is that it has a limited riding time unlike the traditional surfboard.

Benefits of Electric Surfboards

  • It is a board that can be used on any condition of water, from lakes to rivers to oceans
  • It does not require wind or wave for movement
  • It comes in various option for beginners and pros
  • It is powered by an electric engine that allows riders have silent rides
  • It comes with a magnetic safety leash
  • It allows for easy and fast movement on water
  • It is great racers and cruisers
  • There are always newer models and great options to pick from

Downsides To Using/Owning Electric Surfboards

  • Some E-surfboard are shipped in minimum quantities
  • Not all surfboards have been tested
  • Some of them are scams
  • Some electric surfboards are transported in pats because the batteries cannot be transported using planes
  • Some boards do not offer a lot of ride time
  • It can be terrible when beginners go for e-surfboard options that suite pros
  • Some e-surfboards are very expensive
  • Some electric surfboards don’t come with foot straps and leashes which can be dangerous riders
  • Some reports have shown fire breakouts caused by Electric surfboards batteries

1. AWAKE RAVIK 3 Electric Jet Surfboard

The third generation of Awake Ravik are great for adrenalin junkies. This Swedish branded board is just as great as the Awake RAVIK Sporty S model. 

This board provides maximum performance on water and can be used with foot strap and without the foot straps. It has a passive cooling system, a self-reliable battery, a safety sensor system and seals and watertight parts. 

The battery can be charged after a run without the fear of overheating thanks to the patent-pending cooling system. It is a perfect board for relaxed walking and fast runs. It features a new electric engine and a sensitive wireless remote control that aids acceleration. 

The engine allows rider to enjoy a quiet ride. Thanks to the production materials, the board being produced with high tech gives great performance and easy gliding. This board delivers extreme thrills and relaxation. 

It gives sharp turns and relaxed cruising. It features a passive cooling that enable easy charge without overheating after run. It is a great option for racing and cruising on different water conditions. 

It gives balanced riding characteristics with great agility of race capabilities. There is never any need to compromise with Awake RAVIK 3 Electric Surfboard. It is a well voted excellent choice for maximum electric board surfing.

What Makes This Electric Surfboard Stand Out?

  • It runs at 35 mph for its top speed
  • The acceleration is 0 – 30 mph in four seconds
  • It has charging time of 120 minutes
  • It features exchangeable batteries
  • The batteries are safe and reliable
  • It features a safety sensor system
  • It has seals and watertight parts
  • It features a passive cooling system
  • The throttle features 3 settings sensitivity modes
  • The board features 3 setting for its top speed modes
  • It has performance autonomy of 30 minutes riding time
  • The e-surfboard weighs a total of 88 lbs. (including battery)
  • It is one of the coolest products for water sports and fun
  • It helps improve health
  • It features an electric engine for a quiet ride
  • It features a V2 hand controller
  • Has great agility and stability
  • It can be used to surf waves as well
  • It has length that measures 179 cm
  • It has width of 61 cm
  • It has height that measures 25 cm
  • It has engine power of 11 kW
  • The board is easy to use and manoeuvre


  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • It is a great choice for pro surfers
  • Has three different throttle sensitivity
  • It features an intuitive app for 3 top speed modes
  • The batteries are compatible with the board
  • It comes with multiple safety features
  • It is quite easy and convenient to set up
  • It is fast with a top speed of 35 mph


  • It is a heavy board
  • The batteries are no airplane safe and require separate shipping

2. AWAKE RAVIK S 22 Extreme Electric Surfboard

This Swedish branded board is design to suite adrenalin junkies. It is very fast; it is light weight without battery and gives great turns on water. It features an electric powered engine. 

The board can curve like no other. It is not a great choice for beginners to learn how to ride. This is an advanced electric board designed for shredding. The boards are designed to provide safety. This board has a more pronounced nose rocker and features deeper channels beneath the board. 

The board provides intense experience that lets you carve, slice and cut through water with max manoeuvrability. Like other amazing E-surfboards, the Awake RAVIK Sporty S Model gives great performance, was produced with high-tech for best utilization, it is excellent in performance and offers a lot of safety features to its riders.

It can speed through any water condition. The accessories provided are there to suite riders and give the best performances with ease.

What Makes This Electric Surfboard Different?

  • It has maximum speed rate of 52 km/h
  • It has performance autonomy of 45 minutes riding time
  • It features an HP power engine
  • The board has an electric engine
  • The board has weight of 39 kg (including battery)
  • The board weigh 21 kg without battery
  • The width of the board measures 61 cm
  • The board has length of 175 cm
  • The height of the board measures 27 cm
  • It features a wireless waterproof remote control (AHVC V2 remote control)
  • 11 kW power – AMO V2
  • Features V2 AESC Controller
  • It features removable batteries
  • It is secure and convenient
  • It is equipped with powerful power unit of 11 kW capacity which accelerates to 56 km/ h in a matter of seconds in any condition of water; features a powerful electric motor
  • The board’s ergonomic design composite materials allows it to develop speed rapidly and make great turns on the water surface
  • Features a magnetic safety leash
  • It features foot straps
  • The weight of the standard battery is 18 kg
  • It features three speed levels
  • It allows for easy slice, carves and cuts through water with maximum manoeuvrability


  • It features an elegant and striking design
  • It is great for curves and turns
  • It is fast at top speed of 35 mph
  • It is durable and the robust boards can take hits
  • Easy and convenient to setup
  • It features 3 different top speed modes
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • It is a good option for pros


  • It is expensive
  • It is not a great option for learning how to ride
  • It is heavy
  • Batteries are not airplane safe so they need to be shipped separately

3. Radinn Carve Electric Jetboard

The Swedish branded Radinn Carve board was designed with a lot of thought to high performance. The board just like other great electric surfboards, features great speed, riding time, wireless remote control and it is very agile and light. 

The board features enhanced hydrodynamics for deeper and faster turning. Unlike some other e-surfboards, the Radinn Carve Electric Surfboard allows for deep cuts and fast turning. It can be very annoy when the board has a slow turning rate or cannot be turned easily.

The board provides added binding that allows for instant pivoting, easier control and as well as easy rail-to-rail transitions. It comes with a top speed of 32mph and 0-25 mph acceleration within 3.4 seconds with the provision of a pro jetpack.

It features a set of FCS fins; a jetpack, a magnetic safety leash and a standard charger that helps reduce charge time to 120 minutes.  

What Makes This Electric Surfboard Stand Out?

  • It features HP powering
  • It comes with an electric engine
  • It has height of 16 cm
  • It has width of 63 cm
  • It has length of 178 cm
  • The weighs a total of 45 kg
  • It has maximum speed limit of 52 km/h
  • It features performance autonomy of up to 45 minutes
  • It comes with a powerful and replaceable plug & play battery
  • It features a wireless waterproof control panel
  • It features excellent dynamics as it takes off at the start
  • It I a great choice for advanced riders
  • Ha handles made of Carbon Fibre
  • It features a magnetic safety leash and fast charger
  • It is very light and highly agile
  • It gives great performance and carving
  • The standard battery allows for approximately 25 minutes riding time while the extended battery pack provides 45 minutes riding time
  • The board can be controlled effortlessly


  • Easy carving and control
  • Highly agile and very light
  • Not as expensive as some of the other electric surfboards
  • It provides great acceleration


  • Beginners might not find it easy to ride as the feature are great for acquainted riders
  • It does not give a lot of customization

4. Radinn Freeride Electric Surfboard With Motor

The Radinn Freeride is a Swedish branded electric surfboard deigned to provide high and best performance on water. The board has a freely editable design and each part can be removed easily and replaced with a new part. 

This board is an appeal to both pros and beginners. It allows for long usage on water. It features measured walks for fast and active driving as well as long measured walks all thanks to the waterproof wireless remote controller. 

It allows you to switch up speed mode to desired levels. This board makes use of some of the most advanced technology to help it perform well as an ergonomically designed and beautifully crafted e-surfboard. 

The Radinn e-surf board is powerful and can be connected to phone for more time info on battery usage and speed. Thanks to the board’s improved stability and design, it is a great option for beginners.  

What Makes This Electric Surfboard Different?

  • It features good agility for all weights
  • It is an all-round board for all water conditions
  • It features a modern design with details in carbon
  • It features a G3 pro power upgrade powering
  • It is quite easy to learn and great for expansion of skill level
  • The board features a performance autonomy of 45 minutes riding time
  • The standard battery offers 25 minutes riding time while the extended range is 45 minutes riding time
  • It features a speed charger
  • It features carbon fibre handles
  • It is a great product for both pros and beginners
  • It is an innovative hull design that literally slices through chop and gives a fun experience to practically any riding condition
  • It has an height of 17 cm
  • Features engine power of 12 kW
  • Features width of 78 cm
  • Has length of 190 cm
  • The electric surfboard weighs 47. 9 kg
  • The maximum speed rate for the board is 56 km/ h
  • It features HP powering
  • It comes with an electric engine
  • It has weight capacity of 130 kg
  • It features a wireless Bluetooth waterproof remote control
  • It features a magnetic safety leash
  • It is equipped with a powerful electric motor G3


  • It is great for both beginners and pros
  • It is great for turns and chop slice
  • It is fast and has long time out on water
  • 45 minutes riding time option
  • 0 – 40kph in 3 secs.
  • Features a lot of customization


  • The pro configuration costs more than beginner
  • It is heavy
  • It is quite expensive

5. Jetsurf Motorized Surfboard

This board would not be termed as a family leisure board but rather a racers b1oard. The board is made of high quality materials and brings loads of fun. 

The board is more difficult to ride and although there is a TUBE for beginners and children it is designed for riders of great adrenalin who are searching for high speed and tight turns. 

The tight foot straps give a lot of control to the rider. To use the board to its limits, it is advised to use a vest and wear a face helmet. It features a board bag that comes with several handles and two wheels for easier carriages.

The electric surfboard features FCS Fins that are easy to install. It features an advanced system that constantly analyses the battery and have it kept under control.

It gives absolute freedom while riding all thanks to the noise-free electric version powered board. It features an electric engine. The foot straps give a lot of control to those with aggressive manoeuvring. The battery is to be charged for 2.5-3 Hrs. The remote controller does not need charging.

What Makes This Electric Surfboard Stand Out?

  • It is a light weighed surfboard
  • It is quite easy to set up
  • It comes with a lot of customizations
  • It features high maximum speed of 55 km/ h
  • It provides riding time of 35 minutes
  • It features developed safety features
  • It features dual foot bindings
  • Feature the most reliable and powerful electrical engine
  • It features a ventilation system
  • It provides a motor compartment
  • It comes with a greasing chamber
  • It features a sophisticated cooling system
  • It features one of the most safest and sophisticated chargers on the market
  • The Jetsurf electric model battery pack features battery life of up to 3,1 Wh (59 Ah)
  • Thanks to the battery powered board, it is perfectly silent
  • The racing impeller is made of Carbon Fibre
  • Features a racing pump made using Carbon Fibre, Axial flow- single stage
  • The surfboard is propelled by Jet-pump direct drive
  • It has width of 23.62 inches
  • Height of 5.91 inches
  • It takes maximum load capacity of up to 220 lbs.
  • It weighs 72.5 lbs. (including battery)
  • It has length of 70.87 inches



  • It can be hard to control at times
  • The stability tends to falter

6. Onean Carver X Electric Jetboard

The Onean Carver X electric surfboard comes with a dual jet propulsion system powered by an electric motor which allows riders to surf over 100 kg to reach full potential and be propelled across a water surface.

The board has double the power of previous models with its 10 Kw battery power. Because it is powered by two batteries it lasts for up to 40 minutes when riding in mixed speed levels. These batteries are similar for other Onean products as well.

This board is an amazing choice for aggressive surfboarders in search of a stable and powerful board. This electric surfboard is designed for carving all thanks to its twin battery design that inputs cutting edge maritime engineering for maximum control and lifting.

The board can be used in a major portion of water conditions and by almost anybody that surfs. This board is a heavy duty surfboard that is stable, light weighed, durable and an excellent choice for beginning surfers.  

What Makes This Electric Surfboard Different?

  • It features an engine power of 10 kW
  • The maximum speed limit it provides is 45 km/ h (with a 75 kg rider)s
  • It has ride time of up to 35 minutes
  • The surfboard weighs 43 kg (including battery)
  • Comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote for easy controlling
  • Features an exclusive design on the market
  • Features two foot traps
  • It comes with a leash
  • It features a battery bag and a tooling kit
  • It provides an handle for easier gliding and manoeuvring
  • It comes with a trigger
  • Features an X board
  • It comes with two chargers
  • It also provides two batteries
  • It comes with a full users-manual
  • It has five level controls of power settings


  • Features two jets and two batteries
  • Has really great acceleration
  • It is a great choice for big wave surfing
  • It can power through wave


  • The batteries tend to start fires
  • Has a charge time of two and half hours

7. Lift 3 eFoil Electric Wakeboard

The Lift 3 Efoil is designed to fly over waters and give maximum performance, stability and fun. Since the board is electric there’s no noise and maintenance is incredibly easy as compared to some other engines on the market. 

The board can be ridden on literally any surface of water and can rise up on the hydrofoil to enable it fly above water for an amazing experience. It is one of the fastest, long lasting and durable for a great experience out on water. It allows the rider manoeuvrability and stability.

It is a well-constructed board for not only beginner surfers but acquainted ones as well. It is one of the best electric surfboards on the market for its easy setup, manoeuvring and high performance on waters. 

Like some other great electric surfboards, it can be used in almost any body of water. It is the world’s smallest watercraft that does not require wind or waves to fly. This electric hydrofoil surfboard is designed to give ease and materials built in for stability over pure performance.

What Makes This Electric Surfboard Stand Out?

  • It features maximum speed rate of 48 km/ h
  • It offers a ride time of 120 minutes (2 Hrs)
  • It features an advanced lithium ion battery for powering the silent electric motor
  • It features an ergonomic Bluetooth remote control that allows you to see the battery life (to stop on the board just release the trigger)
  • The brushless motors are built by the absolute best engineers in the industry
  • It takes charging time of 2 Hrs (120 minutes0
  • Features an engine of 5 kW
  • The board is designed to fit beginner level surfboarders
  • It has a silent motor
  • The LIFT3 are precision machined from a solid aluminium block
  • It features a protective shroud
  • The surfboard was designed using highly refined steel tools to forge the Carbon Fibre at extreme heat temperatures
  • They feature aesthetic designs
  • The boards are designed with smooth edges for stable and easy ride. This allows the rider to start with a smaller board
  • The board offer great performance, a lot of fun as well as stability
  • High performance, comfort and stability


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It has great battery life
  • It offers high performance and stability as well as comfort


  • Lack of innovation with the board system
  • Heavy battery

8. Ewave Electric Waterboard

The Ewave Electric Surfboard is a great e-surfboard for beginner-surfers. The e-surfboard features a jet engine that allows movement at high speed and gives a fast acceleration. 

Sit feature an environmentally friendly motor that does not pollute the environment while running on 56 Ah batteries. The batteries are placed in compartments that allow for easy replacement while riding. 

This electric surfboard was created for racers and its cost is at an affordable rate. It offers the buyer a maximum modern tech for excellent experience on water.

The surfboard was made from high quality light Carbon fibre material which provides high speed and acceleration right from the beginning. It is fully electric, portable and above all else, has zero emission for environmental safety.

The Ewave Electric Surf board is really comfortable for rides. It features an LED battery display indicator and the cable length is one that is adjustable within seconds to allow for ultimate precision control. 

It comes with a top speed of 56 km/ h. this guarantees the long battery life and also features a fast charging mode. The engine is used to move the board around. Water sucked in is accelerated by a turbine impeller which is later on ejected through the nozzle at a high speed.

Like a lot of other electric surfboards, the Ewave Electric Surfboard was designed for maximum fun, speed, adrenalin and environmental friendliness. With the rider in mind, this surfboard meets the target to an extent. It is a great start for learning electric surf boarding.

What Makes This Electric Surfboard Different?

  • It measures a total length of 176 cm
  • It has an height of 18 cm
  • It has a width of 61 cm
  • It has a maximum speed time of 56 km/p
  • The battery life of this electric surf board lasts 30 – 40 minutes
  • The charge time is about 3 Hrs
  • It features a jet engine
  • It is affordable and light weighed
  • It is a good option for beginner-surfers
  • The Ewave weighs a total of 39 kg
  • The e-surfboard has weight capacity of up to 100 kg


  • It is fast at 56 km/ h
  • It is affordable
  • It is environment friendly
  • It has fast charge time


  • It has “limited” battery life for those who would love to stay out more on the water
  • The specs might not suit professional surfers

9. Waydoo Flyer One eFoil Surfboard

The sensation to take out wings and fly comes once in a while and flying without wings is another thing that seems out of reach; with the Waydoo Flyer One efoil surfboard you can fly (ride) independent of wind while surfing anytime. 

It enables easy gliding of waters. efoiling has made future of water sports even brighter. The Waydoo Flyer One is powered by a big propulsion system to give the best of experiences while riding. 

This e-surfboard e-surfboard can be ridden in lakes, oceans and rivers. It allows for easy carving through water at a 25 mph while giving a thrilling experience to the rider. The Waydoo offers a lasting ride from 55-85 minutes.

This is a very exciting electric surfboard designed using high quality material for durability. It is built to provide exceptional performance. It is a very good choice for experienced surfers for great balance. 

What Makes This eFoil Stand Out?

  • It comes with a faster charger that weigh 7 kg
  • The battery type is a lithium ion battery that provides maximum power
  • It features wing; the wings are made of Carbon fibre material (for the main wing) and Carbon composite material (for the tail wing)
  • It features a board made from EPA Foam and Aluminium Alloy Frame
  • The surfboard is lightweight and available for long rides
  • It has a fast charge time and compatible bluetooth
  • The e-surfboard weighs a total of 62 lbs. (including battery)
  • The board can take weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.
  • It features a 24 month warranty (EU only)
  • It features a remote control of wireless Bluetooth connection that is unsinkable waterproof, GPS tracking for endless freedom
  • It is a quiet board and emission free for ultimate flying experience
  • It is quick and easy to set up
  • Powered by a robust propulsion system
  • It has riding speed of 22 mph
  • The board is friendly to both beginner riders and acquainted riders
  • The battery is designed to cater for rugged marine environs
  • It features the Waydoo App that allow you keep track of your riding and gliding experiencess


  • It is a light weighed electric surfboard
  • It has a a fast charge time
  • The Bluetooth is quite compatible
  • Provides long ride times


  • Compared to other models, it makes more noise
  • It makes a sacrifice of stability for its manoeuvrability

10. Lampuga Air Electric Jetboard

The Lampuga Air Electric Surfboard is a Jetboard produced in Germany. The board has been tested and proved to be a great for families and boosting of adrenalin. The electric surfboard is fast, an inflatable hull and comes with a great design. 

The issue most surfboarders have with some electric surfboards is the weight; the Lampuga Air is easy to transport in cars of smaller sizes. Thanks to the extra security layers in the battery (which now weighs 27 kg on singularly). It is quite heavy when transported with the battery. 

The weight still stands as a benefit to riders in choppy waters. When the battery of the board is taken out, the board weighs 28 kg, which is astonishingly easy to lift and carry through short distances by a single adult (because of the six handles). 

When it comes to longer distances beach wagons would really come in handy for carriage. In comparison to other electric surfboards the Lampuga Air has difficulty in terms of manoeuvring and it requires wider turns to change course. It provides incredible stability and comfort to riders. It can be ridden conveniently on your knees.

What Makes This Electric Surfboard Different?

  • The electric surfboard can take load capacity of up to 110 kg
  • The Lampuga Air Electric surfboard comes with a Bluetooth remote control
  • The Lampuga Air surfboard weighs 55 kg (this includes battery
  • The surfboard has a length of 230 cm and width of 75 cm
  • The maximum speed limit for the surfboard is 50 km/ h
  • The e-surfboard charges for a total of 2 Hrs (120 minutes)
  • The battery life of the e-surfboard lasts for 45 minutes
  • It features an engine of 10 kWs
  • It comes with a 3.7 kWh lithium battery (including led battery status). The battery is rechargeable and removable
  • It is an environmental friendly product which keeps operating costs at minimal
  • It features a travel bag set that holds the power box, air pump, accessory case, inflatable hull and backpack
  • It is an inflatable hull with endless possibilities
  • It is easy to inflate and it is fast on water
  • It is easy to ride, requires minimal storage area and can be easily assembled
  • This simple e-surfboard has a removable power box (easy to change)
  • The Lampuga Air Electric surfboard’s control is by transfer of weight and the gas is by hand
  • It features a magnetic kill switch that is attached to your ankle using a leash


  • It is very stable
  • It is considered to be family friendly
  • It offers a long time for riders
  • Another use for it is as a knee board
  • The e-surfboard goes up to a maximum speed of 50 kmh


  • It does not bring a lot of customization options to the table
  • The board is not easily manoeuvred
  • Coupled with the battery it cannot be carried for long distances by a single adult

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between an Electric and a Traditional Surfboard?

The difference between an electric surfboard and a traditional surfboard is glaring in a lot of ways. 

The first difference can be spotted in the builds; one is built to function using an electric engine that makes it work anybody and condition of water, from lakes to rivers to oceans. 

The manual is man-powered and needs waves to function. It is really not so great in terms of waiting for waves and cannot be used in lakes and rivers. The benefit is that it offers unlimited riding time. 

The electric surfboard is very expensive compared to the traditional surfboard. Some electric surfboards function as hydrofoil surfboards that are raised above the water while riding and give perfect and easy gliding. They are available in inflatable hulls.

What is the Difference Between Motorized Surfboards and Electric Surfboards?

The electric surfboards and motorized surfboards are the same because the electric surfboards run on motorised engines.

How Does an Electric Surfboard Work?

An electric surfboard functions with a wireless Bluetooth remote control, battery and a motorised engine and these are major driving forces for an electric surfboard and it needs the rider to move it.

Some of these boards come with safety magnetic leashes that can turn the board off when detached to avoid it speeding off if a rider falls off.

How Much Does an Electric Surfboard Cost?

Most electric surfboards are very costly and so they range from $3,000 to over $15,000 largely depending on the brand.

How Much Does a Motorized Surfboard Cost?

Since an electric surfboard is a motorized surfboard, they amount the same price.

What is an Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard?

A hydrofoil efoil board is also referred to as a hydrofoil board. They allow the riders to have a great experience above water thanks to the amazing tech and specs. It specially designed to give a flying experience.

What Is a Gas-Powered Surfboard?

It is often concluded that e-surfboards that run on gas are known to make a lot of noise while cruising.

Which Is The Best Electric Or Gas Powered Surfboard?

An electric surfboard is always better seeing that it provides maximum performance and has no noise while riders are cruising and racing.

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