10 Best Ice Fishing Flashers To Buy In 2024


Which Cheap Ice Fishing Flasher For Sale Should You Get?

What are Ice Fishing Flashers?

An invaluable set of gear, Ice Fishing Flashers provide anglers with the eyes they don’t have underneath the waters. They show you objects, particularly fish targets, in a water column through a display screen. 

This screen allows you to know the exact depth and spot where fish are holding, so you can easily launch your strike. They’re called invaluable because they can excellently help you to analyze everything below the water surface, enabling you to make better lures and significant catches.

1. Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar Castable and Portable WiFi Fish Finder With GPS For Kayaks and Boats 

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Top Features

  • Casting range of up to 330ft
  • Adjustable scanning beam
  • Scanning depth of 260ft, 100ft deeper than any competition
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

One of the best fish finders currently on the market, improve your fishing enjoyments with the excellent Deeper Sonar Pro. It offers incredible features and power, excellent scanning depth, and casting range. In addition, it is the only castable fish finder with built-in GPS in the world.

Among the features that make this device a top pick is its ability to provide you with excellent underwater scanning from your vessel, shore, or on the ice. All you just need to do is cast out the device, reel in, sit back, and have detailed live maps on your smartphone’s screen.

The device boasts of many only. It is also the only one among its competitors with the ability to create bathymetric maps while the user sits back and watches from the shore or ice. It is capable of turning users, especially novices, into professionals overnight.

With an incredible casting range of 330ft-the furthest among the existing castables and a wide adjustable scanning beam, you get to cover large areas as well as get detailed scanning.

When you switch to the 90kHz 55° scanning beam, you get to cover a large area and when you use the 290kHz 15° narrow beam, you get a detailed scanning.

That’s not all, the Deeper Sonar Pro+ gives a deeper scan up to 260ft, which is about 100ft deeper than any competition.

Moreover, the device comes with a strong dual-beam transducer that sends out up to 15 scans per second, as well as a simple 1″/2.5 target separation that provides correct readings.

Have we mentioned the inclusion of a Wi-Fi connection with large broadband and up to 10× faster speed than Bluetooth? You get to have a great time using this device. And with it where will the fish hide from you?

2. The Vexilar FL-18 Genz Pack W/12 Degree Ice Ducer Combo

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Top Features

  • Triple Color High Speed LED read about
  • 20-120 feet depth range
  • Cone of 12-degree
  • Strong battery
  • 65 inches target separation
  • 200kHz frequency
  • High-Resolution Display of 525 Bits
  • 10 step Interference Rejection Technology
  • Built-in Shallow Mode

There are only a few ice fishing flashers dominating the ice fishing world, and one of them is The Vexilar’s FL-18. This product has been leading for several years and is known for its constantly improving innovations every time, making it one of the most reliable ones to put your money on.

The FL-18, when introduced by Vexilar became the world’s fishing flasher equipped with Auto Zoom split screen flasher display and Bottom Lock.

The former allows hardcore fishermen and women to closely take a look at the bottom of the water even up to six feet while the latter helps you keep your focus on the bottom, the vessel’s motion notwithstanding. 

These inclusions place the device on amazing and reliable performance for walleye fishing, pan fishing, and bass fishing, at all times of the year.

The Vexilar GP1812 FL18 Genz Pack 12 comes equipped with a 12-degree Ice-Ducer transducer and a powerful 9Amh, 12V battery with charger. Moreso, it stands fit atop a bucket of five gallons for easy handling during fishing.

That’s not all, the Genz Pack features a built-in mode suitable for fishing underwater below 15 feet. What’s more, it has a built-in 10-step IRT(Interference Rejection Technology), and a triple color LED display- green, orange, and red. 

If you see the former, it means the target (fish) you see is weak, the next shows that they’re medium, and the latter shows that they’re weak. This reading gives you the most accurate way to know your best move to catch much, without having to step into the water.

You even get to protect your device and transport it easily with the help of an SP0005 carry case that is sold separately. You only need to unpack this system and start to use it right away!

3. Humminbird ICE-35 three-color Flasher

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Top Features

  • Target separation frequencies of 450/240
  • Strong battery life
  • High-frequency sonar waves
  • Demo mode
  • Multitouch touchscreen

Here’s another great Humminbird ICE flasher that has proven to be a top choice for ice-loving anglers. The ICE-35 three-color fish flasher is equipped with features that make it give detailed scannings and readings. With target separation frequencies of 450/240 kHz, and 19/9 degree beams.

It also boasts of high-frequency digital sonar waves capable of detecting fish targets at the depth of about 200 ft below the water surface. What’s more, the auto full range zoom allows you to choose wherever you desire in the water column to get detailed readings. You also have access to adjustable controls to locate targets at different depths.

That’s not all, the manufacturer does not leave you stranded, particularly if you’re a beginner. The included demo mode gives you access to how the device works, so you get a glimpse of its performance before even setting out on the ice. What a time-saver!

There are, however, two obvious drawbacks to this device, the transducer can’t give the ice or water reading and its accurate readings are limited to 200ft.

4. Lowrance HOOK2-5 Fishfinder Ice Machine Pack with SplitShot 2-in-1 Sonar

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Top Features

  • Strong battery life
  • GPS antenna
  • Multitouch touchscreen
  • US base map with access to up to 3,000 lakes and rivers
  • Innovative DownScan for a 3D display of targets underwater
  • SplitShot 2-in-1 sonar technology

When you’re talking about the best flasher available out there, the Lowrance Hook2-5 with SplitShot 2-in-1 Sonar system is one big name to consider. It is a big deal, and only a few are ahead of it. 

Portable yet loaded with impressive features like the touchscreen system, specially designed ice mode system, and a US base map, to name a few. Suitable for professional or occasional fishermen and women who are interested in having a great time with a fishing flasher that combines strength with simplicity.

If you’re so keen on sturdiness and sleek appearance, search no more, this is the right choice. Constructed with a SolarMax Display, a bright color, and a lasting, no-fade look, for better visibility of your targets.

Top of its kind, the Hook2-5 Ice Findfisher is equipped with a GPS antenna that is capable of storing about 3,000 waypoints plus a US base map feature that gives you deep access to over 3,000 water depths. 

You get to see the shoreline details, fishing depth, best fishing locations, and lots more on each of the charts. What’s more, you can mark and easily come back to a favorite fishing spot thanks to the Trackback feature that’s included.

That’s not all, the Lowrance Hook2-5 comes with a CHIRP sonar innovation that helps you to get more fish targets at a high definition. The side scan or down scan is impressively useful in differentiating between bait targets and the fish, allowing you to see the exact activities going on underwater.

 What’s more, when water conditions suddenly change, the Autotuning Sonar automatically adapts the sonar settings to provide you with high-resolution images. It also sends out multiple frequencies, exposing you to more targets than you bargain for.

One more thing that sets this product on top is the added features that make it easy to use, even for beginners. 

It comes with a storage pocket for accessories, an adaptable platform for better viewing of the display, a waterproof storage pack with zippered access, and a portable and compact size that easily fits into a 5-gallon bucket.

Although you may find its battery quite heavy, you wouldn’t mind when you can run it for up to three days after a full charge. Another plus is that you can easily navigate its uncomplicated menu feature and simultaneously have a view of three panels through its multi-window display.

5. Vexilar PP1812D FL-18 Pro Pack II 12-Degree Ice-Ducer Combo with DD-100

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The PP1812D FL18 Pro pack II is a great improvement over the previous designs of a three-color flasher or fish finder. It is equipped with amazing features that enhance its performance than existing ones.

One of such features is the patented split screen flasher display that enables you to zoom closely and see what’s going on underwater. Also, you do not have to worry about the dancing of your water vessel to the waves of the ocean, thanks to the bottom lock that maintains its position regardless. 

Another interesting thing about this model is the included interference rejection feature that helps to cancel interference from other similar devices on the water at that time.

That’s not all, there is an impressive auto-zoom for observing Perch even as you ice fish. It does an amazing job at helping you detect different fishes: walleye, bass, pan, name it, on both ice fishing and open water. 

Fish like walleye that often hold tight at the water bottom can be easily detected by the FL-18. You also get to fish under 15 feet thanks to a built-in shallow water mode feature.

Moreover, a three-color LED technology which is the most reliable way to know where fish are and their soundness. You get a green color when the target fish are weak, an orange when they are medium, and red when they’re strong.

What’s more, Vexilar’s Pro Pack features a reliable carriage system that you can use to pack and transport any popular flasher from Vexilar. Made of a strong plastic material that holds against aggressive cold weather. 

You get to use your device for as long as you want after a full charge, thanks to a 9amph battery with 12 volts and a charger included at the back so it is easily accessible.

The Pro Pack Carry is one of Vexilar’s most popular carry case systems, it can be used to carry any of Vexilar’s popular Flashers. The Pro Pack is made of a tough durable plastic blend that does not crack in the cold. 

It fits into a five-gallon bucket and has a 12 volt 9 amp hour battery & charger pre-installed in the back of the system for easy access. The Pro Pack comes with one Rod holder but has positions to mount another with pre-tapped holes for mounting other accessories like the Flex-light, Glo-Ring, and beverage holder. 

The Pro Pack comes with a screw-eye over hole transducer holder or you can use the classic float to suspend your Ice-Ducer. The Pro Pack comes standard with a Vexilar Tackle Box and easy to use cable management system. 

Also note this model has the DD-100 that gives a digital depth display and battery status is standard on Pro Packs. This model Pro Pack comes with a versatile 12-degree Ice-Ducer transducer. 

Protect your investment with the addition of a Soft Pack Carry case (SP0007) sold separately. This system is ready to use right out of the box!

6. Marcum LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar System/Fish Finder

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Top Features

  • Upgradable software
  • A large 800×600-pixel screen
  • Four color palette options
  • Adjustable Transducer Cone Angles
  • Interference Rejection Technology
  • Strong battery life
  • Up to five windows for underwater viewing
  • USB ports

Marcum has been producing excellent Ice Fishing Sonar design systems for more than a decade with no sign of backing down anytime soon. 

With the LX-7, they have revolutionized the world of Fish finding technology by simulating the sonar DNA and digital fish finding technology by building on the MarCum LX flasher series.

Powered by state-of-the-art software, and a creative design, the Marcum’s LX-7 possesses all the attributes of a dependable ice fish finder.

The display can be read clearly through a relatively large screen of 800×600 pixels with an incredible resolution. Moreso, the screen allows you access to underwater viewing through five windows.

Moreover, it features a vertical zoom-in and circular flasher which is an important component that helps you to tell the sizes of your fish targets apart. And you get to choose from up to four color palette options including, one gray-scale, a double three-color, and one six-color palette that gives you an in-depth display of the target fish size.

That’s not all, the MarCum LX-7 possesses an updateable display software that not only gives you access to the latest advancement in their technology but also improves the device’s performance. 

Furthermore, it provides you with the chance to scan deep water areas with either of its transducer cone angles- 8° or 20°, thanks to its sonar footprint technology, giving you the exact location of targets within the area.

The cone angles are adjustable to your need or the task at hand. Another interesting feature of this device is its interference rejection technology that prevents other non-Marcum sonar devices on the same water from picking up its pulses.

The MarCum LX-7 device features adjustable and incredible abilities. These features make it a preferred choice among novice anglers as well as professionals who are willing to go the extra mile by paying a little higher than usual to achieve a successful ice fishing adventure.

Among the great things you can do with this customizable device is fine-tuning its sensitivity for smaller target detection and traversing between the cone angles.

The only drawback with this device, besides the relatively high price, is the lack of adequate information on the transducer’s maximum frequency and depth. Above this, the device is a perfect choice for successful flash fishing.

7. Humminbird ICE-55 Portable Flasher

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Top Features

  • 2-inches target separation for reliable reading
  • 6-color fiber-optic flasher display
  • Purple target line
  • 7 depth ranges (20-200)
  • Dual-beam transducer

Have you been looking for a portable fish flasher device that makes your experience on the water a memorable one? The HumminbirdⓇICE Flasher Series is the one for you. 

Loaded with amazing innovations that will not only make your time on the water great but also have you looking forward to your next big catch.

The device features a 6-Color fiber-optic flasher reader that gives you the display of what’s going on beneath the water in actual time, with color pellets selected by the controller. Also, a target line helps mark the depths of points on the dial, and a purple line keeps in view where you can find the fish. 

These features are essentially good for setting a target at a depth, and remaining at that depth for a long time if you want.

There’s more, the device is equipped with a digital center depth display that shows you your fishing depths with just a glance at your LCD screen, and is designed to perform at peak temperatures as low as -20°C.

Find also a Dual Frequency Sonar system that provides two enhanced sonar coverage options to choose from. You have the option of choosing between a narrow beam and a wide one for a great coverage area, keeping you in the catch zone and assisting you in the identification of fish and contours.

Moreover, you get to choose and select the depth range of your choice between manual and automatic ranges in 10X, 4X, 2X, and 1X, which allow you to go as deep as 200 feet. 

What’s interesting is that the automatic range option helps read and pick the most suitable water depth range with no need for you to touch your device.

That’s not all, the ICE flasher has a strong capacity 9amh battery and a wall charger to keep you on the water longer. It will also fit in a five-gallon bucket for easy accessibility and transport. 

A professional carry case is also included in its features to keep your device from external effects. The only drawback you might face in dealing with this device is in setup, which is, however, not a big deal if you’re tech-inclined.

8. Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 63cv Ice Fishing Bundle

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Top Features

  • Large six-inch LED display screen
  • Doubles as a fish flasher and a fish finder
  • Up to 200 feet depth range
  • LakeVu g3 maps with access to 1800+ US rivers and lakes

The Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 63cv Ice-Fishing Bundle is another great option on our list. The device is one in many, as it doubles as a fish finder and a flasher, bringing everything you need with it.

The CHIRP sonar unit integrated into the six-inch screen helps you identify fish marks and gives you a clear picture of the actual fish location in contrast to what you have on the flashier side.

Garmin’s ECHOMAP 63cv also supports SideVu sonar, so you wouldn’t have to worry about fishing during warm weather. 

What this implies is that while the device is perfect for fishing on the ice, it is as well suitable for use during fishing in the summertime, in hot weather, or while on recreational fish spotting and boat fishing.

What’s more, through the inclusion of the LakeVu technology with the base map feature you get access to more than 18,000 lakes across the US continentals, so you can find your targets in more places than you can imagine. 

Through this technology, you get to explore more and know where there are most fish targets, so you can always revisit them.

This product comes at a cheap price, which is interesting, given its great features. You will also get everything packed up neatly in a storage pack that makes transporting an easy thing to do. What’s holding you back from going for this product yet? Still, thinking? Don’t think, just do.

9. MarCum LX-9 Digital Sonar/Camera System LCD Dual Beam with OSD Camera

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Top Features

  • Adjustable dual-beam transducer
  • 8″ underwater camera
  • A sturdy cord of 75″
  • Sony Super HAD II CCD Optics

Without much talk, the MarCum LX-9 Digital Sonar System is arguably the best of its kind you will find on the market. The device possesses an adaptable dual-beam transducer along with an 8″ Color LED underwater camera that doubles as a video, giving out clear results even in unclear waters. 

The camera is powered by Super HAD II CCD optics from Sony and it is connected to a strong cord of 75″. Also, the on-screen display gives you access to the digital depth, the target range, and the battery, amongst other things.

The LX-9 is particularly priceless when you are fishing in murky waters when your visibility isn’t enough, making it a perfect choice for ice fishing.

The downsides of this product are its inability to give its best beyond 30 feet and the relatively low camera quality. Besides these, it is worth considering any time of the year.

10. Vexilar FLX-28 Ice ProPack II Locator With Pro View Ice Ducer

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Top Features

  • Lightweight and compactness
  • Weed mode
  • Two zooming options for better visibility
  • Two brightness settings

The lightweight and compactness of this product coupled with its incredible functionality make it a top choice among many ice anglers. 

The electronic Vexilar FLX-128 comes with amazing features, including durable battery life that lasts for hours, giving you the chance to go on a long ice fishing spree, especially if you’re interested in night fishing. 

Also, it possesses two zooming options and five color display options for better visibility. You have access to clear scannings and readings through the screen with two brightness settings for day and night, so you don’t have to stress your vision in any way. 

What’s more, it also features weed mode. This mode helps you to tell between a fish target and a weed cover. You can also choose to scan through shallow water only using the low power option that mutes the transducer sound.

There’s a drawback with this device, and it’s that the low power option cannot be used to activate the shallow water mode when the flasher is fully charged. You only get to use this feature when the battery is low.

How to Read an Ice Fishing Flasher?

The ice fishing flasher display is designed such that you see the location of things underwater in colors. And not only that, but you also get to see the strength of the object it’s identifying through its use of different color shades and tones.

You will get a display of light red or green if what it’s showing is a soft bottom or a fish, whereas, it will return a bright red color if what is underneath is a hard water bottom with, perhaps, a large rock.

Interestingly, if it senses with utmost certainty that a large fish is coming your way, the device will display an orange or deep red color.

You, like many other ice-fishers, will find flashers perfect due to their ability to give you real-time display. What this means is that, while you watch the fish move towards you on the screen, you can anticipate when to effectively strike it. 

The color display also allows you to know the exact position and depth the fish are holding, and take your lure at the same.

Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Ice Fishing Flasher

With the in-depth understanding of the way we just had, we can safely go into knowing how to select the best ice fishing flasher for you. 

Even if you do not fully understand how they work yet, just relax. Most technological devices we use are often not understood until we start to use them. And thanks to the manufacturer’s manual, a lot of them are quick to get.

We have brought up a number of the important factors to consider when buying an ice fish flasher/finder. We hope that they serve as a reliable guide for you on your next visit to the store.

Depth Range

This is one major feature to look out for in an ice fishing flasher. This feature tells how far below the water you can be able to read as well as the number of levels that you can read at.

It is important that you get a glimpse of the difference between an ice fishing flasher and a fish finder. While a fish finder sends a constant sonar wave through the water, reading at different levels without requiring a change, a flasher allows you to take readings throughout the water column at specific depths.

Flashers generally give more accuracy. Whenever you bring down your search range, the accuracy surges up but the reverse is the case when you bring the range up.

However, narrowing down the search range implies that the depth will be limited and your chances of luring will be low too. We recommend that whichever product you purchase provides great depth readings without compromising on other important features, and most importantly, on the price.

Target Separation

This is one of the most common technological features found in ice fishing flashers and fish finders. Target separation simply means the space needed between two or more objects underwater to be detected as more than one. 

When two fish are swimming directly on top of each other, they’re not seen by the fish finder as two but one. The same happens with your fish flasher.

You will find most of the available flasher options having a target separation of about one inch which means that for your flasher to detect two fish as two, they need to be one inch apart from each other.

The only thing that proves to make this technology difficult is that, since the ice fishing flasher only reads, identifies, and separates target fish in the water column on a vertical scale, the device might only detect two fish directly above or below each other with distance apart and not two fish beside each other.

Transducer Cone

The transducer cone is an important feature in ice fishing flashers. It tells how accurate or otherwise the readings you get will be by going beneath the ice or water and recording the signal through sonar waves that are later interpreted and shown on your display screen.

If your angle is wide, the accuracy of your reading is reduced but you will be able to identify the various fishing spots where the fish are holding. Whereas with a narrow come, you will get to focus on a particular target, that is, increased accuracy but you may not consider it if you do not know where the targets are.

Take a look at it this way, if you’re interested in fishing in shallow water, you wouldn’t need much accuracy from the device because you’re fishing close to the water surface. But if you’re interested in fishing at a greater depth, more accuracy comes into play underneath the water to be able to locate any target.

Interference Rejection Technology

The transducer cone can interfere with the signals from other devices in proximity. The rejection technology stops the sonar system from those other devices from flawing the accuracy of your device’s readings. You can choose whatever option is right for you to achieve effective fishing outings on the ice.


This is another important feature to consider. The device you’re purchasing should be compact and strong enough to stand bumps as it reaches the water column bottom. And in the case of sudden droppings or impacts, it should be able to resist cracking and not stop providing accurate readings in low temperatures afterward.


Portability is another great feature you must not overlook. It’s okay to buy a durable ice fishing flasher with all the great specs but then those other specs wouldn’t carry your device to where you need it, you would. 

That said, you need to buy a device that doesn’t cause you any transportation hassle before you even start your fishing. It should be durable and functional but not extremely heavy. You find the best options with carry-cases that double as protection against the elements.

Lighting and Resolution

Notwithstanding the weather condition, the device you intend to purchase should provide you with proper lighting for your readings. As you check for the lighting, ensure you check for the resolution too. Go for those with high-quality resolutions that present you with clear underwater images in real-time.

Battery Life

Some ice fishing flashers are equipped with durable battery lives that keep running even when you get tired. And since batteries get drained faster in cold weather, you should at least get a device that can run for as long as you intend to fish on the ice.

Ease of Use

This feature refers to how users get along with the devices they purchased. Beyond the big features and technicalities seen in adverts, how practical is the device you’re interested in getting? 

Does it come with a user manual? Is the manual understandable? Does it possess “little”, user-friendly features that make its use stress-free? How stress-free does it seem for beginners? And so on. Answering these questions would go a long way to knowing if the device is suitable for you or not.

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