10 Best Kayak Paddle Holders To Buy In 2024


Paddling is an excellent form of exercise that helps you stay fit and at the same time, it relaxes your body and mind to a great extent. As a kayak enthusiast, having a quality kayak isn’t enough as you also need a good paddle to improve your performance on the water. 

Paddle among many kayak accessories occupies a large amount of space in a kayak and there will likely be times when you need to put your paddle down to fish, snap a photo, or simply not use it. 

In such a situation, high-quality and reliable paddle clasps become necessary as it acts as a third hand that helps prevent your paddle from coasting off without you in the water. 

To make the task of finding a suitable paddle holder much easier, our guide provides you with the details of the recommended best kayak paddle holders that will massively improve your performance on the water.

1. YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder

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The YakAttack paddle grip is an award-winning paddle holder with a unique design that is quick and easy to install. Built to work with a range of paddles, it features a little t-bolt in the bottom and a rubber piece that ensures a good tight grip on the track.

This YakAttack kayak paddle holder grabs quite well, and by simply positioning the paddle in between the included two soft rollers your kayak paddle is securely held in place.

Over 2 inches in height and consists of a gear track-ready mount that can be mounted onto different brands of gear tracks, including YakAttack, YakGear, RAM, and Scotty.

In addition, without using a button or having it underneath the strap, it can be mounted on one side of your kayak, so that you can hold your paddle horizontally or vertically by mounting two holders (one on each side).


  • Mounts to gear tracks
  • Low profile
  • Two can be used for cross-deck storage
  • Compatible with all sorts and designs of the track mechanism
  • Easy paddle access
  • Offers strong grip
  • High-quality rubber materials allow it to be more durable


  • May need two for a secure hold

2. Yakclips Patented Clip-On Removable Kayak Paddle Holder

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The Yakclips Clip-On paddle holder pin is a perfect choice for sit-inside kayaks.

Its design allows it to be clipped onto the rim of your cockpit and with the additional two clip holders that are ⅜ inches wide, located at both sides of the paddle holder clip, other items, such as fishing rod holders or other gear are held in place.

This 2.5-inch paddle holder can be easily installed but also easily removed, allowing you to use it on different kayaks when you need to.


  • Clip-on
  • Convenient size
  • Additional clips for other accessories


  • Not compatible with sit-on-top kayaks

3. Housedeco Kayak Paddle Holder Clips

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Mounted in a convenient location on your watercraft, this paddle clip helps prevent your paddle from coasting away. It works with the majority of kayaks and is also used for gear storage in the garage and securing nets on boats/kayaks.

Housedeco Kayak Paddle Holder Clips are made of 100% Neoprene and with a captive stainless-steel nut, it is much stronger than other kayak paddle holders on the market and they are usable in blind holes and tubes.

Another component of this paddle holder is that it is vibration and shock-resistant. However, for the insert to be expanded to secure the fixing, there’s need to tighten a threaded screw into the stainless-steel nut


  • 100% Neoprene
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Vibration and shock-resistant
  • Strong clipping method to secure your kayak paddle
  • Store your paddle and fishing nets


  • It needs screwing equipment
  • The clipping method for securing a kayak paddle is difficult

4. Norme Kayak Paddle Holder

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The Norme kayak paddle holder has everything you need to keep your paddle secure and safe. It features three packs of paddle clips, three packs of paddle leashes, screws, and hardware accessories.

To install this paddle holder, you don’t need to penetrate openings onto the kayak which makes it a great choice for inflatable kayaks. Made of high-quality plastic, it is corrosion-resistant and durable enough to prevent any kind of rough environmental condition.

The high-end quality leash is nylon-made and can be adjusted based on your preference. There is no risk of overstretching or having loose elasticity.


  • Tight and steady grip holder
  • Top-notch quality plastic material
  • The leash can be adjusted based on your preference
  • Can be used as an inflatable kayak


  • It pulls out of the hole when frequently used
  • It might require additional hardware

5. YYST Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

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The fact that you don’t need screwing equipment to attach this paddle holder to your kayak or canoe is a great advantage. The YYST Kayak Paddle Holder Clip is simply attached to the D-rings, bungee line, or pad eyes of your boat.

Furthermore, this package comes with an additional 4 paddle holders which makes it a great option for dual kayaks as 2 pieces could securely hold one paddle. Also, once they are snapped on the kayak, you can conveniently use them to store additional accessories.


  • Straps are universal and could fit all sizes of paddle shafts
  • Drilling into your kayak is not needed
  • Sturdy and holds paddle well
  • Kayak Bungee Paddle Holder – Most Comfortable
  • kayak Paddle Keeper Kayak Bungee


  • It might need additional effort to mount and secure your paddle

6. Railblaza Quick-Grip Paddle Grip

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This Railblaza Quikgrip paddle grip is designed to be mounted directly onto the gear tracks on your kayak without the need of drilling into your boat to install it. The mount features an additional/optional mounting area for other accessories such as a camera or phone holder.

This 2 ¾ inches long paddle holder grips very well without the need for a second holder, and is capable of holding a standard-sized paddle shaft between 1 ⅛ inch and 1 ⅜ inch. However, for this to work, you will need a kayak track system and they are purchased separately.


  • Gear track compatible
  • Additional/optional mounting area
  • For standard-sized paddles


  • Only works with gear track systems

7. Shoreline Marine Propel Kayak Paddle Clips

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The Shoreline Marine Propel paddle grips are built to be installed directly onto your kayak, so unlike the YakAttack Paddle holder, they are not suitable for use with gear tracks.

It features 2 rubber clasps that are designed to hold standard paddles and these clips come with mounting hardware for easy installation but you will need to drill it into your kayak.

Made of flexible rubber, your paddle can easily be slotted into each clasp to hold it in place on your deck.

More so, the 2 chips can be positioned at the edge of your boat and the distance between them can be customized to suit your personal preference.


  • Mounts directly to the kayak
  • Rubber clips for added grip
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Easy on-and-off access
  • Can be mounted directly to your kayak
  • Easy to install
  • Pack includes two paddle clip holder


  • Requires drilling into your kayak
  • Not compatible with gear tracks

8. Sea-Lect Designs Performance Paddle Clip Kit

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This Sea-Lect Designs Performance paddle clip kit is a good option if there are no gear tracks already installed on your boat or you’re looking for a more permanent paddle-holding solution.

Designed to be drilled directly into your kayak or canoe, the kit comes with the necessary hardware and accessories needed for its installation.

Added to this paddle clip are attachment points for your paddle leash and since it has a minimal profile, it doesn’t interfere with your paddling.


  • Installs directly on the kayak
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Leash attachment points


  • Requires drilling into your kayak

9. Kayak Bungee Paddle Holder

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The kayak bungee paddle holder is the easiest accessory you can add to your fishing kayak. Made using excellent materials, it is durable enough to last for a long time.

It features 2 kayak bungee paddle holders which are made of pre-installed 6MM bungee cord, two J-hooks with the holder, six stainless steel, 304 screws and nuts, and six waterproof aluminum rivets, bungee strong, j-snare, and eyelets.

However, to install this kit, you need to first determine a good mounting spot that is the easiest position you can have access to your paddle, drill a hole in your kayak, and then assemble the pieces based on the instruction given in the manual that is provided.


  • It holds the paddle tight
  • Easy access to paddle
  • Made of high-quality materials and it will not break down that easily


  • Requires drilling into your kayak

10. YYST Deluxe Red Kayak Paddle Leash Rod

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The deluxe YYST Paddle Lanyard has all it takes to make your kayak trip a lot easier regardless of what you’re going for. Constructed to have a telephone line shape with a coiled rope that allows for maximum elasticity without restraining your movement.

Included in this paddle clasp is a velcro strap that is attached at the end of the paddle leash making it easy to secure on the paddle shaft. Also, located on the opposite side of the paddle leash is a tough and sturdy plastic clasp that can be connected to the edge of the kayak.

At 38 meters long, the YYST leash is designed to be installed into the kayak without drilling and it functions equally great in fresh and saltwater conditions.

Made of exceptionally flexible, resilient high-quality tools, it manages its responsibility for quite a long time.


  • Allows ultimate elasticity that can stretch up to 38 meters
  • The clip can be added directly to a person’s life vest or the kayak
  • Compatible fishing rod or other fishing gear


  • The rubber inside is not large

Factors to Look Out For When Buying A Kayak Paddle Holder


The materials used by the manufacturers determine how flexible and durable the product will be when using it. While the market is full of a variety of affordable paddle holders, the best paddle clasps are made with plastic or aluminum.

When on the lookout for lightweight clasps, in terms of maintenance and cleaning, hard plastic is a great option. Also, your paddle is securely kept without any harm or damage.


Kayaks have various sides and surfaces, so you must be careful enough to pick a paddle holder that is compatible with your kayak’s paddle and design. have to pick them carefully

In selecting a paddle holder, ensure you consider the kayak paddle’s weight. This helps you to know if there’s a need for a single paddle holder or two to lift and support its length and weight.

Easy installation

Another aspect to look into is the installation process. If the bolts are placed into a difficult area to reach, it will make them harder to install thereby causing the paddle to be placed in an inconvenient area. Easy installation means you can relocate and remove the holder anytime without stress.

While larger paddle holders feature more bolts that you need to tighten and cover more space, most of the holders come with a few bolts that are situated in a line. Hence, ensure you choose a holder that suits your kayak and paddle size.


Comfortability is one of the priorities you ought to consider before deciding to buy a certain kayak paddle holder.

Having a paddle holder that is suitable when you’re out kayak fishing or even going out for a fresh breeze of air, makes your day fun-filled. 

Choose a paddle holder that will not only act as a third hand but equally comes with features that enhance your comfort, such as cushioning around the sleeve area.


A high-quality kayak paddle holder like the YakAttack RotoGrip Kayak Paddle Holder is more durable because it’s constructed with ABS plastic. 

Less expensive Kayak Paddle Clip Holders made with cheap nylon can potentially break which will require you to purchase another one within a short period.

It’s great to purchase a high-quality kayak paddle holder once only although they are more expensive than going for cheaper ones that will leave you with no choice of getting another often.

Types Of Paddle Holders

Traditional paddle holders

This type of paddle holder in the form of a clip, bungee cord, or other small device helps secure your paddles to the kayak when not in use and keeps them out of the way temporarily. 

They contribute to a more hassle-free paddling experience, especially for anglers who don’t want to have to repeatedly reposition their paddle between casts or photographers. 

Traditional paddle holders are small in size and can be easily attached with simple hardware directly onto the kayak or in combination with track or other mounting accessories.

Assistive Paddle Holder

Wondering how possible it will be to want your paddle in a holder while you’re using it? Assistive or adaptive paddle holders grant you that opportunity by supporting the weight of the paddle while it is being used. 

The Gamut Paddle Holder which has only been on the market for a couple of years falls into this category. Designed for sitting inside kayaks, but it does come in a sit-on-top option. 

A t-shaped hinged mount attaches to the front coaming of a sit-in kayak, and two stabilizing brackets on the sides hold the mount in place. The included multi-directional rotating clevis head on top of the mount holds the paddle in place using two of YakAttack’s RotoGrips. 

This system supports the weight of the kayak thereby giving kayakers with shoulder problems, poor grip strength, arthritis, or other upper body strength limitations the chance of kayaking.

Why Use A Paddle Holder?


As an angler, during your fishing trip, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to hold onto your paddle at all times, particularly when you’re wrestling with a fish at the end of your line. 

A paddle holder in this case will not only reduce the risk of your paddle floating away while your back is turned but also allows and gives you a place to securely store your paddle while you tend to your fish.

While some fishing kayaks already have paddle holders, an aftermarket one lets you position it exactly where you want it, so that it doesn’t get in the way of your fishing techniques.


Paddle holders installed on your kayak are designed to keep a hold of your paddle so that you can paddle back to shore safely when you’re ready to leave.

Some vessels come alongside paddle keepers that are made from bungee cords which usually work using a pad eye and J hook system. 

While aftermarket kayak paddle holders constructed using high-quality materials have a more rigid design that can work in conjunction with the bungee cord or as an alternative to keep your paddle safe.

Also, some aftermarket paddle holders will require you to drill directly into the boat but alternative options are available if you’re looking to move paddle holders from one boat to another for increased paddle safety on multiple vessels


Kayak paddle holders will not only serve as a spare hand in water but can also be useful when it comes to transporting your kayak to and from the water.

Having one or two paddle holders firmly installed in your kayak keeps your paddle secure while you carry your yak and additional gear down to the lake.

In addition, keeping your paddle safely stored in the kayak paddle holder while you’re not using your boat saves you space especially when it’s in your garage.

However, they may not be suitable to hold your kayak paddle while your vessel is on a roof rack during transportation.

In conclusion, while most paddle holders offer you a more secure place to keep your paddle safe when you’re not using it, others provide you with features that give you more freedom and enhance your comfort on the water.

The YakAttack RotoGrip paddle holder, among others, is the best option because it can be easily mounted to existing gear tracks and two can be used to hold the paddle across your deck and within easy reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Remove The Kayak Paddle Holder When I Transport My Kayak On A Roof Rack?

No, that is necessary as some kayak paddle holders are designed in a way that they can come off and clip back on easily.

However, for the ones that can easily be removed, you can choose to remove the kayak holder whenever you want or leave it on since it has a tight grip on the paddle to save a lot of space.

Instead Of Buying A Paddle Holder, Can I DIY A Homemade Kayak Paddle Holder?

Yes, bungee usually works the best. Simply mount two pad-eyes along with the boat 17-18 inches apart. After that, have the bungee loop over the paddle and secure it with a hook.

A handcrafted paddle leash is another option that allows you to keep the paddle in the water right beside your kayak, without stressing over it coasting away without you.

For this option, you only need a Diamond Braid Starter Cord with a Metal Trigger Snap Clip Hooks, with Swivel Eye in the end.

Simply tie the opposite edge around the kayak shaft’s center. While shielding it from sliding around the paddle shaft, require you to tieing a VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable around the paddle shaft and over the knot.

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