10 Best Kayak Rod Holders To Buy In 2024


What would it look like if we were to be eight-armed like an octopus? We’d be able to paddle and reel in catches with several rods at the same time. 

Some would be rigged up for catfish and another setup for baitfish, all while sinking a cold one at the same time. Our productivity would have been mind-blowing!

Hey, leave that to your wildest imagination. It only happens in cartoons and fiction. Gracious us, there is always a way out. 

Kayak fishing rod holders are that “hands-free” technology that offers you a place where you can conveniently park your rods and reels while you paddle to a better spot or relax when kayaking. Kayak fishing has become one of the most peaceful ways to spend a day on the water. 

Aside from having a catch to take home for lunch or dinner, many confirm that waiting at the riverside for hours and then finally catching a fish gives them a more spectacular feeling than spending time at home doing chores.

Getting the best kayak rod holder would make the most of the time spent on the water. Keep reading and stay put, as we run you through a list of the best kayak rod holders for your next fishing adventure.

1. PLUSINNO Fishing Boat Rods Holder

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Drilling into a kayak for rod holder installation is a lot of hassle for many kayakers. This Fishing Boat Rod Holder from Plussino is set to remove the need to drill into your vessel.

It employs the use of an easy clamp-on mechanism for installation. Although it is referred to as a boat rod holder, the design is also a better fit for some kayaks, preferably the sit-inside type of kayak instead of their sit-on-top counterparts.

The size of the rod holder plays a significant role, enabling it to fit most fishing reels that fall with a 4″ diameter.

Plusinno Fishing Boat Rods Holder is made from high-quality ABS plastic with stainless steel hardware as well as an anti-corrosive metal clamp with rubber ends. The fishing rod holder can be clamp on any watercraft from boats, kayaks, piers, and canoes, to canoes and even more.

It can be mounted either way, could be horizontally or vertically, you can go with whatever suits your preference. It is virtually set for easy installation.

It is 360-degree adjustable; once you unscrew the two different joints, you can adjust the fishing rod to any orientation of your choice.

While this might be practically difficult when done on water, it is best to adjust before hitting the waters. More importantly, it is very easy to install and remove after use as no drilling is needed.

Features Include:

  • High-quality and eco-friendly fishing rod holder
  • Large clamp opening
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Fishing pole holder
  • Universal fit
  • 360 degrees adjustable
  • Strong and anti-corrosion material


  • Material: ABS-plastic and Metal Clamp
  • Size: 4,75″
  • Opening: 1.97″
  • Fishing Technique: ‎Spinning and fly reels
  • Mount Style: Clamp


  • Easy installation and removal
  • Incredible, lightweight design
  • 360 degrees adjustable (both vertically and horizontally)
  • Relieves the tedious task of drilling into kayaks


  • Not compatible with all kayaks
  • It can be difficult to adjust

2. YAKATTACK Omega Rod Holder with LockNLoad Track Mounting Base

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YakAttack are known for their problem-solving and high-quality performance designs. Invariably, the YakAttack Omega Rod Holder is designed to offer unrivaled track mount security and adjustability.

It attaches firmly to kayak, canoe, boat, or other watercraft with its LockNLoad mounting base. Going with their common slogan that says, “The last rod holder you’ll need”, couldn’t agree less because that’s exactly what they have developed. 

The Omega Rod Holder is nothing short of a universal solution. It works flawlessly with casting, spinning, larger conventional reels and even all sizes of fly rods. Also, it ensures that anglers make a choice of mounting tracks that is suitable for their kayak or boat.

The Omega Rod Holder comes with a 360-degree rotating collar that enables it to quickly protect the rod by grasping the reel, allowing the reels to naturally stow downward.

Another significant part of the rod holder is its multiple modes that allow fishers to stage rods easily so that they can quickly access or lock-in for maximum safety.

The three modes; locked, adjustment and removal design are quite easy to use. To alternate from the locked mode, just squeeze a lever into the adjustment mode. Here, the mount can rotate in any direction, but can’t be removed so that while making adjustments, the rod holder is fully secured.

As you let go of the lever, you’ll be back in locked mode. You will have to flip the same lever out to go to removal mode. While at that, the system easily detaches from the track mount.

Features Include:

  • Three modes design; locked, adjustment and removal mode
  • A 360-degree rotating collar
  • The LockNLoad mounting base


  • Material: Marine Grade Polymer
  • Weight: ‎0.01 Pounds
  • Fishing Technique: ‎Spinning, Casting and fly reels
  • Mount Style: Clamp (Track Mount)


  • Easy to use and install
  • Completely adjustable
  • Fits the YakAttack mount track and other factory tracks
  • Lightweight and highly versatile
  • Durable construction


  • Large size
  • No mounting track

3. Bekith 2 Pack Adjustable Powerlock Rod Holder

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The Bekith 2 Pack Adjustable Powerlock Rod Holder is different from your regular rod holder, it is an amazing two-pack of a rod that comes with different combo mounts. 

While one is designed to clamp on a kayak with gunwale rails, the other can be screwed directly on a flat surface of a kayak. The base of the model is a bit wide so trying to install the product on a narrow kayak may be somewhat impossible. 

Another interesting thing about the rod holder is the fact that it has incredible features and yet it is relatively affordable like many other options which might not even measure up to its functionality.

The easy-to-use mechanism features a locking rod ring that anglers can use to change the position of the fishing rod in place. 

Also comes with fully adjustable up and down movement and it’s competent to rotate 360 degrees on its base. The multi-positional mounting is ideal for flat, firm and sturdy surfaces.

This 2-pack rod holder is made in a standard black polymer set as well as stainless steel hardware although the material can be a little flimsy with first contact, it is entirely sturdier than you think when observed closely. 

Basically, this is one rod that you can use for a long time and even give out to others, it is durable and as such resistant to corrosion.

The spring-loaded tension knobs by the side make for quick and easy adjustment of the rod to a preferable position. After use, the rod holder can be easily removed to make your kayak or boat more streamlined to transport from the waters.

Features Include:

  • Twosome pack with different combo mount
  • Capable of 360 degrees rotation
  • Adjustable Powerlock rod ring for changing position
  • Adjustable up and down movement
  • A front locking ring to prevent rod loss while fishing
  • Universal cradle, compatible with almost any rod and reel setup


  • Material: Stainless Steel and Polymer
  • Weight: ‎1.5 Pounds
  • Fishing Technique: ‎Spinning and fly reels
  • Mount style: Tension, adjustable


  • Most anglers can afford it
  • You get two 2 rod holders in just one purchase
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Made with sturdy material


  • Wide base mount is not suitable for narrow kayaks
  • Made with tin plastic material

4. Anndason Flush Mount Rod Holder w/Fishing Tackle Accessory Tool

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The Anndason Flush Mount Rod Holder is one of the simplest rod holders on the market, specially designed for kayak anglers who want a more personalized rod holder for their fishing adventure.

Its installation requires a flush mount to keep the holder firmly and securely in place. Hence, this rod comes with a flush mount and cap for kayaks or boats. The easy and ready-to-use installation helps to position your rod in a more acceptable natural way.

While drilling into your kayak or boat might not seem to be as easy as when you tighten a clamp, it is certainly a simple process that anybody can work with.

All you need is a drilling tool and before you know it, your rod holder would have been neatly placed on the deck of your watercraft. More importantly, you should carefully pick the perfect spot since it is going to be a permanent fixture on your kayak. 

This implies that changing the position of the rod holder now and then comes with drilling into your vessel, which in turn can ruin storage hatches. To avoid this, secure the right spot before installation.

The Anndason Flush Mount Rod Holder is sturdy and big enough for most rods. It is made of high-quality material, strong and durable, for long time use.

It comes with 3 fixing points for quick rod adjustment with the head angled at 30 degrees, enabling easy in and out for rods when they are needed.

There has a gasket under the mounting head, a convenient and practical one at that, yielding a firmer installation. This brings about a flush, snug fit and robust connection to your kayak.

Also, when not in use, the protective lids cover the holders. This practically prevents them from being filled with water thereby, potentially preventing them from damage.

Features Include:

  • Gaskets under the cover
  • 30-degree angle designed head
  • 3 fixing points to enhance rod adjustment
  • Strong and durable material


  • Material: PC + ABC Plastic
  • Weight: ‎0.60 pounds
  • Length: 19cm / 7.5 inch
  • Fishing Technique: Casting rods and reels
  • Mount Style: Flush Mount


  • Lightweight, easy to carry around
  • strong and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Can close when not in use


  • Lack versatility
  • Permanent fixture
  • Can be a bit short for some rods.

5. HITORHIKE Fishing Rod Holder

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Speaking of a rod holder that is designed with kayak anglers in mind then the HITORHIKE Fishing Rod Holder is a great option. What makes it stand out is its combination of available configurations. 

Kayak anglers can easily install the mount directly to the deck of their watercraft. For others fishing with a boat or canoe, they also have perfect mounts that are made to fit 7/8″ to 1″ tubing.

HITORHIKE has a series of rod holders in their line up, offering you the chance to choose any, depending on what suits your needs or your type of kayak per time. There are a couple of different base mounts with easy installation that Kayak fishers can choose from.

The rod holder can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically on its base and also comes with fully adjustable up and down movement. The adjustable collar ensures that your fishing rod stays in place however, it’s even better to tether your rid to your kayak, just in case.

Basically, this rod holder installation requires that you drill some holes in your kayak. The base comes with a locking mechanism that keeps your rod holder in place once the installation is completed. It is made with strong anti-corrosion material that ensures the longevity of usage.

For kayakers who would love to install a HITORHIKE Fishing Rod Holder on the deck of a sit-inside kayak, you might encounter a problem with the setup of the basic mount, which is its long screw. 

This may not be much of a problem as the package includes two screw caps that can cover the elongated screw that may want to collide with your knees.

Features Include:

  • Fishing Rod Holder with Basic Mount
  • Two screws with two screw caps
  • Two gaskets
  • High-impact resistant construction with strong and anti-corrosion material


  • Material: DU PONT ABS
  • Fishing Technique: spinning reels, fly reels, boat reels, bait caster reels
  • Mount style: adjustable


  • Multiple configurations
  • Universal fit; spinning, boat reels, bait caster reels and fly reels
  • Durable, lightweight design


  • Requires drilling
  • Rail mounts are incompatible with square tubing
  • Installation is quite demanding

6. RAM ROD HD Fishing Rod Holder w/ 6 In. Spline Post and Dual Track Base

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An article on kayak fishing rod holders would be incomplete without speaking of RAM. The RAM ROD HD Fishing Rod Holder is specially designed to take a beating, real beating from big fish. 

It is made for baitcasting, spinning and casting reels in a more challenging environment and condition, and they are a perfect fit for most large rods. 

While being entirely compatible with most track mounting systems, it offers exceptional durability and comes with a rotating locking collar that helps to keep your rod secured in a place.

This rod holder is quite versatile, it has a GoPro-compatible mount station where you can attach your GoPro (sold separately) with a POV perspective located on the rod holder’s back.

Also compatible with the Adapt-a-Post extension arm (not included) that helps to keep your rods out of the way while fishing. And for the hexagonal attachment point, it is compatible with B-size and C-size hexagonal ball bases.

The rotating ring helps to secure the rod when traveling, the swing arm rod stop on the other hand, is capable of converting the rod holder into a tube-style rod holder, not a common feature with fishing rod holders

Another interesting feature that sets it apart is the dual-track base, it allows the rod holder to be used right out of the box. 

The dual-track base allows you to attach your rod holder with most kayak brands, hence, suitable for use with almost any kayak or boat. The back gimbal locks help to secure your rods in a vertical position for storage. 

The track base and the 6 In. spline are both compatible with most track mounting systems, and also RAM Tough-Track (not included in the package).  With the high-strength composite material, it’s set to deliver years of solid performance and durability on the water.

Features Include:

  • GoPro-compatible mount station
  • Hexagonal attachment point
  • 6 In. Spline post
  • Dual track base
  • Rotating ring to secure rod when traveling
  • Swing arm rod-stop converts holder into a tube rod holder


  • Material: Composite
  • Weight: ‎1 lb. 7.2 oz
  • Fishing Technique: spinning and casting reels
  • Mount style: Adjustable


  • Suitable for saltwater and rugged environment
  • Premium design
  • Anti-corrosive materials
  • Quite versatile
  • Suitable for most kayak brand


  • Is it quite pricey
  • It may require an adaptor or converter

7. Scotty #229-BK Power Lock Rod Holder (No Mount)

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For anglers who would like to get a rod holder that enables them to choose whichever mount suits their needs, then the Scotty Power Lock Rod Holder might just be for them. 

It is designed for multi-functional rod holders that could be used for virtually all boats, any rod setup and a variety of fish species, either small, medium or large fish species.

Although it does not come with a mount, that does not in any way disregard its functionality in your fishing adventure as the Power Lock offers reliability, strength and resilience, giving it an edge over other competitor. 

This open-style rod holder is manufactured with fibre-reinforced engineering-grade nylon. This rod holder comes with a Power Lock and is a significant, robust unit that fits different rod styles. 

While the universal cradle holds almost any reel type, the front locking ring helps to keep your pole in place. However, it’s rather wiser to tether your fishing pole to your kayak, just in case.

Features Include:

  • Power Lock
  • A universal cradle, compatible with any reel type
  • A front locking ring that prevents rod loss while traveling
  • Open style


  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Fishing Technique: ‎Spinning, Casting
  • Mount Style: ‎Power Lock


  • It’s a multi-functional rod holder
  • Compatible Universal cradle for any reel type
  • Quite adjustable
  • Fully adjustable up and down
  • The Power Lock provides strength, reliability and resilience.
  • Simple lightweight design


  • Does not include a mount

8. Cannon 2450169-1 Three-Position Adjustable Track Mounted Rod Holder

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If you are interested in a premium rod holder that can match great accessories for your adventurous fishing, the Cannon Rod Holder can be a great option. It is designed to carry most standard rods and can conform to a full range of motion for adjustment. 

This is one rod holder that anglers can adapt to fit the way they fish, does better when used with Cannon rod holder accessories (sold separately)

It delivers fast baitcast or spinning rod pickup with its three-position configuration and is set with spring-loaded tension knobs that enable swift rod adjustments. The mount plate does not swivel. 

Rather, the rod holder swivels within the mounting plate yet offer a 360-degree range of motion. Basically, the base of the rod holder swivels and with its included grips, anglers can position their rods the way they want.

This swivel rod holder is constructed with high-quality ABS plastic with rust-resistant properties, which makes for its durability.

When it comes to mounting this rod holder on your kayak, boat or any other vessel, there are multiple options for doing this. The 360-degree base movement allows the rod holder to be mounted either on top or to the side of a kayak.

Installation of this 3-position Adjustable Track Mounted requires that it is bolted onto a kayak surface with four screws. Once this is properly done, the holder is, therefore, safe, secured and stable.

Features Include:

  • 3-position configuration
  • Spring-loaded tension knob for quick rod adjustment
  • A 360-degree base that offers multiple mounting options


  • Material: ‎Composite
  • Weight: ‎1.28 Pounds
  • Fishing Technique: baitcasting or spinning
  • Mount style: Adjustable


  • Easy installation and removal
  • Made from highly durable material
  • Multiple options of mounting makes for its versatility
  • Can be easily adjusted
  • Quite stable and secure hold


  • Can be pricey
  • Heavy material

9. YakAttack AR Tube Rod Holder

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The YakAttack AR Tube Rod Holder is one of the most rugged rod holders you can find in angler’s hands, perfectly suited for bigger rods and bigger loads. 

Its performance when it comes to trolling for bigger fish fits its rugged appearance. Struggling with bigger fish like walleye and stripers comes to an end once you have this classic tube-styled holder. 

This advanced rod holder is designed for spinning and casting rods and reels. Although it is track-mount ready and includes the LockNLoad Mounting System.

The LockNLoad Mounting System provides an easy-to-use track-mount and offers rack-mount security and with its design, it is quite easy to adjust. The LockNLoad track base can be easily fastened with a single MightyBolt. 

While this is done, it can not rotate accidentally nor can it loosen from the track. Even when you encounter a big hit from a potentially record-breaking fish, the AR Tube Rod Holder will always maintain its ground in the LockNLoad base.

Your AR also features a gimbal lock that flips into place to hold longer rods as well as numerous attachment points on the bottom side for rod leashes hence, enhancing gear security. 

This rod holder is compatible with a GearTrac Mounting System but does not come with one. The AR has 3 modes; locked, adjustment and removal. 

To switch from a locked mode, simply squeeze a lever to go into adjustment mode. Once you are here, the mount cannot be removed but can be rotated in any direction, this assures you that the rod holder is completely secured while making adjustments. 

If you let go of the lever at this point, you’ll be back in locked mode. To switch to removal mode, flip the lever out, and the system slips away from the track mount.

Features Include:

  • LockNLoad base with MightyBolt
  • A gimbal lock
  • Marine-grade polymers material for construction
  • Track-mount ready
  • Three different significant modes: locked adjustment and removal


  • Material: Marine grade polymers
  • Weight: ‎0.01 Pounds
  • Fishing Technique: spinning and casting rods and reels
  • Mount style: Adjustable


  • Attaches quickly and easily to kayaks, boats or other watercraft with a single MightyBolt
  • Accommodates longer rods
  • Multiple attachment points on the bottom side are great for rid leashes
  • Adjustability
  • The LockNLoad mounting system offers unrivaled track mount security


  • Does not come with GearTrac

10. RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R w/ MiniPort Track Mount

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The RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R is a perfect rod holder for inshore freshwater or bass anglers. It is quite affordable and the quality can’t be beaten. With the MiniPort, installation on any kayak track comes quick and easy. 

The included MiniPort track mount fits most kayak gear tracks, this makes the RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R very versatile. And it works with fly reels, spinning and bait casting.

The ease of use, the simplicity of the MiniPort mount and the diverse range of situations that it can be used in, all of these put together sets the RAILBLAZA apart from its competition. 

All parts are made from high-quality, UV stabilized, engineering polymers (fiberglass reinforced plastic), anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Super strong and fits perfectly into any RAILBLAZA mounting port.

This rod holder comes with a stretchable strap located at the front of the holder, wraps around the top for fly reels and baitcasting and round the bottom for spinning reels. 

Although this keeps your reel and rod safe while fishing, we recommend that you tether your pole to your boat for additional safety.

Also, the mount has a star-shaped (teeth) configuration that is designed to fit any RAILBLAZA product. Plus, the mount’s locking mechanism keeps the rod holder locked in place. 

The rod holder position can be easily adjusted for 360° rotation and the angle as well can be adjusted up and down, using the knob on the side.

Features Include:

  • MiniPort track mount
  • Stretchable strap
  • A side knob for angle adjustment
  • A compact design and tool-less operation MiniPort


  • Material: ‎Plastic
  • Fishing Technique: spinning reels, bait casting reels or fly reels
  • Mount Style: tool-less installation


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable angle
  • Great for Spinning, baitcasting, and fly reels
  • Kayak tracks compatible
  • Installation and removal after use are quick and easy
  • The included stretchable strap holds the rod in place


  • Requires a track system. If your kayak doesn’t have then you may have to install one before the rod holder can be used

How To Install Rod Holders On Kayak

When it comes to fishing, a huge number of anglers fish with rotomolded kayaks. It could be sit-on-tops or recreational sit-insides. In rigging a kayak, you may want to decide on what kind of rod holders to add. There are four rod holders commonly used while fishing from the kayak:

  • A flush mount
  • A rod holder with a base for spin, fly, cast or conventional reel
  • A rod tube
  • A clamp-on rod holder

If you are going for a flush-mount rod holder, then you may have to cut a hole in your kayak to install it. You will have to put an end cap on the rod holder to prevent water from entering the hull.

Before cutting any holes in the kayak, ensure the rod holder fit perfectly on the inside and there is no obstruction like a bulkhead in the way. Most flush-mounted rod holders are usually positioned on the starboard or port side, just behind the paddler.

If you want to troll you can mount the rod holder on an angle, or straight back if you want the holder to secure your rod while traveling. To be sure that you are on point, sit in the kayak while ensuring that you can reach the rod without hitting it with your paddle.[the_ad id=”7095″]

To install a rod holder with a base, you have to drill into your kayak. If you are using the RAM or Scotty systems, you have to use a mounting base that can be screwed into different locations on your kayak.

The most interesting part of holders with a base is that you can change the rod holders by placing them in different positions depending on what you’re doing or better still you can remove them while paddling, leaving just the base attached to your kayak.

While you may have to cap the bottom of the base of the Scotty brand because of the flush-mount bases, the RAM uses a base with a rubber ball so you will need to tighten down the power handle and it will stay put in that position. With this, the rod holders can be placed in any position.

A clamp-on rod holder installation is way easier than any other. You need no drilling or making holes in your kayaks. Although different brands have different clamp structures. All you need is a few pieces of equipment like an Allen Wrench that can be used to tighten up a couple of bolts.

For instance, if you are working on a Dolphin Rod Holder, firstly, assemble the ball clamp by attaching two of the M6 bolts to the 2×C section of the clamp. You may also insert the rubber collar around the inside of the ball clamp if needed.

Next, attach the ball clamp to the twin rod holders by inserting the two locator lugs into the holders on the rod holder bracket. Once this is done, insert the bolt through the hole and thread it into the clamp on the other side of the twin holder, then tighten.

Thereafter, you can now attach the rod holders to T-Top. This you do by using a rubber collar to attach to the Dolphin T Top, place the rubber collar on the T Top frame while you put the half C section of the clamp on the top of the rubber collar.

Attach the other half of the clamp holding the rod holder with the two bolts. That’s it! You can now rotate the clamp around the tube to set the angle you’d like to position the rod holder.

What Size PVC For Kayak Rod Holders

This depends solely on the size of your rod butts. To be on the safer side, It is preferable to go with the one that can accommodate your rods. If you are spinning, light tackle rods or trout rods then the 1 1/4″ Schedule 40 PVC might be a perfect option. 

This is the smallest size you can use. When you discover that your type of rod did not fit in the 1 1/4″ PVC, it is better to change over to or try out the 1 1/2″ Schedule 40 PVC.

You can as well try to put a 1 1/4″ on the end of each rod tube. You can as well route a notch about 2″ long with a 1/2″ router bit before gluing the coupler on. 

This can ensure that your spinning rod stays in one direction, you can skip the coupler part if that is not what you desire to achieve, and just route the 1/2″ slot in the PVC.

Kayak Mount Type

You are going to have the easiest time finding compatible fishing rod holders if your kayak is readily equipped with gear mounting tracks, if otherwise, you may need to drill into your kayak to install a mount or resort to a clamp-on rod holder that does not require drilling.

Kayak Track Mount Rod Holders

You wouldn’t agree less that of the most popular kayak mount, track mount rod holders take the lead. Most fishing kayaks are designed with a track, and prominent names like RailBlaza, Scotty, YakAttack and a few other brands come with rod holders that will fit kayak factory tracks.

Extra other accessories can be added to tracks, which of course, make them versatile. Tracks are a good option to work with, you can install a rod holder and adjust the positioning easily on your kayak.

If your kayak does not come with a track, you can get one to install from the rod holder manufacturers that sell their own track.

Flush Mount Kayak Rod Holder

This mount rod holder is basically flush with the deck of the kayak and usually installed behind a paddler’s sit-inside kayak seat, while your rod’s butt fits down into the rod holder.

Installing the rod holder behind the seat helps to keep the fishing pole out of the way when paddling. However, installing a flush mount requires drilling a hole into your kayak.

You need to be cautious whenever you consider drilling into a kayak. Doing it the wrong way or incorrectly can compromise the buoyancy of your kayak and as a result, put you in a dangerous position whenever you are out on the water.

Deck Mount Kayak Rod Holder

The deck mount might look like a permanent solution yet, one has to proceed with caution. A deck mount is just like a base attached to the deck of a kayak. 

It works better for kayakers who have enough space for it. The installation requires drilling holes in your vessel.

It’s always better to test the placement of the deck mount rod holder before installing it. Check to see if the rod holder will be accessible without getting in your way when paddling.

Crate Mount Kayak Rod Holder

Crate mount is another great kayak mount type. Some anglers like to use a crate in their kayak. The crate mount is commonly installed in the rear storage gear area where they can keep their fishing gear.

Some rod holders are designed to fit on a crate or cooler, and multiple rod holders are often seen to be attached to a crate.

If you would like to have different poles set up with different lures or bait, then you may want to try a crate-mounted rod holder that allows you to use multiple rods at a time.

Clamp-On Rod Holder For A Kayak

Not all folks like to see their precious beautiful kayaks drilled. A clamp mount might be a salvage when deciding to have a “no drilling” rod holder. 

They are versatile, easily installed and removed. This is a great option for you if you don’t want any holes or maybe, an extra hole in your kayak.

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