10 Best Trolling Motors for Pontoon Boats To Buy In 2024


Nothing can beat a pontoon boat whose power is set free on a fishing trip. Pontoon Boats are very sturdy, easy-to-use vessels with much stability. They give you a stress-free experience, and if you invest in one, you will find that it’s worth it.

Many high-quality trolling motors do not produce too many waves and noise on the water. However, it may be wearying to select the best one for oneself from all the amazing options available to choose from on the market.

To help ease the stress of searching, we have created a review of the 10 best trolling motors for pontoon boats. The products were selected based on their performance, ruggedness, noise, and vibration factors.

And before this review is our buying guide on those 10 best options that are currently leading on the market.

1. Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

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People who are professionals and are very familiar with trolling motors know that Minn Kota is a strong force in trolling motor manufacturing. They produce cool motors that perform effectively without overheating.

Also, the excellent bearing system helps in the reduction of friction, so it doesn’t make too much noise or over-vibrate to scare the fish off.

With a thrust power of 30 to 55 pounds, the Minn Kota Endura Transom supplies you with the necessary speed notwithstanding the weight your pontoon boat is carrying. As the motor is equipped with a 30-inches shaft, it efficiently manages to reach underwater for providing you with excellent running performance. 

You do not have to worry about the strength of the shaft because not only is it strong against all types of impacts in the water but it is also protected against corrosion and rust. And gives you the chance to repeatedly use it without stress.

You can easily back-troll the boat using a lever lock bracket and a specially engineered rotatable lower unit offers you a 180 degrees rotation for more convenient steering. The Minn Kota Endura Transom is a 12-volt trolling motor and runs efficiently on freshwater.

Plus, it has 8-speed control set in total; 5 forward, and 3 reverse. While relaxing comfortably, you can select the exact speed option you want and get the needed power supply without dropping the efficiency of the battery for your all-day trip.

You’d be surprised the battery of the motor is strong enough to last up to 5 times, on a single charge than many of its counterparts. As much as the steering is concerned, there’s no cause to worry because this trolling motor has a telescoping tiller for convenient control and movement.

If you’re looking for a strong trolling motor that can stand against impact in the way, then the Minn Kota Endura Transom is a great choice.


  • 8-speed control options
  • Adaptable telescoping handle of 6 inches
  • 180-degree rotatable lower unit
  • Strong battery life
  • Cool and convenient operation
  • Offers 30-55 pounds thrust


  • Unsealed shaft
  • Relatively short power cord

2. Newport Vessels L-Series Transom Mount Electric Trolling Motor For Saltwater

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If all you’re looking for as an angler is a good quality motor that is fit for use in saltwater, the L-series from Newport Vessels is the one to find. Although its price is on the high side that’s compensated for by the high-end material used for its construction, and the peace of mind you’ll have when you buy it.

This big beast comes with a composite shaft of 40 inches with high resistance to corrosion and rust. There is an 8-speed set you can choose from; 5 forward, and 3 reverse. And the shaft is operated through a telescoping tiller that provides you with confident steering.

Moreover, there’s a 10-point LED battery indicator that measures your battery level and tells you the level of power that remains. It gives you this timely indication so that you’re not left stranded on the water without power.

To power up the Newport Vessel L-series, two 12V batteries are required, or a trolling motor marine battery of 24V. That’s not all, this rugged motor comes with two thrust outputs-62 and 86 lbs.

The bigger thrust provides you with high-powered performance with less vibration and noise as your run through strong waves and currents. The product also comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • High-powered performance
  • Equipped with a 10 LED battery meter
  • Rugged components made of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years


  • Price is on the high-side

3. Newport Vessels NV-Series Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Electric Motor

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One of the most loved Saltwater trolling motors out there, the NV-Series combines ruggedness with high-end flexible performance.

It is built to be suitable for all types of pontoon boats with its high-quality fiberglass composite 30-inch shaft. The shaft is also adjustable to appropriate depth regardless of the water current level.

Among its several exciting features that enhance your fishing experience is 36-86 lbs thrust outputs. This thrust option makes it easy to run in whatever condition.

You can fish for a long time on the water without the motor overheating, over-vibrating, or giving too much noise that scares the fish off. And while holding it, the ergonomic handle provides much comfort all through your time on the water.

The Newport Vessels L-series also has a 5-point LED battery display that keeps you updated on the battery level as you run on. What’s more, the device offers 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds, and at controlled by a telescopic tiller handle.

There’s nothing to fear on saltwater with this motor. Mostly made of durable zinc, stainless steel, and magnesium material, the hardware ensures the safety of the trolling motor regardless of the type of water you have your pontoon boat on.


  • Adjustable, high-strength shaft
  • Maintains an efficient run without noise or overheating
  • 8 speed-control- 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds
  • LED battery meter reading
  • Suitable for saltwater activities


  • Absence of speed indicator

4. Watersnake Venom Sxw 54/42 Transom Mount Motors

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The Watersnake Venom SXW electric motors are another great force providing anglers with a large range of smart, tiller-steer, transom-mount trolling motors.

The Venom SXW 54/42 model provides you with a thrust output of 54 pounds and a composite shaft of 42 inches suited for both small water and dedicated inshore sportfishing on your pontoon boat.

The device is also equipped with a 3-blade propeller with all shafts made of stainless steel, and a weedless props design that makes a way in difficult places on the water. 

You do not worry about the shafts as they’re made of a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, composite material, built especially for saltwater activities.

The motor runs on a 12-volt battery and operates on 8 speed-set; 5 forward and 3 reverse. The speeds are controlled with the telescopic tiller handle throttle. Also, a thicker grip has been added to the new motor head design to make the tiller easier for you to handle. 

You will also find on the head design, a digital battery indicator that allows you to keep track of your battery life. Also included in this model is a fast multi-tilt positioning bracket, and an upgraded alloy mount grip.


  • 8 speed-control set; 5 forward and 3 reverse
  • The digital battery meter display
  • Telescopic tiller handle
  • Almost indestructible composite shaft
  • Strong battery life

5. Black Haswing 12V Bow Mount Trolling Motor

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The Black Haswing 55lbs is a versatile Bow-Mount Trolling Motor that combines both saltwater and freshwater motor. 

With much more compactness than many of its counterparts, it offers a thrust output of 55 pounds even when your pontoon boat is loaded up to 2750 pounds weight. 

It also comes with a 12-volt battery with high energy efficiency that provides you with all the necessary power you need for your thrust.

There’s a remote-control feature with a handheld device that allows you to control your boat’s movements from a distance up to 164ft. What this simply means is that you can commandeer your pontoon boat from the shoreline without losing focus on your catch or having to take your hands off your fishing net or rod.

The device is equipped with stainless steel, a corrosion-proof, 54-inch shaft, and a collapsible package that ensures easy mounting and unmounting. Moreover, with a speed setting of 8; 5 forward and 3 reverse, steering this device is like writing your name. 

You will find that with just a full 180-degree turning of the handle, you can bring your pontoon boat into reverse with ease. 

The cruise control mode smartly helps you to navigate through the water as you pay attention to your potential lures in the deep. With little or no effort at all, you get adjustments to the speed.

The only time you may need to go manual is when you need to adjust your course per time. Although some anglers may find this model too costly but it is a worthy investment for you an afford it.


  • 12-volt battery with high energy efficiency
  • Portable wireless remote control
  • Versatile; suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years


  • Relatively expensive

6. MinnKota Edge 70 Bow-mount Foot Control

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The Edge 70 model from MinnKota is another great product that is worthy of consideration. Featuring a prop set with powerful output that helps you experience a smooth ride by cutting through submerged grass, marshes, and weed growth without trouble. 

It does this without consuming much of the battery life like many of its counterparts. Moreover, you gain convenient control over this model on the water, thanks to a strong, long shaft of 52 inches that takes you to any preferred fishing spot of your choice. 

The length of the shaft allows it to go deep underwater to provide an excellent pontoon driving experience notwithstanding the conditions. Also, an included manual cable helps provide added convenience to controlling the motor.

Made of durable composite material, the shaft can withstand rough impacts underwater without damage. And regarding performance, this beast is well equipped with excellent thrust power that provides you with a timeless speed no matter how heavy the pontoon boat is loaded. 

Moreover, the MinnKota Edge 70 is equipped to run on both calm and wavy shallow water. Perhaps the most amazing feature of this model is its ability to deliver great fishing success without excessive noise or vibrations that scare off your potential fish lures.

Furthermore, the device comes with a battery that lasts longer throughout your entire fishing time and beyond, with just one full charge. This is made possible by functional and effective hardware, keeping power consumption very low without reducing performance.


  • Impressive shaft length of 52 inches
  • Runs without excessive noise and vibrations that scare fish off
  • Highly efficient with strong battery life
  • Possesses a prop that cuts through water weed
  • Easy to mount, use, and unmount
  • 5 forward speed options


  • Unsealed shaft
  • Inflexible peddle and cord

7. Watersnake Geo-spot Gps 65lb Bow Mount Motors

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Talking about game-changing in the GPS trolling motor world, The Watersnake Geo-Spot Bow Mount Motors is one of the forerunners with amazing features like Pilot Mode, Navigation Mode, Anchor Mode, and Cruise Mode.

The anchor mode feature helps to hold your position with just the press of a button, and you have the pilot mode to help you maintain your course notwithstanding the water current level.

The device runs on a lasting 12-volt battery. And with a thrust power of 65lb, you get to go as fast as possible regardless of what your boat carries, with just about 50 amps drawn from the battery. Go wherever you want with no panic, this beast is protected against overheating and has a shaft made of composite material that extends into the water.

Also included is a 3-blade propeller that cuts through water weeds and marshes, so there’s no room for obstructions. What’s more, there’s an 8-speed-control set; 5 forward and 3 reverse. It is also compatible with an optional foot controller.

That’s not all, you can record your most visited or favorite fishing route so you can easily retrace them back whenever you want to. The “navigate mode” smartly and autonomously finds you the beginning and end of your adventure route, and then follows the route.

Perhaps the most amazing feature of this great device is the ability it gives you- with remote control- to run your motor while relaxing anywhere on the pontoon boat.


  • Lasting 12V battery
  • The amazing thrust output of 65 pounds
  • The presence of Pilot Mode, Navigation Mode, Anchor Mode, and so on gives you the utmost convenience

8. Minn Kota Ultrex Freshwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor

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The Ultrex Freshwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor is another great and reliable choice among other popular options from MinnKota. One thing particular about this model, besides its long list of excellent features, is its ergonomic design. 

Although it features a few advanced and technical features, it is very convenient to use, even for new users. GPS-controlled, the MinnKota Ultrex has everything taken care of without stress. The i-plot helps you to control the steering and movement, the speed, and the spot-lock. 

And knowing about the path you’ve taken comes like a breeze because this beast can help you with retracing and recording. The remote touchscreen gives you access to control your whole trip while sitting still, and looking pretty on your pontoon boat. It indeed betters your fishing adventure in many ways.

With the universal sonar 2 image transducer, you get clear coverage of what’s going on with the fish in the water underneath you. You don’t have to worry about wirings being in contact with water because everything is properly sealed and protected for your safety.

Furthermore, you get a shaft of the length of 45 inches that proceeds deep into the water to give an improved performance. What’s more, the included foot pedal brings ease to your movement. 

Almost without any effort and touching no physical button, you can press the spot-lock button to keep your boat in a fixed position.  When you take your feet off the pedal, you will notice that the motor head shows you where you left by pointing in that direction.

That’s not all, you can run your motor at great speed with a thrust power of 80 pounds without any issue. And what makes this more interesting? Its powerful 24 volts battery is always available to supply all the needed thrust amount.

Another thing you get from this device is easy maneuverability. It pulls you through in the water even when you encounter water weeds and marshes.


  • GPS i-plot control system
  • The thrust of 80 pounds
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use
  • Sonar image transducer
  • Sturdy 45 inches shaft
  • Easy-to-use foot pedal


  • The power switch could have been better

9. GoPlus Electric Trolling Motor For Freshwater

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The GoPlus Electric Trolling Motor is a pocket-friendly option. However, its budget-friendliness does not deplete its performance one bit as it has all the basic and necessary features that are found in the other big names.

The device comes in three max thrust outputs, the biggest being 86 lbs while the next is 55 lbs followed by 46 lbs. Although it’s a general rule that your required thrust is a function of the size of your boat but even the smallest size will be fine for your pontoon boat. 

Each of these options comes with 8-speed control options which include 2 reverse and 5 forward speeds, and are controlled by an adjustable telescopic tiller handle. The tiller steers a shaft made of composite fiberglass which in turn transmits power to a 3-blade propeller.

The presence of a 10-point LED battery meter helps you to keep track of the power consumption from the 24 volts battery and prepare for recharge so that you will not be stranded too far from the shore when it runs out.

There’s also a durable Nylon bracket that is included for easy mounting while the other parts are constructed using sturdy aluminum.


  • Reinforced Nylon mounting bracket
  • 8 selectable drive speeds (5 forward/3 reverse)
  • 10-point LED battery level indicator
  • Three thrust options for different vessel sizes
  • Best Budget Choice

10. Motorguide Xi5 Wireless Saltwater 105lb 72″ With Pinpoint Gps

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The MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Saltwater trolling motor is an industry-leading model, thanks to its amazing Pinpoint GPS. It also boasts innovative navigation design options such as Jog and Route playback.

There is also the presence of a GPS anchor that delivers great precision up to 3 times better than other available options out there. The steering system is just as easy to do like thinking. 

It has an electric steering rotation with unmatched responsive control that is 50% faster than its competitors. It also possesses a digital energy-saving system that preserves its battery 5X longer than any of its competitors.

You can connect any of your chart plotters and a Pinpoint GPS Gateway Cable for ultimate control. What’s more, there’s an optional wireless foot pedal, a strong 3-blade machete prop, and a composite shaft that doesn’t break.


  • Electric steering system with an unmatched responsive control
  • Lasting battery life
  • Optional wireless foot pedal
  • 3-blade Machete Prop
  • Unbreakable shaft made of composite material


  • Most anglers may find it expensive

Features To Look Out For Before Purchasing A Trolling Motor

Getting everything, you need from the model you love is the least you can ask for. But how can you know if the trolling motor of your choice has enough to offer you? Or if it has the best potential to provide optimum enjoyment for your next fishing needs? 

In light of this, we have brought together some important features to consider when you plan to purchase a trolling motor for your pontoon boat.

Trolling Motor Thrust for Pontoon Boat

First and foremost, to enjoy a smooth water ride with a trolling motor mounted on your pontoon boat, you need to check for the motor thrust. 

The thrust is an essential feature that best explains the efficiency of your thrust motor when loaded up with weight. How many loads can it handle while on top speed? And for how long?

The answers to these questions give you a picture of how well your motor will perform under extreme conditions. Going by the commonly used calculation, 2 thrust output is required for every 100-pound pontoon boat weight without depleting the performance. 

By correctly estimating the total weight your pontoon boat is going to carry, you can go ahead to select the option provides the most appropriate thrust output.

Water Condition

Perhaps, the most important factor to consider is the water condition. The type of water you intend to carry out your activities on determines the type or model you will need. 

Some models are designed to run on freshwater; some are for saltwater. While models designed to run on saltwater can be used perfectly on freshwater, those designed for the latter can’t be used on the former. 

Why? Saltwater can be corrosive. The materials and engineering techniques used to construct a saltwater model are more advanced than that of freshwater. Therefore, the freshwater model may not be able to perform well for long on saltwater.

Mounting Position

To be able to function effectively by distributing power perfectly, the trolling thrust motor for pontoon boats must be positioned onto their transom part in the middle. 

You will see some trolling thrust models that can be mounted on the stern or bow. But if you can get a kicker mount, you’re better off.

Sealed Housing

Trolling motors for pontoon boats are designed to work constantly underneath the waters and this continuous contact, particularly in salt water, can bring about corrosion and rust. 

The only thing that can save you from spending additional money due to damage is to purchase one made of strong material and anti-rust and corrosion sealed housing that prevents the entrance of water. The material also should not cause too many vibrations that send your potential lures running.

Stainless steel materials are great. Aluminum motors are considered the most suitable because while they provide you with excellent protection against corrosion, they are lightweight.


The handle is an important part of the trolling motor thrust you must consider. It influences the navigation of the device, allowing you to steer and stay in control when it’s on the ground or underwater.

You will find that many of the handles on props are ergonomically designed with a compressing shape. The one you choose should give you much comfort to hold, push, or pull.


The thrust shaft runs from your vessel edge into the water. That is, it is the part that “takes your device” underwater. The level of depth it goes depends on its length. To get excellent performance from your prop and make great catches, you’ll need a long shaft.

A shaft of length 36 inches should be the appropriate size for a waterline-to-transom distance of 16 inches. Whereas, a shaft of the length of 30 inches would do if the waterline-to-transom distance is shorter, say, 10 inches, or less. Some models’ shafts can even go between 55″ and 60″

You do not have to worry about getting a separate shaft for your motors as some models come with a shaft adaptable feature that allows you to choose what length is best depending on how the situations require or how convenient it is for you.

Additionally, the shaft in the motors must be strong enough to withstand sudden rough impacts with other immersed objects underwater, including rocks!

Composite shafts made from fiberglass are the most durable to consider on the market because fiberglass doesn’t wear off quickly.

Battery Capacity

This has to do with the battery voltage or life of the device. The capacity of the device’s battery is a function of how long you stay enjoying fishing. The higher the thrust power you require, the more voltage you need.

Some motors, no doubt, come with very high thrust power but often have power failure because their batteries can’t carry them. A 12 volts deep-cycle marine battery should be fine but if the work your device does is very heavy, you can purchase a battery of 24 volts.

Ensure that there’s a proper connection between the battery and the motor and there’s enough room for the wires linking them. There shouldn’t be a problem with the setup. Better still consult the user manual.

Speed and Controls

You will find some trolling motors for pontoon boats up to 8 sets or variable speed; 5 forward and 3 reverse. These numbers are enough for your water vessel to move backward and forward without any hassle.

But you may not be able to gain torque beyond 10mph. Does that sound slow? Well, yes, that’s why it is a top choice for slow-water fishing, providing proper speed.

Now that you have gone through our review, we hope that you’ve gotten all necessary idea you need to selecting the best trolling motor that will give you full enjoyment on your next fishing adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a trolling motor be used on a pontoon boat?

The shortest answer is YES. As long as all engineering designs are correct and you have the proper thrust power and shaft length.

Can an electric trolling motor handle rough water condition?

There’s a limit to the water roughness an electric trolling motor can handle. Excessive water waves and currents may cause damage to it.

If you intend to use your boat on waters characterized by excessive current, we recommend you go for an electric engine instead.

How fast can my pontoon boat go with a trolling motor?

10MPH. That’s the fastest you can go with a trolling motor behind your pontoon boat. That’s why they’re used for fishing.  Some trolling motors even come with lower speed but you’ll always find the range between 4-10 MPH.

How much backup can I expect from the battery?

The major factor that determines how long a trolling motor battery lasts is the battery’s power rating. High-rated batteries last longer than low ones.

Another factor is how often you run your trolling motor. Your battery will likely drain faster if you go a long distance at a very fast speed than if you go a short distance at a low speed.

Different models have their battery ratings. You can consult the user manual for more details on the battery life.

What length of trolling motor shaft for a pontoon boat?

Selecting a proper trolling motor shaft length can be quite challenging for anglers. But it all depends on your need, that is, where and how you intend to use it.

Generally, 60 inches shaft is used on pontoon boats but you could go for any of the shorter ones but not beyond 50 inches especially if you’re not clear on what you require for your for your boat.

The best selection will ensure that your propeller is properly immersed in the water and that it gives an excellent output.

What size trolling motor do I need for a 20-foot pontoon boat?

For a 20-foot pontoon boat, trolling motors with a thrust power of 60 lb would work fine, by calculation, but we recommend you get the one of 70 lb, which is slightly higher, for an added amount of power.

What size trolling motor do I need for a 24-foot pontoon boat?

The size of your trolling motor is proportional to the size of your boat. Fully loaded, a 24 ft pontoon boat will weigh about 3,500 lb. Adopting the formula we gave and used earlier in this article, the required thrust would be about 70 lb.

And we recommended that the size you get be slightly higher than the required, so you can go for a trolling motor thrust size of 80 lb+ with 24-volt. This will provide you with the proper amount of power that you need.

What Size Trolling Motor Do I Need?

Motor size means torque size of thrust power. The larger the size of a trolling motor the larger the capacity it has to deliver.

To get the size of your current trolling motor, try dividing your total pontoon boat weight by 100, then multiply your result by 2. The result you get will tell you your pontoon boat trolling motor’s required thrust. You can get the weight information of your pontoon boat from the user manual.

We recommend that you purchase a trolling motor with a slightly larger size(power) than the required. This is because going for a lower thrust power may undermine the overall performance of the boat and limit you from having all the fun that you plan with your friends and/or family.

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