9 Best Modular Kayaks To Buy In 2024


What most kayakers want is to be able to go to many places on the water with so much gear and baggage containing everything they’d need for the adventure. Since you’re here, you’re probably one of them.

Modular kayaks are a great option when it comes to space-saving for storage. They’re generally easy to transport and store due to the ability of their sections to come apart and together without stress.

1. Point 65 Mercury GTX Solo

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  • Material of Design: Polyethylene
  • Dimension: 14 ft × 23.6 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 286 pounds
  • Seat Type: Padded and foam

For years, the Point 65 brand has proven itself worthy of all the accolades they receive as the best manufacturer of modular kayaks.

They parade a fleet of amazing kayaks that are not only known but have stayed relevant for several years with many awards to their names. And they keep getting better.

With the Mercury GTX touring kayak, they’ve shown their worth again. This beast comes in a unique design that can be broken down into three sections, transported, and stored easily in your car trunk, with the bow part fitting into the cockpit of the middle section.

These three can also be reassembled in just a few seconds, thanks to an interlocking stanchion and mounted ratchet straps.

Crafted with kayak tourists in mind, this beast comes with all the necessary speed, power and responsive turns that make it handle rough water without losing its balance.

The adjustable seat also provides you with ultimate comfort throughout your adventure. The presence of a patented Snap-Tap™ technology in the Mercury GTX allows you to add another midsection to have it changed from one form to another.

What’s more, there are a few storage options on this model. It features two hatches that provide convenient dry storage for all your gear and accessories. It is fast, stable, and convenient for anyone ready to look past its high price


  • Comfortable seats with back support
  • The right choice for both beginners and professionals
  • Ability to transform into both solo, 2-person, or three-person kayak
  • Spacy cockpit for easy access and exit
  • Easy assembly and disassembly, thanks to the Point 65’s Snap-Tap™ technology


  • Heavy when assembled fully

2. Tequila GTX Tandem Point 65 N

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  • Design Material: High-grade plastic
  • Dimensions (Solo): 29.5″ × 29.5″
  • Dimensions (Tandem): 13′ 8″ × 29.5″
  • Weight Capacity: 530 pounds
  • Seat Type: Air seat

The renowned engineer Magnus de Brito’s Tequila GTX from Point 65 is another (THE SECOND) best on our list known for high durability, performance, and versatility. This great modular kayak is a recipient of the Red Dot award and several other accolades.

Like every other from Point 65, it is easy to use, transport, and store as a solo or tandem kayak. Either way, if you choose to use it, you won’t be disappointed.

In terms of comfort, the Tequila GTX kayak performs at best with seats made of EVA foam and covered by laminated fabric. This budget-friendly modular kayak also provides your legs with enough room in the cockpit.

The Tequila GTX is designed especially for recreational kayakers or anglers who’re just out to enjoy the beauty of nature with their partner, kid, or a four-legged friend, and not for those who’re interested in sport or tour kayaking but it was

For easy attachment and detachment, it comes with the Snap-Tap™ system. Moreover, the presence of the tracking keel helps maintain a linear movement although this has a little negative effect on its maneuverability.


  • Made of durable UV and Impact-resistant hull
  • Patented Snap-Tap™ ratchet system for easy assembly and disassembly of your kayak pieces
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Perfect for both fishing and recreational kayaking


  • Not suitable for use for touring
  • The tracking system could have been better

3. Kingfisher Solo Point 65N

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  • Design Material: HDPE plastic
  • Dimensions:
  • Self-Weight (tandem): 67 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
  • Seat Type: Adaptable padded seat

If you’re looking for a modular kayak that helps combine recreational kayaking and fishing then the KingFisher Solo is for you.

With a narrow beam of about 31.1 inches and a trimaran design, the vessel provides you with high-end stability so that you can even stand up while casting your lure.

With a self-weight of 67 pounds only, carrying and storing the Kingfisher is just like a breeze. It comes in two independently floatable pieces that make loading into your vehicle easy.

The two pieces are easily joined together for single-use, thanks to the smart Smart Snap-Tap™ system. The system also provides means for fishing at different places by allowing you to easily separate the pieces apart.

Two ergonomic rudders are included on both sides of the vessel as well as double steering handles and a fingertip touch for convenient control of your kayak while you fish effortlessly with one hand.

There’s also an inclusion of drain holes for quick removal of water that finds its way into the kayak as well as fishing rod holders on both sides of the kayak for easy storage of your rods when you’re on break.

You will find the Kingfisher Game chair in this model. The chair is aimed by the manufacturer to provide you with utmost comfort while you sit and fish or while you’re just relaxing after a long fishing day.

By engaging the tracks on the side, you will be able to adjust the chair to the best sitting position for you. What’s more, there are storage areas on the vessel to store additional gear. 

The cargoes are sealed and have gaskets to prevent water from entering. Also provided for extra storage of various accessories are nine military-grade aluminum balustrades with bungee straps to keep every of your gear and accessories in place.

Although this model does not come with an IDM (Impulse Drive Motor), you can get it separately, connect it to your vessel, and hold using two adaptable clips.

What this technology does once mounted is that instead of the rigorous paddling, it lets you drive your kayak with a foot pedal with your hands-free to catch so many lures!


  • A durable shell design provides appropriate stability
  • More than enough storage options and spaces
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Resistant against UV and sudden impacts
  • Marine-grade rails and bungee cords for safe securing of gears and accessories


  • Attaching and detaching the pieces properly may take a while
  • The rudders may take a while to respond

4. Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak Point 65 N

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  • Design Material: HDPE Plastic
  • Dimensions: 10′ × 31″
  • Self-Weight (tandem): 52 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
  • Seat Type: Adaptable padded seat

The Lifetime Company’s Tamarack Angler 100 is the first on our list to compete with Point 65’s army of amazing modular kayak models. Though it may not offer all the luxuries you find in Point 65’s, it provides uniquely excellent features that prove its low price tag. 

That is why it ranks close to the Kingfisher Solo and is a qualified alternative if you’re budget-conscious. With a very low self-weight of 52 pounds, a length of 10 feet, and a  weight capacity of  275 pounds, this kayak combines stability with portability.

It comes with basic accessories like paddles, shock cords, and carry hand grips at the bow and on both sides of the boat so that securing, steering, and carrying your boat is an easy thing to do. 

There are rod holders on the side of the kayak to keep your fishing rod safe when you decide to take a break. Made with high-density polyethylene with impact and UV protection, the Tamarack Angler 100 is built to last even in rough conditions. 

The presence of chain rails ensures your stability and allows you to stand while casting your lure. It has a padded adjustable seat with a backrest for comfort though you may start to feel uncomfortable when you’ve sat for a long period.

The design also features up to 6 scupper drains to let out any water that finds its way into the vessel. For increased efficiency, you can buy scupper plugs which are sold separately and used in the drains.

The storage is average with two sealed containers at the back and front of the chair. The container has a gasket lid and comes with a bungee cord for firm securing of your gears and accessories. Additional gear can be stored at the kayak’s rear and secured with bungee cords.

The seats are adjustable to several positions, so you can sit comfortably, regardless of your size. This is particularly helpful if you need to alter your sitting position after enjoying a long fishing spree.


  • It is relatively affordable
  • It has a unique shell design
  • Adjustable seat
  • Comes with paddles and shock cords.
  • Impressive legroom and several footrest locations
  • Suitable for different sizes of people


  • Quite slow
  • The seat comfort could’ve been better

5. Falcon Point 65 N Solo

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  • Material of Design: HDPE Plastic
  • Dimension: 8′ 8″ × 26.2″
  • Weight Capacity: 485 pounds
  • Seat Type: Padded seat

Here you have the first solo kayak from Point 65 on our list. The Falcon sit-on-top solo kayak is supposed to be the improved version of the discontinued Apollo Point 65. 

And if you’re planning to go out on a fishing trip with your partner, you can easily transform it into a tandem kayak by separately buying the middle section.

The Falcon Point 65 N Solo is made from high-density thermoplastic material with impact and UV protection. 

Transporting the kayak using its carry handgrips located in specific parts is also a very easy thing to do due to its lightweight weight of 40 pounds for both the front and back sections.

Its 55 inches length also makes it easy to transport in most vehicles, so you can go wherever you want to have your fun. You won’t even have to get a roof rack

And when you’re back from your adventure, you can easily store it in your storage space at home or even underneath the bed!

You will also find on this model, cupholders, a storage space with a quick-release locking system for all your gear. The kayak seat is made of plastic which can get a little uncomfortable if you sit to fish too long unless you choose to get some padding. 

Moreso, this model doesn’t come with any paddle nor does it go as fast as his Point 65 colleagues, being a recreational kayak.


  • It is made from a high-density thermoplastic
  • Suitable for both solo and tandem kayaking
  • It is recyclable
  • Multiple adjustable footrests
  • Lightweight, with each section weighing 20 pounds
  • Quick-release locking system


  • Absence of a paddle; you will have to purchase it separately
  • A plastic seat with no paddling makes it uncomfortable to seat in after a long sitting period

6. Tequila Angler Tequila GTX Solo

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  • Material of Design: HDPE Plastic
  • Dimension: 9′ 8″ × 29.5′
  • Weight Capacity: 265 pounds
  • Seat Type: Air Seat

The Tequila GTX modular kayak is another great solo option besides the Kingfisher Solo. It is a versatile sit-on-top model that is suitable even for solo paddling. Though it may not possess all the dashing features and abilities of the Kingfisher, it is a perfect alternative.

Besides being a good solo option, adding one or more midsections transforms it into a more perfect tandem kayak, which allows about two more persons to go with you on your fishing expenditure. It can also act as additional storage for your gear if you’re bent on going solo on your adventure.

The Snap-Tap™ technology is also not left out in this Point 65’s modular kayak. The technology provides easy joining of your modular kayak sections to turn it from a solo kayak to a tandem.

That’s not all, the Tequila GTX Angler features an AIR seat that keeps you comfortable throughout your entire adventure. There’s also an adjustable backrest that lets you maintain any convenient sitting position.

The weight capacity of the kayak is 300 pounds, which means that it can support all your fishing gears and maybe one or two more people without losing its stability.

With a solo length of 10 feet and a tandem length of about 14 feet, the kayak is easy to carry and keep safely in your vehicle or garage.

Moreover, the inclusion of a tracking keel helps to keep your vessel moving straight while you paddle. There’s also a GPS and sonar transducer mount-fitting on the deck, and integrated rod holders to keep your fishing rod safe after use.

Besides the lack of Kingfisher’s motoring capacities, this model is a perfect option for your next great fishing experience.


  • Air seat provides sitting comfortability
  • The addition of midsections allows for more anglers to join you in the fun
  • Features rod holders for safekeeping your fishing rods
  • Comes with a 2-years manufacturer’s warranty


  • Motor capabilities could’ve been better
  • The problem of water coming through the seams

7. Martini GTX Point 65 N

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  • Material of Design: High-quality Plastic
  • Dimensions (Solo): 9′ 4″ × 27.6″
  • Dimensions (Tandem): 13′ 8″ × 27.6 inches
  • Weight Capacity (Solo): 265 pounds
  • Weight Capacity (Tandem): 530 pounds
  • Seat Type: Mesh-like fabric and Air Seat

Over the years, The Point 65’s modular kayaks have always been satisfying choices for many lovers of modular kayaks, and with the Martini GTX, they have not disappointed again.

You can decide to have your Martini in 2 or 3 sections, depending on whether you’re interested in going solo or going with a partner. 

When used as a tandem kayak with a midsection, its measured length is around 14 feet but without a midsection at full assembly, it measures about 10.5 feet.

The patented Snap-Tap™ technology helps in joining the added sections together with the front and back sections by making use of a ratchet present on either side of the shell.

The kayak also follows after its Point 65 colleagues in that, it comes with lightweight sections and good portability with molded handles for convenience, and can easily be stored in most vehicles and trucks and transported to anywhere you’re going.

The Point 65 Martini GTX is durable, having a roto-molded shell that protects it from impacts on the water. It also has high strength with a weight capacity of 530 pounds as a full tandem kayak with a streamlined arrowhead design that enhances its speed.

Moreover, it features a seat that is made of fabric- resembling a mesh- molded over EVA foam. The seat has inflatable back support that keeps your back from aching after a prolonged sitting. 

There’s a built-in pump that determines the level of adjustment you want to make on the back support. The included footrests and the foot control rudders are also adjustable to give you comfortable sitting and foot positions. 

You will also find braces for your thigh by the seats for added comfort as you paddle. Also included in this kayak are protective pads at the cockpit for your knees to help keep your knees from pain when they accidentally hit the cockpit.

While the Martini GTX performs well as a recreational kayak, it is also equipped with some fishing features. 

There’s an inclusion of rod mounts, a paddle holder close to your seat, bungee cords to safely secure your gear, and an integrated rule that allows you to measure your daily catch. Also included are waterproof storage compartments and two bottle openers.


  • Integrated adjustable rudder
  • The presence of an adjustable and inflatable back support improves convenience
  • The arrowhead design enhances its speed
  • Comfortable seats with thigh and knee protection
  • Padded EVA foam


  • Features no paddle
  • Absence of carrying hand grips on the side for easy transport

8. Snap Kayaks Snap-On Top Solo

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The Snap-on-top Solo Kayak from Snap is an extremely versatile and high-performing sit-on-top modular kayak. With a self-weight of 18kg, it, therefore, comes with exceptional portability as well as stability, which gained much acceptance from many paddlers.

Snap Kayak’s unique patent-pending Snap-Tap Technology allows for quick assembly and disassembly of all sections to make it a solo, two-person, or three-person kayak in seconds!

There’s no limit to the fun you’ll get to have. The kayak, when used solo, features dimensions of 10″ × 24.2″, and a weight capacity of 100kg in full size.

You and your partners can have so much on the water without worry, thanks to its durable blow-molded polyethylene hull design with high stability. And the stability does not in any way act as a drawback to its speed. 

Additionally, when you buy this kayak, it comes in a strong box for maximum protection, so transporting and storing it is an easy thing to do.

It fits into the trunk or back of most vehicles without heavy lifting, so you can go anywhere you want with it. Moreso, it does not take up much space when stored in the garage.

In addition to the mentioned features, the kayak comes with cup holders, a convenient seat with a fantastic backrest, foot braces, and enough storage space for your extra gear.


  • Properly design for convenient transport and storage in a car trunk or the wardrobe
  • The design innovatively prevents water from entering and logging into the kayak and ultimately prevents you from getting wet while paddling


  • The kayak is not readily available to the Snap modular kayak fans plus order takes quite a long time

9. SEAFLO Solo 2-piece Modular Kayak

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  • Material of design: HDPE plastic
  • Dimensions (Solo): 8’3″ × 26.2″ × 9″
  • Weight Capacity: 320 lbs
  • Self-Weight: 23 lbs per section

Constructed from a blow-molded, high-density, thermoplastic material, the SEAFLO 2-piece Modular kayak is another highly durable and reliable option to consider. The blow-molding process is to ensure that the kayak stays tough regardless of environmental conditions.

With each section having a self-weight of just 23 pounds, and the dimensions of the full size being 8’3″ × 26.2″, the kayak is portable enough for easy carriage.

It may not possess the Snap-Tap Technology common in all Point 65 modular kayaks but the new multi-piece, easy-attachment design allows you to go solo or attach a separately purchased middle section to turn it into a tandem kayak

And with a unique shell design plus a weight capacity of about 320 lbs, it provides you with excellent stability, especially on flat waters.

What’s more, the SF-3001S is an economy modular kayak specifically designed to meet the kayaking needs of many customers without breaking the bank. It easily assembles and disassembles in seconds, and is not difficult to transport and store safely.


  • Excellent stability with ease of transport and storage
  • Possesses great tracking
  • The presence of recessed storage space allows for better gear securing


  • Only comes in 2-pieces; it does not come with a middle section.

There are a lot of questions to ask and options to weigh when considering purchasing a modular kayak. 

From the type of activity, you’re going to do on the water, where you intend to use your kayak, how stable it is, how easy is it to transport, how affordable it is, and so on. Below are a few of these things you need to consider:

How Well Does It Secure Your Gear?

One good thing about modular kayaks is that they’re the best for storing extra baggage you bring along to the water. However, having a modular kayak that provides reliable storage space depends on the dimensions, self-weight, and weight capacity of that kayak.

The dimensions help in planning where and how best it is to store your vessel while the self-weight helps to know how convenient it is to carry to and from the water to your vehicle.

For easy transport, we recommend that you purchase a model that comes with grab loops, and carrying hand grips, amongst other things. 

Also, weight capacity allows you to know how much load your kayak can handle, and how the weight affects its stability.

Where Do You Intend To Use Your Kayak?

The type of modular kayak that you get is also dependent on where you choose to use your kayak. Different modular kayaks are for different reasons. While some are suitable for watersports, others are designed just for recreation or fishing on calm waters.

If you’re a beginner, you can start with a recreational kayak meant for slow-moving waters. But if you’re a professional water-sporter, then the narrower, and faster modular kayaks are for you.

The recreational or fishing kayaks often come cheaper than the touring/water-sinking ones. As for fishing kayaks, some are suitable for slow, small water bodies while others can go further to being suitable for sea fishing.

How’s The Tracking and Maneuverability?

Another point to note is the level of tracking and maneuverability of the modular kayaks. Touring kayaks are typically known to offer more speed but with low maneuverability than the rest.

How Comfortable Is It?

Since the purpose of kayaking is to derive pleasure in what nature brings, having a modular that provides the utmost convenience is the one to buy. What brings this convenience to kayaks and prevents fatigue?

Here are a few things:

Is It Adjustable? Your kayak seat must be adjustable. Different manufacturers offer different seat designs but what sets some ahead of others is their ability to comfortably adapt to different positions and sizes of users. 

Seat and Backrest: Mesh-like fabric seats and padded cushions are better seat options as they’re breathable and allow fresh air to circulate to your back and around you. Having a modular kayak that comes with a pneumatically adaptable backrest is also a plus for you.

How Spacy is the Cockpit? How is its opening? Is it spacious enough for your body, and legs?

Whether you’re getting a sit-on-top, sit-inside, or stand-up model, you must consider how easy it is to get in and out of it.

We recommend that you get the sit-on-top type only when you’re most interested in using it for fishing. Although you’d get yourself wet while paddling- that’s part of the fun- but there are scupper holes to help drain all the water that

While sit-inside modular kayaks are good for your legs during cold weather, they can be uncomfortable in hot weather. Also, due to their lower center of gravity, sit-in models are easier to row paddles in

As for fishing modular kayaks, you can go for one with a flat hull on which you’ll be able to stand well on the deck while reeling in your catch. Moreso, it must be able to evenly distribute your weight all over without causing overturning.

Additional Features

There are other features that you may or may not find with your kayak when you buy it. Features that do not come with it, if important to its function, would have to be purchased separately. 

One example is the pedal in some fishing modular kayaks that helps to keep your hands free while you fish. Another is a fishing rod-mount that allows you to keep your fishing rods when you’re done with fishing. 

Choosing the right one for the type of activity you’re going for will help make your adventure fun and free of stress.

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