10 Best 2-Person Boats To Buy In 2024


Which 2 Person Inflatable Boat Is Best?

Gliding across the water has become timeless. When two people paddle a watercraft, it does not only becomes more effortless but an interesting practice too.

Owning a boat comes with countless benefits, but your ability to paddle away from the ups and downs that are embedded in each of our days might just be the best of them all.

Boats are way more than machines, we could liken them to portals that launch us into another world, the world of water. Where stress ceases and smiles can’t be suppressed.

You’ll agree that happiness or joy shared will most likely stay longer whenever we choose to share this life on the water with friends, family and even partners. Boat design has not really changed over the years, many of the shapes remain the same from decades to decades.

Paddleboards and kayaks may have been the blast in recent times, but it’s going to require decades of continued fame for them to overtake tandem boats. In other words, the recent competition among boat making companies has pushed many to make serious research on how to outdo each other in the market.

That being said, this competition among boat companies has posed a great challenge in the search for the best boat for paddlers. To lessen your worries, we have recommendations here for you to get started on your search for a 2 person boat.

5 Best 2-Person Fishing Boats

1. Pelican Bass Raider 10E Fishing Boat

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The Bass Raider 10E is built to give the absolute best fishing adventure worth sharing with family and friends. This is one angler’s watercraft that is designed to build memories you wouldn’t forget in a bit.

It minimizes side-slipping and provides optimum stability and tracking. It is constructed with RAM-X multi-layer material, known for the ability to regain its original shape plus it is high impact resistance.

If you’ll like comfortable, easy to use, reliable and stable products then you may have to search no more. With conscious effort and years of experience, the manufacturer fabricated this unique 2-person boat that has gradually become the best companion of fishermen.

The Bass Raider 10E features two comfortable removable folding swivel seats. These seats allow endless casting angles with its 369° rotation, while after use, the “fold and lock” seat back makes the boat easy to carry and store.

You can conveniently use the multiple storage compartments to store all your fishing gear. Moving the boat from your car to the water and otherwise becomes easy with the carrying handles.

It also comes with built-in motor mounts with a 12V electrical outlet, drinks holder, drain plugs and vertical rod holders.

Speaking of comfortability, the boat ensures that you navigate in comfort with the seat swivels 360°, meaning you can adjust your position to face any direction while fishing or reaching for your fishing gear.

You are assured of safety when casting lines and reeling in fish. The boat is designed to deliver exceptional balance and stability on the water. And to surpass ABYC standards, an additional floatation is included inside the hull of this fishing boat.

In a nutshell, a fishing adventure is worth sharing with a Pelican Bass Raider 10E fishing boat!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Length: 10 ft 2 in
  • Width: 50 in
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs


  • Comfortable and safe
  • The patented RAM-X material makes for its durability
  • Two people can easily transport this fishing boat by using its four robust carrying handles
  • It’s stronger, lighter and stiffer compared to other 2-person boats
  • High capacity. Enough room that allows you to bring someone along
  • The boat is pre-wired to put the motor on the bow


  • Possibility of hull failure within a short period of usage
  • Its two-rod holders are located on the bow

2. Sun Dolphin Sportsman 2 Man Fishing Boat

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For anglers who need to shore launch with an easy and inexpensive 2-person boat, the Sun Dolphin Sportsman 8 is the answer. The boat is the best to start your fishing voyage in freshwater, a convenient way to avoid dealing with a trailer.

It is constructed to easily access great fishing spots in creeks. With its compact design, no cove or inlet is off-limit. The flat bottom is its greatest weapon, allowing it to get in and out of shallow water without hassle.

The manufacturer understands the frustration associated with putting up with trailering rides to those secluded fishing holes hence, came up with a unique alternative that makes fishing an enjoyable experience on the water.

And the tip of the iceberg is that you don’t have to be alone fishing since fishing can be incomplete without your buddy with you. This piece of watercraft lets you have some amazing moments, while you do some catching up with your friend or partner, you can as well launch for a catch.

Every angler needs a good balance and stability on a fishing boat especially when it comes to fighting with a big fish, the Sun Dolphin Sportsman 8 is not only stable for great performance but made of high-quality material.

It comes with swivel seats that eliminate the boredom of sitting at a fixed angle. While fishing you can easily move to a more desired and convenient angle with these adjustable seats.

The boat features both front and rear built-in motor mount that saves you the time and energy required to pedal a boat without a trolling motor. It also comes with recessed drink holders that allow you to take some drinks during the fishing time.

You do not need a separate vehicle to transport the boat to your desired spot. You can just drag it by the convenient handles and it will fit perfectly fine in your truck bed or van.


  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene
  • Length: 103″ (262cm)
  • Width: 48″ (122cm)
  • Weight: (45kg)
  • Weight Capacity: 515lbs (234kg)


  • It has convenient handles for easy transport
  • One can easily adjust, rotate and remove the swivel seats
  • The deck is coated with Vinyl thus, prevent slipping
  • Great stability in rough water
  • Built-in motor mount on the front and rear
  • The high-density polyethylene makes for a sturdy hull.


  • There is not enough space on the deck

3. Pelican Intruder 12 Fishing Boat

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If you would like to own a spacious and comfortable 2-person fishing boat, the Pelican Intruder 12 is the boat for you! It promises to serve you with many years of fishing, boating pleasure and a comfortable ride.

This fishing boat has become the envy of many anglers looking for a durable and reliable boat for their adventurous fishing trips. The boat has a great capacity to carry you and your best buddy, including tackle, gear and snacks.

Pelican Intruder 12 Fishing Boat is designed to offer optimum performance, providing stability and balance when you are reeling in fish and casting lines. You need a perfect model of a boat like Intruder 12 which has the promising speed to get off the beaten track.

The boat is carefully crafted for easy transportation, transporting from your vehicle to the water or otherwise is made easy. It is equipped with carrying handles, the two back robust and one front carrying handles give you and your fishing partner an excellent grip so that you’ll need no extra hand to move the boat whenever you intend to hit the waters.

It features two metal motor mounts, a stern motor mount and a built-in metal bow trolling mount. Once the motor is mounted, it has great potential for great speed and carrying weight.

Also featuring two warlock receptacles on either side, 4 vertical fishing rod holders and the grooved & riveted deck that is capable of holding up to 36 cubic feet of cargo requires no maintenance.

The hull is made of durable material, RAM-X™ multi-layer material is known for its high-impact resistance. Completed with a UV-protected finish, your boat will last through time.


  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Length: 144″ (365.76 cm)
  • Width: 48″ (121.92 cm)
  • Weight: 75 lb (57.49 kg)
  • Weight Capacity: 420 lb (190.51 kg)
  • Height: 16.75″ (42.55 cm)


  • It’s a durable fishing boat that would last through time
  • Promises safety and fun fishing trips.


  • Possibility of color fading out

4. Bass Hunter 120 Fishing Boat

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The Bass Hunter 120 is an ultimate 2-man boat that lets you scratch that fishing spot anytime. Loaded with all the features that make it the largest in the Bass Hunter boat lineup.

The one-piece roto-molded design has made all other competition no match for the Bass Hunter 120. It is designed to be a rugged, perfect and more stable small fishing boat, suitable for your lake or pond plus, you can pass it on to your children.

The boat is built for long-lasting durability and the contoured bottom enhances stability. The aggressive front lets you maneuver the waters easily, serving as the easiest way to get in a cast at all times.

Compared to other boats, it rides higher in the water and ensures that you get value for what you pay for. Other boats might be less expensive but you’ll be surprised at the way they leak like a sieve.

It is not called the grown-up version of the Bass baby for nothing, it is pretty much longer to provide more usable surface area, has a wider beam for extra space and greater stability, and has an additional 75 pounds weight capacity for comfortability.

It features molded handles for easy transport, and molded drink holders that allow you to bring your special brand of refreshment.

Comes with 2 storage bag containers that help you keep your fishing rod and other valuables safe and dry, 2 moulded swivel seats, transom gussets for added strength, a self-bailing drain plug, deep side walls to keep tackle in check, and many more.


  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Length: 120″ (10 feet)
  • Width: 54″ (4.5 feet)
  • Height: 18″ (1.5 feet)
  • Weight: 166 lb
  • Weight Capacity (persons): 460 lb
  • Maximum Weight Capacity (Persons, Gear and Motor): 550 lbs.
  • Maximum Horsepower: 5


  • Maximum Horsepower – 3.5 makes it an all-day fishing machine
  • The high-density polyethylene construction ensures durability
  • Comfortable and stable on the water
  • Pontoons are lined with foam to enhance floatation


  • The plastic chairs do not encourage sitting for extended periods.

5. Sun Dolphin Pro 120

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If you’d like to own a 2-person boat with unique functionality and features then the Sun Dolphin Pro 120 is the boat for you. Intentionally designed for fishermen who would love it better to keep all fishing equipment and gears within reach.

It does excellently well in rough water, maintaining stability and resilience to abrasions or rocks. It is not an overstatement to say that this boat is super-rugged. Even when the night comes, you can keep fishing all you like.

How many boats can be that reliable for a night catch? While all other boats head to the shore when the sun starts to set, Sun Dolphin Pro stays back for the evening fishing. Thanks to the navigation lights that make this possible, enhancing angler’s visibility and safety for nighttime fishing.

It is constructed from high-density polyethylene for stability and great strength. You do not have to worry about getting a separate cart to transport the boat into and out of the vehicle whenever you want to go fishing, it can perfectly fit on the back of a pick-up.

The boat features an aerated livewell where you can secure your catches to keep them fresh. The drain helps to easily drain water in and out of the boat while the two rod holders help you to safely keep your rod and reel whenever you want to take a break.

It also includes two swivel seats and six storage components with three within the reach of each seat where you can search for the perfect tackle without interrupting the ongoing fishing.

Other unique features are front/rear trolling motor plugs, carpeted casting decks, built-in wood reinforced front motor mount and a Tri-hull design for added stability.


  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Length: 136″
  • Width: 62″
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb
  • Height: 16.5”


  • Loaded with unique features for excellent performance
  • Supports a lot of weight
  • Super-rugged and durable
  • Can go fishing any time of the day


  • The rear tie-downs are not by their sides, which could have been the best instead they are in the back.

5 Best 2-Person Inflatable Boat

1. Intex Challenger 2 Inflatable Boat

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Whenever the water calls, whether for boating, fishing, rowing on the lake or relaxing on the water with a friend, the Intex Challenger 2 Inflatable Boat is the perfect watercraft you’ll need.

It promises to make boating fun for any two adults who plan to have an entertaining and exciting adventure on the water. You might have been disappointed with the performance of many inflatable boats, not this one!

Intex Challenger 2 will be your compensation for all the troubles others have put you through. It is an ideal boat for both freshwater and saltwater inlets. You need no fear thinking your boat would be affected by saltwater, gasoline and oil.

It is made of rugged, super-tough PVC vinyl that resists damage from sunlight, impacts and abrasion. And with confidence, you can go boating without special precautions around inlets near rocks.

The boat is constructed for comfort and durability while the inflatable I-beam floor is for rigidity. This inflatable boat includes two quick-fill Boston valves that make inflating and deflating hassle-free.

Has two air chambers with an inner auxiliary chamber in the main hull for extra buoyancy and safety, with two French oars and Intex high-output for inflating and deflating too. For convenience and comfort, an all-round grab line and a grab handle on the bow are provided.

Also comes with a repair patch kit, a pair of welded oarlocks, oar holders on each side, inflatable seat cushions, a motor mount on the boat’s rear and the 48 inch aluminium oars make rowing pretty easy.


  • Material: Vinyl PVC
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
  • Size/Dimension: Inches: 93 x 45 x 16


  • Safe, durable and sporty
  • Easily inflated and deflated
  • Approved by TUV with U.S. Coast Guard I.D.
  • Ideal for two adults


  • Rowing against a current is a pain unless one switches to a kayak style paddling

2. Sea Eagle Green 375fc Inflatable Boat

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The Sea Eagle Green 375fc is an inflatable boat you have not seen. Anglers can easily manage this boat to take them to the toughest fishing spots where they can access better catches.

It is designed with a foldable frame and offers great stability as it is connected by a 4ft 6″ beam. It has become a choice inflatable boat for many fishermen as one can run the boat on the water and against the tides or headwinds by pairing it with a 3HP motor or a suitable electric motor.

The FoldCat is super stable on the water and very rigid too. When it is fully inflated and the underbars are made to press against the aluminium cross boards, a rigid aluminium frame is hereby created and with this, you get a rigid fishing platform.

Meanwhile, the wide stance of the pontoons combined with the structural strength of the fishing platform makes a stable and much more secured fishing space. Amazingly, even when an angler chooses to stand on one side of a pontoon for a cast, the boat still retains its stability.

The FoldCat comes with 360 degree cushioned swivel chairs that offer comfy back support for all-day fishing.

It has 4 rod mount holders that give anglers a comfortable hand-free fishing experience, the removable Casting Bars give additional safety and security support for casting while standing and a helpful hand-hold while stepping aboard.

Meanwhile, when not in use it can fold down and out of the way. Other features are A41 Foot Pump, repair kit, two warlock pins, two Scotty baitcasters, 7″ postal, a padlock set and two quick-release mounts.

Its greatest feature is its spacious rigid fishing platform stable enough to accommodate two anglers without the need for bolts and nuts. Its set-up is a breeze and its takedown is equally simple and fast.

In 5 minutes your inflatable pontoon fishing boat is ready to hit the waters and when you are done you can release the one-way air valves, pull the underbars out and roll it up.


  • Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced / Floor: Aluminum
  • Length: 6″
  • Width: 9″
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 650 lbs
  • Engine Capacity: 3 hp (20 kg max wt.)


  • Patented centre folding frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Carry handles are conveniently located
  • Full fabric floor with a safety net for ultimate gears safety


  • Battery placement is not properly planned out
  • The boat can be susceptible to drift and wind movement.

3. Intex Seahawk 3 Inflatable Boat

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With the Intex Seahawk 3, relaxing on the water, fishing or rowing on the lake can never be less exciting. It promises to make the boating experience entertaining as you can always chill out on the water with your pal.

The boat can conveniently take two adults onboard. Therefore, if you are planning a relaxing trip with your buddy, the Intex Seahawk 3 is the pick for you. While you are enjoying your cruise, no need to fear that your boat will go flat on you as the heavy-duty material ensures no puncture occurs.

And the cherry on top is that you get value for your money. It can also serve as a perfect small inflatable fishing boat if you wouldn’t mind reaching your ideal fishing spot.

There are 2 fishing rod holders, 4 rotational oarlocks, 2 quick-fill, fast-delate Boston valves for easy inflation and deflation and an inflatable I-beam floor for rigidity. It also includes 3 air chambers with an inner auxiliary chamber inside the main hull while the inflatable comfy cushion seats support you all the way.

The Intex Seahawk 3 boat includes a few accessories like an Intex high-output pump, a carry bag and two 48-inch aluminium oars. It also comes with a motor mount and a grab handle is in the front of the boat as well.


  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Length: ‎116″
  • Width: 54″
  • Height: 17″
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 790 lbs


  • Very spacious, enough to accommodate two adults and extra gear
  • Highly durable
  • The 4 rotational oarlocks are great for boat rowing


  • The pump can break if not properly or correctly used
  • Unthreaded floor valves can pose trouble when deflating

4. Freedom-Market 2-Person Inflatable Boat

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The Freedom Market 2 person inflatable boat is an easy-to-use boat that can be used for holidays on water and is a great choice for summer vacation. The boat can be your good companion on vacation with a friend or a family member.

It can be folded up when not needed to save storage space. Very easy to transport and carry from place to place, an incredible pick to quickly enjoy leisure time on the water.

The boat has four independent air chambers for safety, such that when one is broken the rest of the other three can keep the boat going.

It includes two paddle mounts to hold paddles for labour-saving paddling while the double valve is incredibly fast. It can be easily inflated and deflated.

The Freedom Market inflatable boat comes with PVC thermally-bonded seals and offers first-class air retention with elaborate manufacturing processes that makes sure that there are no leaks that could ruin the fun of your day.

Made from Super-tough PVC material, a high-graded plastic that is not easily broken hence it is very durable. The package included 1 air pump, 2 paddles, 1 string, a bag, a phone waterproof bag, a life jacket and the inflatable boat.


  • Material: ‎Aluminum, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Length: 2″
  • Width: 9″
  • Height: 8″
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 8 lbs


  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Easy to use
  • The valve can easily inflate and deflate
  • Can be easily folded for convenient storage and transportation


  • Does not include an electric pump

5. Intex Explorer 200 Inflatable Boat

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Over the years, the Intex Explorer 200 has proven to be a great watercraft for a boat race on lazy summer days. You have everything you need to easily glide down a lazy river or across the pool.

Children are not left out to enjoy a relaxing day therefore, Intex came up with this inflatable boat such that two kids can conveniently cruise around the pool or calm water together doing their leisure time.

Intex Explorer 200 is made of 13-gauge PVC plastic and features two durable air chambers with double valves while the inflatable floor provides a rigid surface and additional comfort. Two oarlocks on each side to secure your oars and a durable rope grab handle is located on the bow.

Also, 48″ french oars are included to make a perfect inflatable boat for leisure paddling. A double-quick hand pump for easy inflation, patch repair kit and US Guard ID are included as well.


  • Material: ‎Aluminum, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Depth: 38″
  • Width: 7″
  • Height: 8″
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 210 lbs
  • Users Age: 6+


  • comfortable and safe for children
  • Highly durable
  • Easy inflation


  • Not suitable for two adults

Most people are more likely to do some entertaining on the water but not until a friend or partner is around. While it can be fun to go boating, you can bet on 2 person boats for the best entertainment and fishing experience.

The above list includes an array of boats, each designed for a special need. Understanding which boat excels for your choice of paddle can be of huge help therefore, this list intends to narrow your search for the best pick.

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